Philadelphia Eagles Mock Draft 2012 NEW

Arite it been a long time since my old mock draft about the Eagles... A lot have changed like for example, Desean Jackson apologizes for having his contract become an issue.. So this is a new mock draft I made:

Round 1 - Luke Kuechly, Boston College ILB - We all know that there is a chance that Desean Jackson is coming back after he apologizes so Eagles can now work on their defense. As you can see that almost every linebackers that the Eagles have rite now aren't good tacklers, but Kuechly can change that because he is a tall and quick guy that can catch any ball comes in his way for interception.. Also have good hands ... If Eagles need to improve defense, they need this guy.

Round 2 - Ronnell Lewis, Oklahoma OLB - Eagles really need someone to shine as their linebacker especially in the outside... I see that their young linebackers can't really stop any offense plays... So, Lewis is their guy. Good instances. Also, he is a good pass defense and rush defense.. He is a explosive tackler when he goes for the blitz, so this guy will help their defense.

Round 2 - Andrew Datko, Florida State OT - Offense is the reason why Vick has more interceptions he ever had so Eagles need a new Vick's protector. Datko is that guy. Finesse pass blocker who shuffles back off the snap and patiently waits for the pass rusher to come to him. Good speed and body control when blocking on the move. He is the person to improve the OL for the Eagles.

Round 3 - Trumaine Johnson, Montana CB - It is Asante Samuels's last year with the Eagles so he is not comin back and we all know about DRC, so cornerback is also something to improve their defense. Johnson has great hands when intercepting and quickness.. Also, he can break pass coming toward him. So yea he the guy..

Round 4 - Logan Harrell, Fresno State DT - Mike Patterson is getting sluggish with his tackle now and it now time for him.. I meant his time is done because of his age... Harrell will be that guy to replace him.. This guy, with his quickness, can get to their QB and stop rushers for loss of gain.. If I was the opponent against Eagles, this will be the person to watch out for.

Round 4 - Mychal Kendricks, California ILB - Eagles need to stop making their linebackers play inside and outside at the same time. So they need linebackers!! With Kendricks speed and aggressive, he can be the person to stop the runner coming and also he is a good tackler...

Round 5 - Philip Blake, Baylor C - Jason Kelce is not a good center as we can tell... Give him two or three years he will be good but Eagles can't wait that long... So Blake is the guy and he is a good pass and run block... He with his former teammate at Baylor, Danny Watkins, so they already know their game plans n will let other defensive linemen know that they will eventually block Vick.

Round 6 - Tank Carder, TCU OLB - Again Eagles need Linebackers!! Tall ones!! This is the man for the Eagles. This person can coverage and block slot receiver from his side... He can also bring pressure from the outside if Eagles can blitz again...

Round 6 - Christian Thompson, South Carolina FS - Nate Allen need two or three years of NFL experience to be a true FS because he need to be more smart to see what he gonna do... So Thompson will back him up..

Round 6 - Kellen Moore, Boise State QB - Vince Young is not coming back to the Eagles. So they need a QB to back up Vick since Kafka can't... Moore is the person... Although he is not as fast as Vick, he does have accuracy and the long deep pass to Eagles receiver since they loves to go deep...

Round 7 - Antoine McClain, Clemson OG - Evan Mathis can't protect Vick no more because he is getting old and doesn't have his old strength back.. So McClain will back him up... A 6'5 335 pounder OG will be someone who will be very hard to get through..

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