The List: Thanksgiving food power rankings

Sadly, Meat Loaf did not make the list - Mark Dadswell

We asked you for your Turkey Day power rankings. Here are the results of our ironclad Twitter poll.

Note: Due to adamant specificity by the voters, we were forced to count votes for "Turkey" and "Fried Turkey" as separate votes. Similarly, we split votes for anyone who voted for a specific type of dressing/stuffing. It is your own fault for stressing the superiority of preparation and/or ingredients.

1. Stuffing/Dressing - 89 points

2. Turkey - 67 points

3. Mashed Potatoes - 39 points

4. Fried turkey - 24 points

5. Sweet potatoes/sweet potato casserole - 22 points

6. Gravy - 16 points

7. Pumpkin pie - 12 points

8. Bread/rolls - 11 points

8. Green bean casserole - 11 points

10. Turducken - 10 points

11. Cornbread/cornbread stuffing - 9 points

11. Ham - 9 points

13. Cranberries - 5 points

13. Pumpkin bread - 5 points

13. Bacon-wrapped dates - 5 points

13. Brussels sprouts - 5 points

13. Oyster dressing/stuffing - 5 points

13. Beef ribs - 5 points

13. Ambrosia - 5 points (ed. note: y'all nasty)

13. Lasagna - 5 points

13. Deep fried pecan pie - 5 points (ed. note: these last two entries may not have been entirely genuine and shame on you for sullying the sanctity of the Twitter-based Thanksgiving Food Power Rankings)

22. Dungeness crab - 4 points

22. Homemade noodles - 4 points

24. Rice dressing - 3 points

25. Egg nog - 1 point

25. Deviled eggs - 1 point

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