Grading the MTD Live Draft

We All like to play Arm Chair G.M. and mockingthedraft has offered us that chance to 32 people this past weekend as they were the G.M.s for their favorite teams. That is the fun part, but what about the flip side where draftniks who are sitting behind computers in their mother's basement are criticizing them for their picks?

We’ll I’m giving those G.M.s the same opportunity the real pros are given: I’ve graded and added my thoughts to what these G.Ms did. For the most part I thought they did well. Some I didn’t agree with, others I think deserve a shot to be Real G.M.s with how well they did.

It's nonsensical to grade a draft directly after it happens because who knows? It's absolutely lunacy to grade a Mock draft that occurred before the combine, before free agency, before Pro days. But I still did it. Why? Because I have a sickness.

I'm going to just give the grades here because it's long. I handed them out this past week, but have been sitting on them because the site has been switching servers and it's been a huge pain, but the issues seemed to have all died down now.

But for my thoughts on each pick for the N.F.C. teams check them out here. (what I liked, what I didn't like and what I thought was "solid")

For my analysis on the AFC picks check them out here.

Oh and I was kidding about the the basement thing-I live on my own. Not that it makes me more qualified, just less (a little bit) of a loser.

And no hard feeling anyone. I just like some players more than you do and don't like some players as much as you do, in fact because this was done before the combine and free agency I was much more lenient on grading than I am on the real G.M. Doesn't mean you're wrong-just means we disagree.

Colts-- A-


Vikings- A-

Cleveland Browns- B/B+

Bucaneers- B



Panthers- B-/C+


Bills- B+/ A-

Chiefs- B

Seahawks- B+




New York Jets-A

Raiders-No Grade Given. How do you grade two late round picks?

Bengals- C+



Titans B+


Detroit Lions-B

Steelers B+/A-









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