Colts Mock

With the front office starting to take shape and more information coming out every day about what the team might look like, I'm going to take a shot at mocking the Colts 2012 draft. Fire away with the feedback.

1.) Andrew Luck - QB - Stanford

Easy pick. I do not think Peyton will be back and Luck is the player to lead the team into the next decade.

2.) Dontari Poe - DT - Memphis

At this point the writing is on the wall, the Colts are moving to a 3-4. The centerpiece of a 3-4 is the nose tackle and the Colts clearly don't have anyone on the roster to fill this position. There are some options in FA, but the best of them will be franchised or re-signed. It's also unclear how much cap space we will have. I have Poe ahead of Ta'amu, so that is the pick here.

3.) Leonard Johnson - CB - Iowa St.

Breaking News... the Colts can't cover for sh!t. I think we all agree that the Colts will be selecting a CB at some point. I opted for a guy who is not strictly zone cover as we appear to be moving somewhat away from that mold. Johnson should be a day-1 starter across from Powers.

4.) Joe Adams - WR - Arkansas

Very hot stock right now on Adams, so he might not last this long. If he does, I think the Colts grab him. They spent a lot of time chatting with him at the Senior Bowl where he lit it up. I am assuming that Pierre is resigned, but Reggie is not. I could actually see Collie moving outside with Adams in the slot... or vice versa.

5.) Kevin Koger - TE - Michigan

Playing a hunch here, but the Colts talked to a lot of TEs so far. Tamme is a FA and I have to wonder if Dallas might be sent packing as well. I think they would prefer Linthicum, put I doubt he is there in round 5. Koger is a decent all around prospect who should fit the bill.

6.) Tom Compton - OT - South Dakota

We still need help along the OL. I think Saturday might play one more year, but Diem is done. Really we just need warm bodies and Compton looks the type who could play RT or slid inside to Guard depending on where Ijalana ends up.

7.) Sean Cattouse - SS - California

I am actually hoping for a FA pickup to solve the safety problem, but Cattouse would be a solid pick this late. Bullitt is a below average SS even when healthy. We need an enforcer back there al la Bernard Pollard in Baltimore. Cattouse is a big guy who should be able to bring the lumber.

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