2 Round Mock

The Giants won the Super Bowl, and that makes me a happy camper. But now that the season is over, it's draft time. Only trade is the Skins moving up and giving the Rams their 1st, 2nd, and 4th round picks.

Round One

1) Colts: Andrew Luck - Sorry Colts fans, must be boring knowing who your first round pick is going to be. But don't be too upset, you're getting one of the best QB prospects to come out of the draft in quite a while.

2) Redskins: Robert Griffin III - Unfortunately the Skins get their QB of the future. I mean unfortunately for the Giants. For the Redskins, they get a great deal

3) Vikings: Matt Kalil - I don't know how good Ponder really is, but we'll never find out if he keeps getting introduced to the turf. Kalil is the best Tackle in the draft and will go a long way to protecting the young QB.

4) Browns: Justin Blackmon - Colt McCoy is no great shakes, but who exactly is he throwing to? With a real #1 WR to throw to, maybe he'll be able to show something. Blackmon is the best WR in this draft class, which I think is saying something because this WR draft class is pretty good.

5) Buccaneers: Morris Claiborne - Barber is quite old, and Talib is going to end up spending more time in a cell then on a field, so I think the Bucs grab the all around most talented CB in this draft.

6) Rams: Johnathan Martin - Bradford is a talented guy, but he won't be able to show his talent if he keeps getting crushed by 300 pound lineman. The Rams pick up extra picks from the trade with Washington, and also invest in their O-Line's and QB's future.

7) Jaguars: Quinton Coples - Honestly I don't care for Coples, but he's very athletic and when motivated, is definitely a top 10 pick. The Jags get an extremely talented guy here, just gotta get him fired up.

8) Miami: Reilly Reiff - One of the "Big Three" tackles in this draft class, he helps protect either Matt Moore, who to be honest wasn't all that bad this year, or Peyton Manning, who I think will likely end up in Miami to play out the end of his career in warm, sunny weather. Reiff is a good investment and will preform at a high level in the NFL.

9) Panthers: Dre Kirkpatrick - Character concerns? Please. Smoking a plant isn't a huge character concern in my book, not like the guy doesn't want to play football. Other than Claiborne, he's the best CB in this draft, and will help when it comes time to play Drew Brees and Matt Ryan twice a year.

10) Bills: Courtney Upshaw - Back to back Bama players picked here, and for a good reason. Bama had the best D in the country, and a lot of guys from there are going to be playing very well in the NFL. Upshaw is no exception, he'll give the Bills a tremendous player to add to their front seven.

11) Chiefs: David DeCastro - He's the best interior lineman in the draft, and is the only Guard/Center that deserves to go this high. Will most likely be a perennial Pro Bowler for 15+ years.

12) Seahawks: Trent Richardson - Wanna see something cool? Watch the One-Two punch running game that would be Richardson and Lynch. Defenses will wear down trying to tackle the high motored Lynch and the VERY powerful Trent Richardson. Did I mention that Trent is the best RB in the draft? No? Well he sure is.

13) Cardinals: Michael Floyd - Floyd is my favorite WR in the draft, he's got height and good speed, and is going to be a dominate player in the NFL. Put him next to a WR who is already one of the most dominant in the NFL, and you have a winning combination there.

14) Cowboys: Janoris Jenkins - The Boys have been having a hard time covering teams, and that's putting it very nicely. In a division that has Nicks, Cruz, Desean, Maclin, Moss (lol), and many others, the Cowboys need to stop ignoring this problem and address it with a very talented CB in Jenkins.

15) Eagles: Luke Kuechly - If the Cowboys have a DB problem, then the Eagles definitely have an LB problem. The Eagles have a dominate front four, and if they grab a guy with Kuechly's instincts and level of play, they'll have not only a dominate front four, but a dominate front seven. Scary stuff.

16) Jets: Melvin Ingram - The Jets have a very good run stopping defense, but their pass rush is nonexistent. Enter Ingram, who is a pass rushing nightmare and will help the Jets bury some QB's. This pick will go a long way in helping the Jets D out. Unfortunately this pick won't make Sanchez any better.....I kid, I kid.

17) Bengals (From Oakland): Alphonzo Dennard - There are some knocks on him for not being able to flip his hips and keep up with Receivers after they get by him, but with a little work, he can be a huge help to the Bengals secondary, and helps stiffen up their defense.

18) Chargers: Nick Perry - I think the Chargers are a team with a lot of holes. Jammer is getting old, they could use a DB, their offense leaves something to be desired, they could use another big play maker. But most of all, they could use a pass rusher. Nick Perry is a proven pass rusher and will improve the Chargers ability to get to the QB.

19) Bears: Alshon Jeffery - Hester and Knox are good WR's, but there is no true #1 guy for Cutler to throw to. Most of the Bears offense is Matt Forte. It's time to add another weapon to the Bears offense, and Jeffery has all the tools to be a very good WR.

20) Titans: Peter Konz - The Titans need to sure up their interior O-Line, and Peter Konz is a pretty good answer to their problems. Can play Center or Guard, and will help the middle of that O-Line is no time.

21) Bengals: Lamar Miller - Cedric Benson is old, and I'm not sure if he'll even be back as a Bengal next year. Other than that, the Bengals need to find a new RB, and besides Richardson, Miller is the only other RB I feel comfortable mocking in the 1st round.

22) Browns (From ATL) : Mike Adams - Like I said, Colt McCoy isn't the best in the world, but giving him Blackmon earlier and Adams now, he may end up looking a lot better. Adams is becoming a popular 1st round pick, and I like the guy too. Will be a very good tackle for years to come.

23) Lions: Zach Brown - I know the Lions need secondary help, but I don't feel there are any DB's that should go in this spot, so why not make an already terrifying front seven even scarier? Brown's athleticism and speed means he'll be all over the field, filling in wherever Suh and Co. are not.

24) Steelers: Michael Brockers - The Steelers are famed for their defense, always have been. So here they take on of the most talented D-Linemen in the draft. Brockers was a stand out on one of the best defenses in the country. Yeah, he's going to be good.

25) Broncos: Devon Still - As much hype as Tebow got this year ( I personally like the guy but my judgment on him as a player is suspended until next year) it was really the Bronco's defense that did all the dirty work. Still can make an already solid defense into a very dangerous one.

26) Texans: Dwight Jones - A lot of people are down on him, but I think Jones has a good skill set, and would do well playing opposite of Andre Johnson. He fits the Texans scheme, and would be a solid pick here for Houston.

27) Patriots (From N.O): Whitney Mercilus - Wilfork is getting old, and the rest of the D-Line isn't all that great. The Pats could use some defensive talent, and Mercilus will give them a guy with a high motor and good production.

28) Packers: Vinny Curry - The Pack had an amazing offense this year, no doubt about it, but their defense was lackluster. The "bend but don't break" philosophy worked for most of the year, but in the end it didn't pan out for them. Curry is a good pass rusher and would compliment Raji and Matthews well.

29) Ravens: Vontaze Burfict - Baltimore gets a very talented athlete who is falling due to character concerns and a bad senior year, but that doesn't mean this guy doesn't have the tools to be successful. In a defense known for its vicious hits, and a guy like Ray Lewis to mentor him for a few years, Taze may make an already nasty defense even nastier.

30) 49'ers: Chase Minnifield - The only real knock on this guy is injury concerns, but other than that he's definitely worth a first round pick. San Fran could use another solid piece in their defensive backfield, and that would just make their defense even scarier.

31) Patriots: Mohammed Sanu - Other than their two tight end system that they have in Gronk and Hernandez, and their slot guy in Welker, I don't think Tom Brady has all that many weapons to throw to. Sanu would be a great target for Brady, and that's scary to think about.

32) Giants: Dwayne Allen - My Giants won the Super Bowl, and honestly I couldn't be happier. But it's a new season and if they want to do it again, it sure wouldn't help to give Eli another target to throw to. Allen would give the Giants offense an extra dimension that would give defenses fits all game long.

Round Two

33) Rams: Kendall Wright

34) Colts: Mark Barron

35) Vikings: Stephon Gilmore

36) Bucs: Cordy Glenn

37) Browns: Ronnell Lewis

38) Jaguars:Josh Norman

39) Rams (From Redskins): Fletcher Cox

40) Panthers: Rueben Randle

41) Bills: Juron Criner

42) Miami: Brandon Thompson

43) Seahawks: Ryan Tannenhill

44) Chiefs: Alameda Ta'amu

45) Cowboys: Bruce Irvin

46) Eagles: Jerald Worthy

47) Jets: Markelle Martin

48) Patriots (From Oakland): Andre Branch

49) Chargers: Bobby Massie

50) Bears: Kelechi Osemele

51) Eagles (from Arizona): Nick Toon

52) Titans: Billy Winn

53) Bengals: Bobby Wagner

54) Lions: Michael Brewster

55) Falcons: Jayron Hosley

56) Steelers: Dontari Poe

57) Broncos: Coby Fleener

58) Texans: Brandon Washington

59) Saints: Derek Wolfe

60) Packers: Harrison Smith

61) Ravens: Tommy Streeter

62) 49'ers: Ben Jones

63) Patriots: Kevin Zeitler

64) Giants: Chris Polk

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