Ravens Pre Combine Draft

Ozzie said OL, WR, and pass rusher are the primary needs. With backups at ILB and Safety also being consideration. It is still difficult to anticipate where we go. Not only is Ozzie extremely good in drafting, he is excellant at working the free agent market. Picking up FB, S, LOT and G/C last year were master strokes. So, he may have plans for filling some of these needed positions with free agents. Here goes.

Round One: Vontage Burfict ILB

This is the most popular pick in mocks that I have seen for the Ravens in the first. If you look at his highlight tapes, you will see why. He is a hard-nosed, aggressive, instinctive player. Overly aggressive at times with hits to opponents heads. Some web sites have come out and said Vontage is not intelligent enough to play in NFL. One site said that other linebackers called the plays for Arizona State and basically told Vontage where to play. This does not square with the tape, He seems quick to recognize screens, moves quickly to miss direction plays and takes opportunities to pressure the QB.

Other real posibilities in the 1'st are D. Hightower. If Hightower shows a little more speed at the combine, he may move ahead of Vontage on the Ravens board. Ps also an Alabama product.

If Whitney Mercilus falls, there is a very good chance we take him. He may be the best pass rusher in this draft and would look real good with Suggs.

Peter Konz is an option also.

Round two: Ben Jones C

This is a good pick no matter what Birk does. If Jones is not available, Mike Brewster C is not a big reach here.

Round three: Joe Adams Wr

Adams is not real big but is really fast. He makes catches in the middle of the field but can also track the ball deep. Good after the catch and showed up big at the Senior Bowl. Tory and Joe going deep could present problems for any D. Another big plus is Joe can return kicks. ( Webb is way to valuable to be doing this.)

Round four: Comp. pick, someone on this site had a 4th round comp. pick for us. So, I am throwing one in. Time will tell. Mitchell Schwartz LOT

More help in the line. This guy looked very good at the Senior Bowl.

Round Five: Adrian Hamilton DE Praire View

I know very little about Adrian. I saw the recent post on this site. He looked very good, showing up side. (I was also trying to find a middle/ late round pass rusher and there he was.) He does look very quick and has multiple rush moves and was very productive at his level.

Round Six: Janson Jackson S McNesse State

Janson transferred to McNesse State after having major off field issues at Tennessee. He is a safety with good size, speed, ball skills and is a big hitter. Jackson appears to have done well at McNesse off the field and had OK stats. If he falls this far, Ravens may jump on him. Ed would be a wonderful mentor.

Round Seven: Take your pick Case Keenam QB Houston or Shawn Loiseau ILB Merrimack

We only carried two QBs last year. I know Case does not have a big arm, but he is very good in the short game and gets the ball out quickly. Case is a five year starter with lots of snaps (realizing all of them were shot guns) and production off the charts. I believe, it would not take long to have the confidence that Case could come in for a quarter, or a game and use the running game and short passes to manage the game. It is a 7th round pick.

Shawn Loiseau ILB Merrimack: I have followed Merrimack for years and Shawn is arguably the best player ever from this institution. -- - I lied, I know nothing about Merrimack. Shawn has been super productive and was very impressive at the East West Bowl. Shawn says watch his numbers at his pro day. I do not think he was invited to the combine but I am not sure. He does have big time up side.

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