Tigers fans worried as series heads to Detroit

Ezra Shaw

The Detroit Tigers did their best impression of the Yankees' postseason offense in in Game 2 Thursday night, managing just two hits off of Madison Bumgarner and the Giants' bullpen. The Tigers were shut out for only the third time all season, putting the squad in an 0-2 hole as the World Series moves east to Detroit.

Al Beaton of Bless You Boys isn't quite in full panic mode yet, but he's well on his way there:

The irrational fan in me says:

EVERYBODY PANIC! Where's the offense? Why leave a .322 hitter in Andy Dirks on the bench? WHY? This is all Justin Verlander's fault for losing the All-Star Game! This all Bud Selig's fault for making the All-Star Game count! This is FOX's fault, because Buck and McCarver suck! This is all Delmon Young's fault because he's Delmon Young! The useless windmill known as Gene Lamont never should never have sent Prince Fielder! If you can't beat Madison Freaking Bumgarner, you don't deserve to win a World Series! With all their weirdness and every bounce going the Giants' way, the first 2 games are proof the Baseball gods have a grudge against Detroit! The Tigers can't even score a run and they have to win 4 of 5? Yeah, right.

The rational fan in me says:

Despite what the Giants are doing, there's no such thing as momentum or mojo or karma. Things can change with one at bat. It's just 2 wins, which doesn't guarantee a damn thing, it takes 4 wins to take a series. The Tigers can win the next 3 at home, they play like gangbusters at Comerica. Anibal Sanchez and Max Scherzer are more than capable of shutting down the Giants, they've done it against better offenses in the more powerful AL. I still think the Tigers are the more talented team, and talent will win out. Cabrera, Fielder, Verlander, come on! The Tigers have proven to be resilient beyond belief, and have played some of their best baseball with their backs against the wall. I thought it was all over with 2 weeks left in the season, yet they won the division. So why should I write them off now?

Personally, I'm torn between the two. Feel free to make your pick.

If Detroit wants to turn the series around, they'll have to do it against San Francisco's two best pitchers, Ryan Vogelsong and Matt Cain. The Tigers will send Anibal Sanchez to the hill against Vogelsong in Game 3 on Saturday.

First pitch is set for 8:07 p.m. ET on FOX.

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