Phillies reportedly interested in dealing for Michael Young

NASHVILLE - So anyway, the Texas Rangers have one big problem and probably a few little problems.

The one big problem is that their superstar center fielder is talking to other teams about playing for them, with a contract that will last well into Hillary Clinton's (or Jeb Bush's) first Presidential administration. One of the little problems is that they've got a player who a) apparently isn't real good any more, and b) is slated to earn $16 million in 2013, the last year of his $80 million contract.

Hello, Michael Young!

The Rangers tried to trade Michael Young after the 2008 season, and couldn't. The Rangers tried to trade Michael Young after the 201 season, and couldn't. They couldn't trade him largely because Young had the right, to varying degrees, to veto trades. Which he did. Seems like he wants to spend his entire career as a Texas Ranger. Which we should applaud! Unless we're running the Texas Rangers. In which case it's probably gosh darned annoying.

Anyway, now it's after the 2012 season, so of course there's talk about a trade. Talk right here in Nashville, actually, according to blogger Evan Grant:

According to three major league sources, the Rangers were in advanced talks with Philadelphia about a deal for the 36-year-old Young that would include the Rangers eating more than half of his remaining $16 million in salary. The Rangers would likely receive a young major league reliever along with a lower-level prospect.


General manager Jon Daniels declined to discuss Young’s situation Wednesday, but acknowledged the club addressed several scenarios with him this off-season, including one in which his playing time could be reduced.

"We haven’t set our club in stone," Daniels said. "But it’s a possibility."

Maybe if the Rangers told Young his playing time would be reduced and they really meant it, he could be lured to another club by the promise of an every-day job. And the Phillies do have an every-day job available at third base. And Young was an every-day third baseman in 2009 and '10. Not a good one. But he was one.

So, we'll see. This might fall under the heading of, yeah that's a really neat-o plan but have you asked Mike about moving to Philadelphia? No?

But Young's gotten at least 650 plate appearances in each of the last three seasons. Maybe if he's made to understand those days are over, he'll pack up the bulldogs and the lava lamps and head east.

Now, you might still wonder why the Phillies would be interested in a player who was actually terrible last season. We can discuss that issue when it seems more relevant. But the guy did lead the American League with 213 hits just two seasons ago. It's quite possible that he's still got something left.

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