NBA scores: Knicks beat Sixers, Lakers finally win

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

The Knicks beat the Sixers in an important early season Atlantic tilt. The Lakers also picked up their first win of the season, and the Thunder fell to the Hawks.

Knicks 100, Sixers 84
There's no denying it: the 'Bockers have had an incredible start to the season. After an opening 20-point win over the Heat, the Knicks smacked the visiting Philadelphia 76ers on Sunday. Of course, the Sixers are without Andrew Bynum, but New York is showing its defense is still something to be feared.

Lakers 108, Pistons 79
The Lakers took like a 70-point lead (or pretty close) in the first half. But here's something fun: the Pistons cut the lead to 24-point in the fourth ... so Mike Brown put Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard back in. That shows some real confidence in your bench! Howard had 28 points on 12-14 shooting, and reminded us why we were all so terrified with this club.

Hawks 104, Thunder 95
Atlanta was without Josh Smith, but the Thunder were without Good Russell Westbrook. So it was a wash. Kevin Durant was brilliant (22-12-8-3-2), but Kendrick Perkins couldn't slow Al Horford (23-12). In the loss, Kevin Martin did have a very James Harden game with 28 points on 15 shooting possessions.

Magic 115, Suns 94
The Magic are undefeated. The Suns are horribly awfully bad, but Glen Davis had a second straight good game, Arron Afflalo was a beast and J.J. Redick did work off the bench. The Magic: not nearly as bad as we thought they'd be! (Also, the Suns: exactly as bad as we thought they'd be.)

Raptors 105, Timberwolves 86
Way efficient shooting from the Raptors' backcourt in this one: Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan combined to score 44 points on 26 shooting possessions. Brandon Roy had just four points on 0-3 shooting in his second game back.

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