A different way to look at first round draft picks (how to build a team)

On average, an NFL team only has six to seven first round draft choices playing on the team that drafted them.

Some bust, some get injured, and some do so well, that they leave via free agency....but mostly, they just get OLD, and have to be replaced.

An NFL roster will suit-up 52 players on game day, but only slightly more than 10% will be made up of their former first round picks.

Of coarse,"steals" can be found at nearly every position: Tom Brady in the 6th round, Marques Colston in the 7th, LT Jason Peters went undrafted. (I could go on all day).

Knowing this, what 7 positions would you want your team to have spent a first round pick on.

Sure, most teams go with the best available athlete, but I am talking about ideally, and if you were staring from scratch (don't say no to a QB just because your team already has a good one).

Looking around the league, good NFL teams have been built very differently:

Known for their defense, the 49ers have eight of their former first round picks still on their roster, but only two are on the defensive side, while surprisingly three are on the Oline.

Conversely, known for their explosive offense, New England has only five of their first rounders still with the team, and the only two on offense are offensive lineman Nate Solder, and Logan Mankins.

Between 1998 and 2007, the Dallas Cowboys spent eight straight first round picks on defense, while the Indianapolis Colts spent nine of twelve on offense between 1996 and 2009.

The Detroit Lions will always be remembered for using three-straight (03,04,05) first round picks on WR, skipping a year, and then drafting another (finally getting it right) in 2007.

Many are looking at the New York Giants blueprint after winning two of the last five SuperBowls; they have spent five of their last six first round picks on either DBs or collegiate DEs since drafting their franchise QB.

You can never have too many corners....a QBs best friend is the tight end...defense wins championships....its a passing league

First round picks are only a part of building a team, but an important part, and normally the foundation for an NFL team.

Lets pretend you could have seven first round picks. What would you want to FOUNDATION of your team to be?

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