This Week In GIFs: There are no plans in football

Coaches scream, defenders attempt leg-tackles, and quarterbacks hand off to their imaginary friends. This week's animated sports GIFs illustrate the pure nonsense of football. Vote, and help us determine the winner.

Welcome to Week 23 of THIS WEEK IN GIFs. With few exceptions, football took a break from being dramatic and exciting to being sort of sloppy and crappy. That, I think, is well-documented within these GIFs. And of course, we have a couple of baseball GIFs for your review as well.

Voting will remain open until Sunday night at 11 p.m. Eastern. Of course, we have our favorites. In this video, Matt Ufford, Dan Rubenstein and myself plead the cases of our favorite GIFs:

JOE MORGAN (Matt's pick)



10.1.3 Tackling.

A player must attempt to tackle by floppin' around like some kinda jimmyjohn, just doorknobbin' all up an' down the field and such. The use of arms to tackle is strictly prohibited, unless they are used fecklessly. Feckless tackles are permitted and encouraged.

PHIL COKE (Dan's pick)


Hey everyone, I just wanted to point out that Phil Coke is the first player to have two instances of drink terminology printed on the back of his jersey since Will Drinkwater.



It's delightful to see such childlike enthusiasm over something most of us take for granted. It's like snow in New Orleans, in that I'm pretty sure it rains approximately once every six years in California. Oh, man. Y'all think they tried to go rainsledding? Build rainmen?


(Via @bubbaprog)

Growing up, I was not at all a college football fan. I didn't even start understanding the "heh, there's [conference] for you" jeers until a few years ago. Since I didn't grow up in it, I still sort of feel like an alien in this world of teams moving to new conferences, and people caring whether Conference A is better than Conference B, and all this stuff. Frankly, I have become pretty good at pretending like I understand. I just murmur something like, "heh, Big East, more like Big Least," and pray to God that other people agree.

There's ACC football for you. Looks like they're at it again. Heh.


I pled my case in the video, but to repeat myself: if you're going to run around on a field of play, make it a baseball diamond. Because on baseball diamonds, there isn't nearly as much movement and the hats aren't deadly weapons.



(Via Martin Rickman)

"knock knock"

"who's there"


"handoff who"

"HUT!" /takes snap, attempts to hand off to absolutely nobody

"i should probably change my snap count"



(Via Brian Floyd)

The haphazard eye dart suggests to me that at this moment, James Harbaugh witnessed the birth and death of the entire universe, gawking in profound awe as the Supreme Being of the Galaxy drew all matter outward from a single point -- as though playing a game of cat's cradle -- then idly collapsed it in upon itself. "That's it," said Harbaugh. "It is all only a hobby; an idle plaything." And then he continued to berate an official, because it was more important.


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