The Unsung Hero: Small School O-Lineman not talked about

While everyone talked about guys like David DeCastro (in above photo) and Matt Kalil, people forgot to talk about Tom Compton of South Dakota State who really showed that he can compete with the big boys.

There was one player today at the NFL Scouting Combine who really improved their draft stock, but is not being talked about. I don't know if it is because they have never watched him play before or they have never heard his name. But today Tom Compton a 6'6, 314 pound Offensive Tackle from South Dakota, killed the combine from an athletic stand point and showed that he has the footwork to really be a good player at the next level.

Tom Compton might not be a household name in America yet, but in South Dakota, Tom is a legend. He is known as a hero where he played college football. Compton was a major part of the Coyotes offense this year, where he helped the Coyotes average 150.9 rushing yards, 207.1 passing yards and 23.4 points per game. Compton today showed that just because he is from a small school, he should not be counted out.

In the 40 yard dash: Tom finished 5th

- Donald Stephenson, OL, Oklahoma Sooners: 4.94

- Matt Kalil, OL, USC Trojans: 4.99

- Adam Gettis, OL, Iowa Hawkeyes: 5.00

- Desmond Wynn, OL, Rutgers Scarlet Knights: 5.05

- Tom Compton, OL, South Dakota: 5.11

In the broad jump: Tom finished 3rd

-Donald Stephenson, OL, Oklahoma: 9’6

-Adam Gettis, OL, Iowa: 9’4

-Tom Compton, OL, South Dakota: 9’0

-Rishaw Johnson, OL, Cal (PA): 9’0

In the Three Cone Drill: Tom finished 8th

-David DeCastro, OL, Stanford: 7.30

-Matt Kalil, OL, USC: 7.33

-Brandon Mosley, OL, Auburn: 7.43

-Nate Potter, OL, Boise State: 7.49

-Taylor Dever, OL, Notre Dame: 7.49

-Donald Stephenson, OL, Oklahoma: 7.52

-John Cullen, OL, Utah: 7.58

-Tom Compton, OL, South Dakota: 7.59

In the Vertical Jump: Tom finished 8th

-Donald Stephenson, OL, Oklahoma; 35.5

-Desmond Wynn, OL, Rutgers, 32.5

-Amini Silatolu, OL, Midwestern St., 31.5

-Adam Gettis, OL, Iowa, 31.5

-Rishaw Johnson, OL, Cal (PA), 31.5

-Garth Gerhart, OL, Arizona State, 30.5

-Ben Jones, OL, Georgia, 30.5

-Tom Compton, OL, South Dakota: 30

So as you can see, Tom Compton really did do a great job at the Combine today, my question is, do you think he improved his draft stock?

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