Smart Or Not? A Junior's Decision w/ Tiree Eure, TE, Minnesota

Will Tiree Eure, the 6'6, 265 pound Tight End from the University of Minnesota, hear his name called on Draft weekend? That is our question for Smart Or Not: A Juniors Decision

Tiree Eure and his siblings were raised by their Mother in Plainfield, New Jersey, where Tiree could only dream of one day playing in the NFL. Eure a 6’6, 265 pound Tight End was in tremendous shape and had done a tremendous job at marketing his name. After a good junior year, the sure handed Eure, transferred to Parkland High School in Allentown, PA from Plainfield High. In his final year, Eure made a decision to get his grades up rather than committing to a division 1 university.

Eure was being recruited extremely hard out of Parkland High School, but ultimately chose to play at Milford Prep Academy in New York for a season instead of entering into college. While enrolled in school at Milford Academy, Eure would never get to lay his hands on a football because of financial situations. Eure’s options were dwindling when leaving the Milford Academy, but he knew he could still latch on with a JUCO school. That is exactly what Eure would do, receiving a scholarship from the Lackawanna College in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

In his first year with Lackawanna College he caught 3 receptions for 40 yards, but was used mainly as a blocking tight end. In his sophomore year at Lackawanna, he had his best year catching 10 receptions for 159 yards and 2 touchdowns. Eure received honorable mention and All-Conference and was rated as the 2nd best JUCO tight end coming out of a JUCO school. Minnesota, Purdue, West Virginia and Connecticut were all bidding for Eure, but he quickly picked Minnesota.

In his junior year for the Gophers, he was able to catch 3 receptions for 47 yards and 1 touchdown. After his junior season he was dismissed because of becoming academically ineligible. He tried to transfer this past year but couldn’t find a school. So he had a decision to make again and this time, he chose to forgo his senior year and enter the NFL Draft.

I would like to thank Tiree for taking time out of his busy schedule, to do an interview with me about the upcoming draft and his decision to leave.

When coming out of high school in Pennsylvania, what teams were recruiting you?

I was highly recruited by Rutgers, Uconn, Syracuse, Purdue, Maryland, Colorado, Arizona State, Cincinnati, Michigan State U, NC State, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Notre Dame, Michigan, and Duke.

If you could pick one game you played in that shows your best game on film, what game would you pick?

That’s tough, it is either between the Illinois or Middle Tennessee State games in 2010. I would have to say Illinois though. I scored the go ahead touchdown, and then I threw a key block to get us in the end zone again. I think my contributions in that game were good both as a blocker and a receiver. Our team was in a slump and we fought out of it to win the game as a team.

What round were you projected to get drafted in?

I don’t know, I really didn’t have anyone tell me where they project me. If I had played this year, I could have been a lot higher, I am pretty sure of that. I think if I would have played this year I would have probably been drafted high. As of right now though I have heard I am an undrafted free agent.

What was the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to you and how did you overcome the problem?

My sophomore year in college, my mother became sick and needed to have surgery. Her lymph nodes were removed under her arms. It killed me as a young man, because I couldn’t be with her every day. I would come home as much as possible to make sure she was ok. Her health really took a bad turn for the worse, and she was trying to still take care of my younger brothers. She was able to do everything as a single mother, even though she couldn’t pick up her arms. That was easily the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to me. Right now though, my mother is doing a lot better, and she is in great spirits.

How did you choose Minnesota as your school of choice, and were their other schools recruiting you?

The way I chose Minnesota came down to the coaching staff. The coaching staff was young, fast past, and they complemented me well. Their style of play was what I liked most, they seemed like they knew how to use me at Tight Ends and that was important. My position coach was a major factor in my decision as well. He played in the NFL, and talked with me every day during my decision. It also helped that it was a Big Ten school. It wasn’t a powerhouse, but in my mind it was on the verge of being a contender. The only other schools in the running were, Purdue, Syracuse, and UConn.

I noticed that last year you had put in to transfer from Minnesota, what had happened?

It solely came down to my academics. It truly crushed me, when I was told that I couldn’t participate in my senior year at Minnesota. I was not mad at Minnesota or their coaching staff, it wasn’t their fault. I tried to transfer but that didn’t happen. If I had a choice I would have never transferred from the University of Minnesota, I love that atmosphere.

Were there any factors that played a part in you leaving early?

Well not being able to transfer my senior year, was one as well as not sitting out another whole year to play football again and risking the chance of getting injured. I have a little kid as well and I needed to find a mean to provide for my family. I still believe that I can compete with any other Tight End as well.

Have you ever been in trouble with the law?

Never have been in trouble. The only problem that I have had is my academics, and I take responsibility for that.

If you could change one thing in your game to make you a more elite player, what would you change?

As an overall tight end, I would have to say in line blocking, and blocking a 5 technique. I think you can always work on things, but in line blocking would be my choice.

Where have you been working out and who is training you?

I am working out in Atlanta, Georgia, at Paul Doyle Management who is a track guru. He trains the fastest track stars in the world. I am working on speed, power and weightlifting.

What happens if you are not drafted, would you feel you made a bad decision?

No, not at all, the only time that I would feel that it was a bad decision, would be if I don’t make a camp period. If my name isn’t called I will not be discouraged, I will be working to get into a camp. I feel that I will make a difference when I am in the camp.

Who was the most influential person in your life, and how are they so influential?

I would have to say I have two. My mother is first, because she never let me quit anything. She was always there for support, and didn’t quit on me or my two brothers. She did it all on one income, she is such a strong women. She always guided me to do the right thing, and for that I am thankful. My trainer from high school Frank Colabella is second. He is the reason I am here in Atlanta working towards my dream. He showed me that I can get out the hood and he made me look at football a lot different. He was like a father figure in my life, and I am thankful for everything he has done.

When you are watching film on the defense, what do you look at?

First and foremost, I break down the situations first, such as Run or Pass. In pass I look at coverage, is the safety is playing too high. If they are looking for the pass, do the Linebackers come up, how do the linebackers cover the tight ends. Do they play press? Those are questions I ask myself. When I break down the run plays I want to see what stunts they try to execute. I am trying to see what techniques, they use. I watch bull rush, spins, rip moves when breaking down the defense on run plays. After I watch both run and pass, I look at techniques such as cover 2, and cover 3. I see what I have to do and plan how I can beat them.

Who do you think your game resembles in the NFL?

Rob Gronkowski, Body type and skill sets, I am equivalent. I am not saying I am better than him, but his body type is similar to mine.

What makes you a better Tight End than the other 2012 NFL Draft eligible players?

It has to be my size, I run more fluidly than any other in this draft class. I am a better blocker than advertised, and I don’t think there is a LB in the game that can cover me one on one. I don’t think there is one person head and shoulders better than me coming out this year.

Answer this question for me, In ten years from now, I will be _____________?

A household name, hopefully an NFL probowler, and showing that I can play in this league. I want to be a positive image for the game, for my name and my family. I also would like to be a role model for kids in the neighborhood and anyone that looks up to me.

I would personally like to thank Tiree Eure, for this interview, he is training extremely hard, and is hoping to hear his name on draft day. He will try to show NFL Scouts he can still play on his Pro Day (March 5th, 2012). So my question to all the viewers is: Smart Or Not? Was it smart for him to leave early?

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