Senio Kelemete 2012 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Senio Kelemete

6'4'', 301 pounds | Offensive Tackle | Washington

Games Watched: Nebraska, Baylor, USC

Agility: Senio Kelemete has quick feet, but needs to refine his footwork a bit at the next level. He shuffles side to side well and has pretty good range. I like his ability to get to the second level in the run game and quickly pick up blockers.

Movement: Footwork is the biggest issue with Kelemete. I think he is a strong athlete and shows good flexibility at times, but just isn't consistent enough with his footwork to be a dominant tackle.

Pass Blocking: Kelemete's pass blocking makes me think he may be best suited for guard. While he gets off the ball quickly and fires into his stance with ease most of the time, Kelemete lacks the ideal size, footwork and arm length to be a starting left tackle. In the game against Nebraska, Cameron Meredith abused him with a spin move and edge rushes. Kelemete will occasionally bend at the waist, which is an issue of technique because there are many times where Kelemete exhibits a perfect stance. I also wonder about his instincts for the position. He really struggles to pick up blitzes.

Quickness: Kelemete's ability to get off the ball quickly is a strength of his. He fires into his stance and has relatively quick feet. His choppy footwork hides his athleticism.

Run Blocking: Kelemete's body type makes him a good fit at guard and a natural run blocker. He has a strong lower half and can really push defenders around in the running game. Kelemete keeps his pad level low and drives through his black. He also has a mean streak. It's worth noting that he played defensive tackle early in his career at Washington.

Strength: Kelemete is a strong kid, especially in the lower half. His size holds him back from being an elite tackle prospect, but he would have no issues playing inside at the next level.

Technique: As mentioned, footwork is Kelemete's biggest technical issue. He also bends at the waist occasionally and struggles to pick up blitzes. Needs a year or two on the bench to correct some of his flaws.

Final Word: Senio Kelemete is best fit for guard in the NFL, but he has the skill set to be a starter within a few years. His mean streak jumps out right away when watching tape, and he really is a natural athlete. He is just incredibly raw at this stage in his career.

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