The List: a partial compendium of Jets turnovers

How many turnovers did the Jets have against the Patriots on Thanksgiving? Statisticians aren't sure, but early estimates are in the thousands. Here are some of them.

- Mark Sanchez badly misses his receiver, ball is intercepted.

- Shonn Greene extends his arms over the pile on 4th-and-1. The ball is swatted from his hands and flies 10-15 yards downfield.

- In what appears to be a broken play, Sanchez attempts to run with the ball but instead hits his head against his own lineman's buttocks and drops the ball. The Patriots return it for a touchdown.

- Wait, the Pats scored again? I guess the Jets fumbled the kickoff?

- Tim Tebow quickly sets ball down after opposing lineman says, "That ball looks like it's got Satan in it!"

- Jeremy Kerley catches a pass and streaks past broken coverage for a score. The engine of a Boeing 777 falls from the sky and crushes him, sending the ball out the back of the end zone. Touchback, Patriots. (Funeral services for Kerley will be held next week.)

- Brandon Spikes: "Have you read 'The Giving Tree' by Shel Silverstein, Shonn?" Greene: "No." Spikes: "Me neither, dude." [strips ball, laughs]

- Belichick spreads rumor Mark Sanchez is REALLY AN iPAD 2. Sanchez is torn apart by mobbing shoppers, fumbles.

- Nick Mangold snaps the ball forward to Vince Wilfork.

- In the spirit of Squanto, Jets freely give the ball away to their more-fortunate opponents, then offer to teach them how to grow maize.

- Bilal Powell mistakenly sells ball at yard sale to Patrick Chung.

- Tony Romo throws interception. Don't fence him in.

- Sanchez throws ball to what appears to be a teammate, but turns out to be a Thanksgiving g-g-g-ghost!

- Rex Ryan poses gorgeous woman on fainting couch on fifty yard line. Smears feet with coconut butter. Places ball between her feet. Erotic fumble to Patriots; erotic victory to Rex Ryan.

- Greene loses the ball as he's tackled. His knee and elbow are clearly down, but the referees rule it a fumble. Before the play can be reviewed, Rex Ryan throws a challenge flag, thus preventing any review of the play. Man, that is a really stupid rule.

- Punter Robert Malone attempts to secede from team mid-play, causing confusion. Patriots pick up ball and score TD while a third of the Jets attempt to ratify the Articles of the Conjeteracy.

(Thanks to Jon Bois, Spencer Hall and Bill Hanstock for assistance with today's List.)

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