My "Mike Mayock" Mock

One of the most well respected analysts and draftniks out there, without question, is Mike Mayock. He recently had a media conference call this past week. You can find the transcript right here

I read all 21 glorious pages of it, and attempted to make a 1st round mock draft based solely upon Mayock's observations, and tried match need/drafting style with his valuations.

Please remember that this came straight from his words. I did no evaluating of prospects, just looked for where their draft range might be and the needs of teams. It took some time. Let me know what you think.

The rightmost column is a blurb from the transcript about the prospect which explains my reasoning for putting tem there. There often were times where Mayock would connect a team with a prospect directly, so that may be the case for your team.


Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck, QB

When you throw Andrew Luck into that grouping, I think he falls from an intellect with passion for the game of football, somewhere in that kind of Peyton Manning, Matt Ryan mold. That's how much the kid loves it.

As far as ability, I don't think he's quite in the Peyton Manning mold, but I think he's close. I think he's got a little more ability than Matt Ryan did when he came out.

St. Louis Rams TRADE Cleveland Browns give up both 2012 1st Round draft picks

Robert Griffin III, QB

The other side of the coin is you're bringing up one of the most gifted kids in the last several years in this draft in Robert Griffin. Is there some down side to Robert Griffin? Yes, there is. However, you probably have the opportunity to move up and get him if you want him.

Minnesota Vikings

Matt Kalil, OT

Kalil is a wonderfully gifted left tackle. He's got great feet, long arms, and he fits the bill for the athleticism look in an all pro left tackle. What he doesn't have yet is the core strength that you're going to look for that will happen two or three years from now. And every once in a while he gets bull rushed. Every once in a while at the point of attack, he's going to struggle. But he does what the NFL demands from their left tackles, which is he ultimately will be an exceptional pass protector.

Cleveland Browns TRADE St. Louis Rams

Justin Blackmon, WR

As far as Blackmon is concerned, I think you have to look at him like Larry Fitzgerald a few years ago, which is I don't think he's going to run a great 40. I think he's going to run a 4.5, or a 4.52 somewhere in there, and I think you have to say that's okay. He's big, he's physical, he's got tremendous body control and tremendous ball skills.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Trent Richardson, RB

I believe he is, and I don't say that very often about running backs. I think the last guy where you bang the table this hard was Peterson when he came out of Oklahoma and was the seventh pick of Minnesota.

So, yeah. I think his height, width, speed, toughness, all constitutes a pretty solid pick.

Washington Redskins

Morris Claiborne, CB

(talking about top 3-5 picks) You probably could throw a corner in there also. The Claiborne kid from LSU

Jacksonville Jaguars

Kendall Wright, WR

As far as the wide receiver position is concerned, now that's kind of interesting. Blackmon's going to go early. Kendall Wright will run a sub 4.4 from Baylor. He'll probably go in the top 15 picks.

Miami Dolphins

Riley Reiff, OT

However, when you start looking at the top ends of this draft, from a talent perspective, I don't think Riley Reiff should be a Top 10 pick, but I think he might be when it's all said and done.

Carolina Panthers

Michael Brockers, DT

You start looking at, I've got Michael Brockers from LSU, the defensive tackle is a potential Top 10 pick, and I think he's a logical guy that could play even outside if you needed him to. He's a really explosive, 6'5", 300-pound defensive tackle.

I think Brockers is really logical for them right there. The question is if you don't like Brockers, to me the only concern there is he's a one-year guy.

Buffalo Bills

Courtney Upshaw, OLB

I've got Upshaw as the number one linebacker.

Kansas City Chiefs

David DeCastro, OG

I think DeCastro's pretty sure. You can plug him in and play him day one. I think Adams is a little bit iffy just because of his past. I think Jonathan Martin's a pretty solid left tackle prospect.

Seattle Seahawks

Ryan Tannehill, QB

He's a really good athlete. All you have to do is look at his tape as a wide receiver a year ago. He's a big, strong, fast kid with a really good arm.

What I don't like about him is he waits for routes to develop before he throws the football. In other words, he lacks anticipation, and because of that he throws late in the coverage and makes mistakes. Now, that's not atypical for a lot of young quarterbacks in college football, especially ones that only have a year and a half of starting under their belt.

So he hasn't started as many games as I'd like to see from a typical first round NFL quarterback. You'd typically like to see at least 25 minimum starting assignments in college. But I think he's going to be a first round guy.

Arizona Cardinals

Jonathon Martin, OT

Jonathan Martin to me, prototypical left tackle. Gifted athletically. Needs to get stronger, lot of things I said about Kalil, you could say about him. Needs to get stronger but will protect the quarterback.

Dallas Cowboys

Dre Kirkpatrick, CB

I've been a big believer that the secondary is what's kept them out of any potential Super Bowls the last eight or ten years, whether it was safety or corner, I think they need to upgrade back there.

Philadelphia Eagles

Luke Kuechly, ILB

I think he's the best inside linebacker in this draft by far. He's a natural three-year junior. He's got more production than you could imagine. He's never been hurt. He's got no significant injuries. He's clean off the field, intelligent. He's got great instincts, and he's a better athlete than people think.

New York Jets

Quinton Coples, OLB

You might have heard me say at the beginning of the call, I don't like the defensive ends in this year's draft. I'm not a Quinton Coples guy. Most people think he's a Top 10 pick.

Cincinnati Bengals

Jerel Worthy, DT

The nice thing about where they are now is I don't think they have to reach as far position wise as they used to. If they have one guy and they want to go get him, that's fine. But what I like with those two picks is you're in the middle of the first round, and you have an opportunity to say who is the best football player there? Not necessarily reach because you need a position so badly.

Now, having said that, at 15, there could be two or three explosive defensive tackles sitting there. Jerel Worthy from Michigan State. I thought he threw around the Wisconsin offensive linemen. Those Wisconsin offensive linemen can play. And I thought he dominated the front of that game.

San Diego Chargers

Michael Floyd, WR

If Michael Floyd runs well, he'll be in the top 15 or 20, if he doesn't run well, he'll probably slide a little bit. You never know where Michael Floyd could end up

Chicago Bears

Mark Barron, SS

As far as Barron the safety, I would have loved to have seen him workout. But his body of work on tape is very strong. He's the number one safety on just about everybody's charts. Everybody's hoping that he'll have an opportunity to work out prior to the draft.

Tennessee Titans

Melvin Ingram, DE

But Melvin Ingram would be the guy I would say, okay, if had you to push are there, I'd say him because I can move him all around. Defensive end, I can kick him inside on nickel sub-situations. I'd stand him up. He's a guy like Justin Tuck where you could have some fun with him.

Cincinnati Bengals

Alfonzo Dennard, CB

I think with the loss of Jonathan Joseph and what you ended up having to play with in that secondary at the end of the year, I think from my perspective, I'd love to see a corner get in there and compete from day one.

Cleveland Browns TRADE St. Louis Rams

Mike Adams, OT

Mike Adams has had some off the field issues. I spoke with his offensive line coach the other day. He really helped himself at The Senior Bowl. I think he will continue to help himself at the combine.

Detroit Lions

Janoris Jenkins, CB

-But I think what you're looking for is a left tackle. Backus is older. You have to protect your quarterback, and if you talk offense, that's where you need to start. However, what they need to do is continue to get better on defense. I would be looking at corner and linebacker, because you have to feel pretty good, especially if you can re-sign Cliff Avril about your front four.

-I think if you're talking about corners, Claiborne will probably be gone. I think Dre' Kirkpatrick from Alabama could be gone at that point. So you're looking at Janoris Jenkins from North Alabama who is one of the ultimate boom or bust guys in this draft

Pittsburgh Steelers

Kevin Zeitler, OG

I think the Steelers offensive line coach has done a phenomenal job the last come years kind of mixing and matching with all those injuries they've had.

But they've got to continue to get younger and more athletic. They've got to protect their quarterback. That is first and foremost.

Peter Konz, the center from Wisconsin is a late one to mid two. I think Zeitler from Wisconsin is also in that same range

Denver Broncos

Devon Still, DT

Devon Still has a great body, a great skill set. He helped himself this year but there is a consistency or lack of consistency factor that he's got to work on when he's talking to scouts and coaches about his ability to show up on every snap.

(Asked if he can pass rush or run stop) I think he can do both. He's a gifted kid. When you're talking about these kind of players in the first round they better be able to do both or be so exceptional at one of them that it pushes them into the first round.

Houston Texans

Mohamed Sanu, WR

Some of them were of the sick variety. Just really impressive, one handed, beautiful catches. So he's a guy I want to like and believe in, but he's not sudden. He doesn't have great acceleration, and in the NFL, everything's going to be contested. That's where you get nervous with some of those big bodied guys.

*Grade depends on combine

New England Patriots

Alshon Jeffery, WR

They're based middle of the field more than they are vertically. I think a vertical wide receiver could really help them

*Grade depends on combine

Green Bay Packers

Vinny Curry, OLB

I know he's gotten himself into that late first to mid second consideration because of what he did at The Senior Bowl. Now he's got to continue the process, run well, do well in the meetings, present yourself well, work, and that's what this kid is. People are going to like him because he works so hard.

Baltimore Ravens

Dont'a Hightower, ILB

-As far as the inside linebacker position is concerned, I really think that Luke Kuechly will be gone by the time you get there. I think a guy like Dont'a Hightower could be available in the first round, but there are positives and negatives about him. But he's a big, strong, downhill inside linebacker.

San Francisco 49ers

Reuben Randle, WR

From my perspective, Randle should go in the second half of the first round, somewhere in that 20 to 30 range. If he comes into the combine and runs 4.38 at 208 pounds, that might change some things. He might go higher. But he's extremely well thought of. He's a guy that could fit for the 49ers depending on how this process plays out.

New England Patriots

Whitney Mercilus, DE

-There are a lot of teams including the Patriots that want a track meet every week, which means you've got to rush the quarterback and defend on the back end.

-I think he's one of those borderline, late 1 to mid 2 type guys. I think where he will be helped though is that there aren't a whole lot of real strong defensive ends and outside linebackers in this draft. So that could push him up a little bit.

New York Giants

Peter Konz, OC

Peter Konz, the center from Wisconsin is a late one to mid two. I think Zeitler from Wisconsin is also in that same range, and you might be able to get a guy like Ben Jones from Georgia late in the second round.

I think, depending on how it plays out, I think there is a lot of flexibility with that interior offensive lineman draft. I think for the first three rounds, you can get a lot of quality at center or either guard.

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