Ronny Cedeno Signs On With Mets For A Year

PITTSBURGH, PA: Ronny Cedeno #5 of the Pittsburgh Pirates misplays a ground ball against the Houston Astros during the game at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)

The New York Mets are signing veteran infielder Ronny Cedeno to a one-year contract worth about $1.1 million. Cedeno will serve as a backup.

Last season, Ronny Cedeno batted .249 with a 76 OPS+. For his career, he's batted .246 with a 68 OPS+. The Pirates declined his 2012 option, making him a free agent. He was first linked to the Mets in the middle of December. Now, in January, he's finally signing with the Mets. Because sometimes it takes time to sign a guy like Ronny Cedeno. Adam Rubin:

Source says #Mets and Ronny Cedeno now do have deal pending physical. About $1.1 million.

Throughout Friday, there were rumors that Cedeno and the Mets were close to an agreement. We're often told not to put too much stock in offseason rumors, since they can be lies intended to work to someone's benefit, but I'd just be ashamed of myself if I were deliberately spreading lies about Ronny Cedeno. It stood to reason that the rumors were true, and now there is an agreement in place.

As established, Cedeno is not much of a hitter. He has a .937 career OPS in triple-A, but watch this swing and tell me he's a threat:

Ronny Cedeno hits his home runs by accident, which is one reason why he has only 33 of them over parts of seven years. He doesn't walk much, either, meaning he hits like a solid defensive middle infielder. Which is exactly what he is. Cedeno's strength is his glove, and with the Mets he'll back up Daniel Murphy and Ruben Tejada.

You should also know that Ronny Cedeno is on Twitter. Early on, this was his profile image:


So there's that to think about.

Jack Wilson had been in talks with the Mets, so I don't know what this signing means for him, if you're interested in what's up with Jack Wilson. He could end up re-signing with the Braves, who might finally get him to the playoffs.

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