Ryan Zimmerman of the Washington Nationals throws the ball to first base against the Florida Marlins at Nationals Park in Washington, DC. (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)

Nationals, Ryan Zimmerman Complete Contract Extension

The Nationals will have Ryan Zimmerman manning third base for them for several more seasons at a price of over $100 million.

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FanGraphs: Ryan Zimmerman Contract Extension Comps

Saturday, the Washington Nationals had star third baseman Ryan Zimmerman locked up through 2013. Sunday, the Nationals and Zimmerman reached an agreement that locks up the star third baseman through 2019. Zimmerman will make $12 million this year, $14 million next year, and then his six-year, $100 million extension will kick in.

The big question that's always the big question with contracts like this is: is it a good deal? We turn to Dave Cameron at FanGraphs, who explores the history of recent players similar to Zimmerman:

If we use the standard $5M per win in 2012/5% annual inflation assumptions, the Nationals would essentially need Zimmerman to produce +16 WAR from 2014-2019 in order to justify this contract. The median production of the six comps from age 29-34? +16 WAR.

Less sciencey:

However, given his production up to this point and how other similar players have aged recently, the Nationals should expect Zimmerman to be able to live up to the extension. It’s not a huge bargain, but locking up quality players to fair market value deals has some value when you already have some premium talents under contract at bargain rates.

Ryan Zimmerman contract extension: okay. It's not really good, and it's not really bad, although it could end up looking really good or really bad depending on things the Nationals can't predict.

Discussions about long-term contracts given to excellent players always seem to sound so alike. But the Nationals have done well here making sure that a great player doesn't leave too soon.


Ryan Zimmerman, Nationals Agree On Six-Year Contract Extension

The Washington Nationals are one of the “sexy” picks to be a contender in the NL East in 2012, and Ryan Zimmerman, despite missing about a third of 2011 to injuries, is one of their brightest stars.

If you were counting the days until next year’s free agent derby so your team could salivate about getting the 27-year-old Zimmerman to play for it, you can stop counting now. Early Sunday, Washington Post Nats beat writer Adam Kilgore tweeted:

And ESPN’s Buster Olney has further details:

Ken Rosenthal has additional details on the dollar value of the contract:

Zimmerman turns 28 in September, so this is his age-27 season, a year in which most players hit their primes. He was the Nats’ first-round pick (fourth overall) in 2005, and is a .288/.355/.479 lifetime hitter with 128 career home runs.

The Nats could be setting their fans up for quite a summer in the nation’s capital.


Ryan Zimmerman, Washington Nationals Could Be Close To Extension

Ryan Zimmerman isn't a free agent until after the 2013 season, but he's still the most popular player in Washington Nationals history, short as it is. The Nationals don't want him getting too close to free agency, and it looks like Zimmerman is of a similar mind. From ESPN's Tim Kurkjian:

Ryan Zimmerman just told us that he is close to a contract extension with the Nationals

Well, that's gr ... wait, what's that, William Ladson?

I just spoke to #Nats 3B Ryan Zimmerman. He is not close to a contract extension -- yet. His agent and Mike Rizzo have yet to talk today.

That doesn't help at all. Ladson is a Nationals beat writer, and he's usually spot on, so I guess we're quibbling about the definition of "close" now. Zimmerman set a deadline for Saturday to get something done, and the two sides are obviously making progress.

It seems the holdup might be related to a no-trade clause, according to Jon Heyman. Heyman also reports that ...

Key to zimmerman deal, he didn't ask for "tulo money." Hearing it will come in around $18M per.

Forget Troy Tulowitzki: If it's six years at $18 million, that isn't even Jayson Werth money. If Heyman is right, this could be a great deal for the Nats.


Ryan Zimmerman Extension Looming For Nationals

The Nationals want to extend Ryan Zimmerman beyond 2013, but the All Star third baseman doesn't want to distract his teammates, and he's given a Saturday deadline.

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