Smart or Not? A junior's decision with UCF CB Josh Robinson

Josh Robinson, the cornerback of the University of Central Florida has been the best cornerback in the Conference USA over the past couple years. He is a very good cover corner, and seems to always be around the ball to make a play. A couple weeks ago, Josh made a huge decision, one of the biggest decisions in his life, he chose to elect the NFL Draft over his senior year of college.

Josh had turned in his paper work to the NCAA Board to get a grade and see where he would be selected by an NFL team. The only problem was Josh was not a fan of the results. He felt that his game is better than they were giving him credit for, and to be honest I think he is right. Josh is such a special corner because of his vision of the field, and his mobility. Josh has been lined up against the number one receiver since his freshman year. But what makes him so special is his return ability. He can be a great special team’s player as well as cornerback for a team. His versatility is what is very important.

Josh has accrued 175 tackles, 10 interceptions and scored one touchdown each year since his freshman year. Josh had tremendous speed and is able to knock down a ton of passes as well. He was labeled an All American in his conference the last two years in a row, and feels that he can prove to the NFL scouts and personnel that he is ready. Josh is training for the NFL Combine right now, and is preparing himself to show the NCAA board that they made a mistake when grading him.

I will now ask Josh a few questions about his decision and what he looks forward to see and hear in the next few weeks.

You have been a pretty impressive player since your freshman year, both as a corner and as a returner, what do you think is your best attribute?

My best attribute is probably the ability to recover. If I take a bad step on a play, I am able to get back and make and still make a play.

If you could pick one game that shows your abilities, What game would you pick?

I would say last season against SMU in the conference championship. I had 7 tackles, 3 pass break ups, and an interception.

What round were you projected to get drafted in by the NCAA Board?

They projected that I wouldn’t be drafted in the top three rounds. I really used it as motivation. It didn’t alter my decision to go pro, it made me more hungry to show that they are wrong.

What was the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to you and how did you overcome the problem?

I have been very fortunate, God has always protected me. I have never had any major traumatic thing happen to me, I haven’t lost anyone close to me, or had any major problems to overcome. I have a great family, who stands by me, and I thank God for protecting me thus far.

How did you choose UCF as your school of choice, and what other schools were recruiting you?

Yes, there were others besides UCF like Michigan, South Florida, Clemson and more. I really felt at home with the stadium and atmosphere of Central Florida though. Coach O’Leary, never promised me early playing time or anything crazy, he said he could promise me that I would get my degree, and I appreciated that a lot more than the other promises.

Were there any factors that played a part in you leaving early?

There was no real major factors, besides just feeling ready to play in the NFL. I felt that I was prepared and ready. I felt that the coaches have done a great job and I feel more than ready.

Have you ever been in trouble with the law?

No, Sir

If you could change one thing in your game to make you a more elite player, what would you change?

I don’t know if I would change anything. I am not trying to be cocky or arrogant, but I am very comfortable with my game. I know you can change little things but I cannot think of anything that I need to dramatically change.

As a three year starter at corner, who is the toughest Wide Receiver you ever lined up against?

A.J. Green, when he ran his routes, he comes out the routes so smooth, he explodes out of his comeback and does the same with his post route. There were no choppy steps, and he has really great hands.

Where have you been working out and who is training you?

I am in Los Angeles, California and I'm training with Athletes Performance where Trevelle Gaines is my trainer.

What happens if you are not taken in the first 3 rounds, would you feel you made a bad decision?

No, I wouldn’t. I think regardless where I get drafted it would be a blessing. I feel that I would be making more money than the average American, and more than anyone in my family. I want to show everyone that I can do it, and believe me, I will not be happy going later than the third round, I would be hungrier to prove them they shouldn’t have passed on me.

Who was the most influential person in your life, and how are they so influential?

I would say the most influential is my intermediate family. My mother, father and 2 brothers mean everything to me. They are always playing a role in my decisions. They do a great job at supporting me for everything I choose.

When you are watching film on the number one wide receiver such as AJ Green, what do you look at?

The first thing to watch is how he comes out of his route. There is a difference, some receivers make choppy steps. Some make one step and go, you have to react quicker. You have to be ready. Secondly, I would watch his ball skills, how well does he go after the ball and make a catch. You have to get a good idea of where his speed is. Those are the most key things that you would look for in a zone defense. I played a ton of zone defense at UCF. In man, I would see how good he is against the press and begin there.

Who do you think your game resembles in the NFL?

I can’t really say who my game resembles, because the great corners, have played tons of press. I have been in a zone a lot at UCF, but because I don’t have it on film showing I can play in a press much, it is hard to compare. I feel that I can cover on an island like a Darrelle Revis, I can hawk a ball like Nnamdi Asomugha, and catch like an Asante Samuel.

What makes you a better cornerback than the other 2012 NFL Draft eligible corners?

God is really the reason that I am able to make this decision to leave early, but I feel that the speed I have is better than most top corners. I am not sure how strong they are, but I feel that I am strong enough, and I can tackle. I don’t doubt their abilities, but I am confident that I can make plays just like them if not better than them.

Answer this question for me, In ten years from now, I will be _____________?

a shutdown corner, one of the best to have ever played the game.

I would like to thank Josh for taking the time out of his busy schedule, and I believe he will be taken in the top 100 picks, what do you think?

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