Pacquiao vs Marquez results: Javier Fortuna outlasts Patrick Hyland for decision victory

Al Bello

On the opening fight of the Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Manny Pacquiao pay-per-view broadcast, Javier Fortuna was able to win a clear unanimous decision over Patrick Hyland.

Javier Fortuna was a heavy favorite coming into his bout with Patrick Hyland in the opening bout of the HBO pay-per-view broadcast for Manny Pacquiao's fourth bout with Juan Manuel Marquez.

There weren't really any surprises through the first quarter of the fight as Fortuna's natural talent was more than Hyland could handle with his effort. While Hyland did try at times, he just wasn't busy enough in a fight that was going to require him to really take the fight from a better opponent.

Hyland, a Snooki promoted fighter, just didn't have an answer for the defense of Fortuna. Fortuna was mostly able to stay at the distance he wanted and either counter Hyland's shots, or leaping in with a lunging right hook. As a southpaw Fortuna displayed a varied offensive game, occasionally mixing in the hard straight left with the right hook and jab.

Hyland had said that he planned to make sure he won the second half of the fight. As it appeared he'd lost every round in the first half of the bout (or at least the first five), that became more important that maybe he had anticipated.

Still, Hyland was able to get more done as the fight wore on. On the HBO scorecards, Hyland won a few rounds in the second half of the fight and even appeared to score a knockdown in a sloppy ninth round that saw both fighters engage in some fouling. The ref didn't score the knockdown though so Fortuna's lead grew.

In round 10 Hyland started to turn up the heat and get to Fortuna more often. With that, Fortuna got on his bike and started to look to avoid exchanges. Hyland wasn't able to find the KO though and his cardio advantage wasn't enough to overcome Fortuna's early lead.

As Fortuna flurried at the end of the last round and the final bell rang, Fortuna kept punching well after the bell and it almost led to a fight between the fighters after the fact.

HBO saw the fight 117-111 for Fortuna.

The official judges saw it 118-110, 116-112 and 115-113 all for Javier Fortuna.

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