The List: Things that would be less interesting than seeing the Cardinals in the World Series again


Introducing the debut of our new daily feature, The List. There aren't many things less interesting than the sight of the Cardinals in another World Series. Here are some of those things.

1. Indiana.

2. Judge Reinhold filling an ice cube tray.

3. Senior circuit speed-walking.

4. Your uncle's retelling of the time he felt he was over-charged for a transmission flush at the Jiffy Lube.

5. Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music.

6. Jonathan Franzen's workout journals. (Excerpt: "Gym.")

7. An eternity of carpet stores and farm reports.

8. Late-era Shaq dunking.

9. Joe Buck: a fragrance by Joe Buck.

10. Tremé.

11. A sportswriter dispensing opinions on food.

12. Yawning: a film by Terence Malick.

13. The Nas songs where he's supposed to be Jesus or whatever.

14. A Dave Matthews cover band cover band.

15. Every Irish beer that isn't Guinness.

16. Those parts of Faulkner novels where a guy takes 38 adverbs just to walk down a road.

17. The stretch of I-40 between Memphis and Nashville.

18. Every passage printed on a hot sauce label that is headed with, "Our Story."

19. Guinness.

(With an assist from Spencer Hall)

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