Roy Oswalt of the Texas Rangers pitches against the Oakland Athletics during the first inning at Coliseum in Oakland, California. (Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images)

Roy Oswalt Will Miss At Least One Start

The Rangers were very happy with new acquisition Roy Oswalt, but now his back is acting up and he will miss at least one turn in the rotation.

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Rangers' Roy Oswalt Won't Make Monday Start

Despite having one start (out of five) where he was cuffed around, Roy Oswalt has been a big boost to the Texas Rangers’ rotation.

They’ll have to go at least one time through the rotation without him due to his back issues recurring. ESPN Dallas:

Texas Rangers pitcher Roy Oswalt will miss his scheduled start Monday with tightness in his lower back. The 34-year-old right-hander will visit a doctor in Houston on Monday, but is not expected to be placed on the disabled list.

“Prior to signing Roy he expressed to us what exactly is happening now,” Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said. “Sometimes this acts up with his lower back. If it’s the same thing he’s had in the past, and he expects it is, he believes he’ll make his next start. We’ve got to wait and see, but that’s our hope at this point.”

Scott Feldman will make the Monday start in Oswalt’s absence.

For more on the Rangers, please visit Lone Star Ball and SB Nation Dallas.


Roy Oswalt Making Rangers Debut Friday

Earlier this week, Texas Rangers president Nolan Ryan said that in a perfect world, Roy Oswalt would get a couple more starts in the minors. Considering the state of the Rangers' injury-riddled rotation, though, there was a chance that Oswalt wouldn't get to make those extra starts.

It looks like Oswalt isn't even going to make one of those starts. From Rangers VP John Blake:

Oswalt recently threw six innings for the Round Rock Express, allowing two runs in what was his most successful minor-league start since signing with the Rangers. Here's what Ryan said after that game:

"There wasn't a wow factor, but he used both sides of the plate," Ryan said. "He threw strikes. He wasn't as sharp as he can be, but he wasn't wild. Ideally, if this was spring training, he'd have two more starts and be ready. But given the circumstances, we'll just have to review everything."

Oswalt's start will be in Texas, where he'll face Christian Friedrich and the Colorado Rockies.


Heyman: Roy Oswalt Could Have Done Better

Jon Heyman doesn't seem particularly enthused about Roy Oswalt joining the Texas Rangers. Heyman:

Oswalt has had a terrific career. But as one scout said, "He wasn't great last year.'' He was, in fact, 9-10 with a 3.69 ERA, and that was in the National League. He allowed 153 hits in 139 innings.

A switch, at age 34, to the American League, seems like a gamble at best. It's nice that he'll be near home and with his buddy Ryan, who understandably has a hold over a lot of pitchers.

After all these months, Oswalt made a call to go to a great team in a desired location run by a friend. But I have to wonder whether he would have been better off going back to the Phillies, who treated him great, or even the Dodgers or Cardinals.

The location was important to Oswalt. But the new location in the American League may prove to be a risky spot for a talented pitcher on the downside.

No, he wasn't great last year. But you don't have to be great to be worth $5 million over the course of three months (or four, if you think the Rangers have a good shot at the World Series). He did allow 153 hits in 139 innings, but that's partially because he gave up a .321 batting average on balls in play; his career mark is .301, and he's likely to come in around that mark this season.

Oswalt missed July last season, for various reasons. After returning to the Phillies' rotation, he struck out three times more batters than he walked, and gave up only four home runs in 68 innings. He wasn't great, but he was real good. And real good is worth $5 million.

Of course, there's no guarantee that Oswalt will be real good this year. Presumably the Rangers took a good look, and their doctors took a good look, and if he's healthy there's no reason to think he won't be good. Or even real good.

Yes, maybe he wouldn't have better off with the Phillies, or the Dodgers or the Cardinals. But if he didn't want to pitch for those teams, how well would he have pitched for them?


Roy Oswalt Signs With Texas Rangers, According To Report

The rumblings from this morning had the Texas Rangers in the lead for Roy Oswalt's services, and considering his desire to play for a contender that was close to his Mississippi home, it made sense. Now the Dallas Morning News is reporting that Oswalt has signed with the Rangers:

The Texas Rangers have signed free-agent right-hander Roy Oswalt, according to an individual familiar with the process.

As a guy who knows how telephones and computers operate, I'm also familiar with the process, but the Morning News probably means someone who actually knows what's going on in Ranger Land. The move made sense when it was rumored last week, and it still makes sense.

The Rangers briefly courted Oswalt last winter before committing to moving Neftali Feliz into the rotation. Now that Feliz is hampered by elbow problems, though, the Rangers became interested again, and they beat out several teams for Oswalt's services, including the Dodgers, Red Sox, Tigers, and Orioles.

Oswalt will likely need a few minor-league tuneups before returning to the majors, and the word earlier was that it would take him about a month to get ready.


Roy Oswalt Signing Expected This Week, Rangers In Lead

Our long national nightmare is almost over, in which "national" is defined as a niche news story of mostly regional interest. Roy Oswalt is close to signing with a team. From Jon Heyman:

Lots of teams mentioned there. But according to Jayson Stark, there's one team that's pulling away from the rest of the pack:

The Los Angeles Dodgers watched pitcher Roy Oswalt throw last week in Starkville, Miss., but team officials are convinced that Oswalt is going to sign with the Texas Rangers -- possibly as early as this week.

Seeing as Jayson Stark is the lord and mayor and owner of that particular town, you'd have to figure he has a pretty good idea of what's going on.

Oswalt didn't sign this offseason because he was looking for a team close to his Mississippi home that was also a contender, and of the teams in the Oswalt market now, the Texas Rangers are the only team that still satisfies those desires. With Neftali Feliz on the shelf, the Rangers could sign Oswalt and rerereresend Feliz to the bullpen when he comes back from elbow soreness. Because the Rangers were running low on power arms in the bullpen. Gotta lock down that fourth inning.


Roy Oswalt Intends To Sign Contract Soon

Prince Fielder didn't sign a free-agent contract for a really long time. Then he signed with the Detroit Tigers, and you're used to him as a Tiger. Edwin Jackson didn't sign a free-agent contract for a really long time. Then he signed with the Washington Nationals, and you're used to him as a National, probably. Roy Oswalt never signed a free-agent contract! He just never felt like making a commitment. Men. Am I right?

...but Roy Oswalt is looking to sign a free-agent contract, soon. He's back on your radar, and according to Ken Rosenthal, he could put pen to paper within a week, if players have to actually physically sign contracts nowadays. Maybe it's all about iris recognition software. Anyway, Rosenthal:

Oswalt intends to sign with a team soon, possibly within the next week, and could pitch in the majors by mid- to late June, sources said.

After Oswalt signs, he won't be ready for big-league action right away, but it's not like he's been passing the time making pancakes and eating pancakes. He's in reasonable shape, and it shouldn't take long to get into major-league shape. Oswalt has already worked out for the Phillies and the Red Sox, and will reportedly work out for another two teams that aren't the Yankees or the Tigers. Somebody's going to make a pretty significant mid-season splash.


Roy Oswalt Works Out For Red Sox, Phillies

Over the offseason, Roy Oswalt was picky. Really picky. He wanted to pitch for the major-league team that played in Mississippi at first. His agent finally convinced him that was impossible. So he expanded his preferences to teams close to his Mississippi home. And finally, he said "to heck with this", and decided to kick back during the spring when all the suckers were busy training.

But he could come back soon. From Ken Rosenthal:

The Philadelphia Phillies were Oswalt's last team, and it appeared in the offseason that they weren't going to have room in the rotation. But Vance Worley's recent elbow concerns have probably made the Phillies explore other options.

The Boston Red Sox seemed like the best fit for Oswalt in the offseason, but he didn't appear particularly keen on pitching a full season that far away from home. For a half-season, though, he apparently will be open to the idea.

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