Bill Polian Still Thinks Peyton Manning Plays In 2012

The top story in the NFL this offseason is the saga of Peyton Manning. The Indianapolis Colts quarterback and superstar missed the 2011 season with a neck injury and all indications are that he is being ushered out in Indy. The team has the No. 1 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft and will almost certainly select Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, who most believe is NFL-ready.

Manning has been tied to almost every team in the NFL and the speculation is that he will be traded at some point before the 2012 season kicks off. That's assuming he will play at all in the upcoming season. There are questions regarding whether Manning can still go following his injuries.

Bill Polian, former Vice Executive of the Colts, appeared on Fan 590 in Toronto recently to discuss the Manning Situation. Here are some of his comments, as transcribed by Steven Cuce of Sports Radio Interviews.

You’re of the opinion that Peyton Manning will play again? Right?

"I do. I do. I don’t have any inside information other then having spoken to him a couple of weeks ago and then hearing from someone that is pretty well aware of how his workouts are going. I know he wants to. Things are going along well enough that you can be fairly certain about the fact that he may play and I would expect he will."

Any chance Peyton Manning will be playing in Indy?

"Don’t know. I think there is always a chance. Both sides there have to get together and talk it out. I presume they will in the near future. We’ll see how it goes, but I don’t have any feeling on that issue or where if not in Indianapolis he might end up at this point. I really wouldn’t know."

Have you wondered if you were still in the same position you were in Indianapolis if the whole Peyton Manning situation would have been handled this way in the public?

"I probably would have, but hindsight is always 20/20. I think what is going on now where there is essential radio silence is a good thing. Face-to-face communication is the best kind of communication. It doesn’t need to be bandied about in other platforms and what they are doing right now I think is the right thing. Jim [Irsay] and Peyton [Manning] will sit down and work it out and whatever decision they make will be the right one."

There seems to be no end to the speculation regarding Manning, so we will have to wait and see how this all plays out.

For more on the Colts, head over to the SB Nation blog Stampede Blue. For more on the Manning situation, stay tuned to this StoryStream.

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