DirtyJoe's Top 20 Locked Draft positions before the playoffs Mock Draft

My personnel thoughts on the 20 Current Locked Draft positions before the playoffs:

1. Colts….Andrew Luck QB

Note: This is a no brainer. Colts won’t trade

2. Rams ….Matt Kalil OT

Note: They need to shore up their line. Bradford has been getting killed this year

3. Vikings-Trade-Washington…RG3 QB

Note: Washington is desperate for a QB. Griffen will be their pick

4. Browns ….Justin Blackmon WR

Note: Great Pick to help the receiving corp for the brownies

5. Buccaneers…Morris Claiborne CB

Note: Bucs defense has been getting killed this year

6. Redskins-Trade-Minny….Jonathan Martin OT

Note: Minny needs a consistent LT. Martin will provide stability

7. Jaguars….Riley Reiff OT

Note: Jags need WR, but Floyd and Jeffries is a reach. They grab O-line instead

8t. Panthers…Dre Kirkpatrick CB

Note: A little high, but Carolina needs help in the secondary

8t. Dolphins…David Decastro OG

Note: Again, high for the pick, but Dolphins need help on the Right side of the O-Line

10. Bills…Zack Brown LB

Note: Prime spot for a trade down, otherwise the Bills need help at LB

11t. Chiefs...Quentin Coples DE

Note: DL is okay, but could use a nice upgrade.

11t. Seahawks....Melvin Ingram DE

Note: Landry Jones is a huge reach. Pete Carroll can't go wrong with a playmaking DE

13. Cardinals...Courtney Upshaw LB

Note: Instant upgrade for the Cardinals LB corp

14. Cowboys...Stephen Gilmore CB

Note: Cowboys need serious help in the secondary.

15. Eagles...Luke Kuechly ILB

Note: Kuechly is a smaller LB, but will fit well with the Eagles

16. New York Jets...Mark Barron S

Note: Awesome pickup for the Jets. Secondary will be locked down for a couple years.

17. Cincinnati Bengals...Trent Richardson RB

Note: Cedric Benson is getting up there in age. Richardson should go higher than 17th, but falls to the Bengals

18. San Diego Chargers....Cordy Glenn G

Note: Chargers need help inside the O-line

19. Chicago Bears...Alshon Jeffries WR

Note: Chicago's WR are as bad as Cleveland's WR Corp. Jeffries will be an instant upgrade for Cutler.

20 Tennessee Titans...Malcolm Floyd WR

Note: O-line is a need, but Floyd is a nice playmaker for Locker

Let the Debate begin.

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