2012 Mock Draft w/Trades

I'll give some reasoning for the picks I make, trading is always part of drafts every year and will list below the round on what the trade was. Here we go.

1. Colts - Andrew Luck - QB - Stanford - No shocker here, I've heard some rumblings about RG3 here, but make no mistake about it, Luck is Isray's type of QB.

2. Browns (from Rams) - Robert Griffin III - QB - Baylor - The Browns have to make this trade, Holmgren will love his mobility and play action ability. He had Brett Favre in GB and Matt Hasselbeck in Seattle, Holmgren will get his franchise QB in Cleveland too.

3. Vikings - Morris Claiborne - CB - LSU - The Vikings will think about trading out of this spot, but I think they are targeting rebuilding the D, Winfield is getting older. The Vikings also need to retool the OL, but I think Claiborne is the better choice here. In years past a CB this high was unthinkable, but with the new rookie pay scale, it changes things drastically.

4. Rams (from Browns) - Matt Kalil - OT - USC - The Rams may trade this pick too if Kalil is taken by the Vikings, but Kalil is the best pass defending LT in this draft class. Kalil is not the best run blocker but is not a liability there by any means.

5. Bucs - Trent Richardson - RB - Alabama - This pick to me is a no brainer, Blount is not a feature back, but would be great as a compliment to Richardson. Richardson vastly improves Freeman, as will give him a quick pass options on blitzes which Blount does not possess... at all! Richardson will also rush for over 1300 yards in his rookie season.

6. Redskins - Justin Blackmon - WR - Oklahoma State - I've seen a lot of mocks having the redskins reaching for a QB here. That makes no sense to me. I think the Redskins will get their QB via FA, Manning, Flynn or Orton. This pick even if QB is not addressed makes more sense to me. Whoever the Redskins have at QB will need options to throw to.

7. Jaguars - Quinton Coples - DE - North Carolina - Mincey is a FA and I think he'll be resigned, and Coples will be a great compliment on the other side of the line. I think they will address a WR in FA and later in draft, but with Blackmon gone they won't reach here. WR is deep in this draft class, they will get a good WR in the 2nd.

8. NY Jets (from Miami) - Michael Floyd - WR - Notre Dame - Floyd could be a better than Blackmon on the field in my opinion, but off the field he has had some concerns, but NY won't shy away from that and I don't think he's there for them at 16. I do think that Ryan is feeling the pressure, so no only do I anticipate the Jets being the main player in the Manning sweepstakes, I think they make this deal to get him another target (look for Reggie Wayne to sign with Jets if Manning does as well).

9. Panthers - Riley Rieff - OT - Iowa - Panther fans may hate this pick, but they need to do a better job at protecting Newton AND a better RT that can run block. Otah is injury prone and may be best suited now as a good back-up. I think Rieff is the best run blocking OT in this draft.

10. Bills - Courtney Upshaw - OLB/DE - Alabama - The bills need a good rush LB and Upshaw is a solid player. The bills really missed Posluszny this year. The bills will need another LB in this draft as well. I think Kuechly could be an option here, but Upshaw to me is the better all around choice.

11. Chiefs - Jonathan Martin - OT - Stanford - Their OL is aging and they need to start rebuilding it. Taking OL isn't always the most popular choice when there are other large holes to fill (DT/QB) but I don't think you reach on Devon Still or a QB in this spot. Shore up your line, DT and QB can be addressed later.

12. Chargers (from Seahawks) - Luke Kuechly - MLB - Boston College - The bolts need LBs, there is no way Kuechly is there at 18 with the Cardinals and Eagles picking ahead of them. Spikes played well and 106 tackles was a nice addition, but he's aging. You could see a Zach Brown instead here who they'd also trade up to get here, but Kuechly is the better LB IMO.

13. Cardinals - Kendall Wright - WR - Baylor - The Cards are forming a lynch mob to go over to the Chargers draft room for taking Kuechly, but the Cardinals are not too upset who gets another big need in WR to compliment Fitzgerald.

14. Rams - (from Cowboys) - David DeCastro - G - Stanford - Fisher said he may trade out of 2nd pick and then back up again. This is exactly what he does here. Confused? Not taking a WR here? They could take Jeffery here, but with an early 2nd round pick and again a deep WR class, they are taking care of business on the OL with the best OG in this class along with their new LT, Bradford can rest easy.

15. Eagles - Zach Brown - OLB - North Carolina - I read on an Eagles site that Andy Reid hates drafting LBs. Even if that is true, he can't deny the glaring need for a LB that has the skills Brown does. One of the quickest LBs in this class and a great tackler.

16. Dolphins (from Jets) - Mike Adams - OT - Ohio State - The dolphins could keep their 8th pick for Rieff or Martin, but Adams on the right side is not a bad choice at all. He's a solid lineman with good push in the run game. His pass protection is a little shaky at times, but he's a solid pick here.

17. Bengals - Alshon Jeffery - WR - South Carolina - Simpson likely isn't back and even if he was, is not consistant enough. A lot of mocks I've seen have the bengals moving up in this draft because of their 2 first round picks, but I don't see it. I think the positions they target with these picks are deep enough to have them stay put and Jeffery will be a great #2 receiver.

18. Seahawks - Melvin Ingram - DE - The Seahawks will listen to trade offers for this spot too, but in the end they keep this pick and get their pass rushing DE. Ingram will get to the QB and is a very quick DE for his size. He has moved inside at DT at times for South Carolina as well which is what makes him a perfect fit in Seattle. He'll play most downs opposite Clemens but will see some snaps at DT to get a push from inside on blitzing plays.

19. Bears - Dwight Jones - WR - North Carolina - They need WRs, Jones didn't have the best Senior Bowl, but he has all of the tools. He'll fair well at the combine which will restore the faith in him.

20. Titans - Whitney Mercelus - DE - Illinois - The nations leading sacker. He has a tag as a one year wonder, but he constantly beat good OT and made plays. The titans need a pass rush and Mercelus in my mind is the real deal. Could be the steal of the first round.

21. Bengals - Chris Polk - RB - Washington - Polk has a great skill set. He's got great vision and waits for his holes to open and has an impressive burst to get through them. I originally had Lamar Miller here, but Polk has more experience and is a safer bet for this spot. Polk can catch the ball well as well which gives the Bengals another weapon.

22. Cowboys (from Rams through Browns) - Janoris Jenkins - CB - North Alabama - There are not too many teams that would take Jenkins with his off the field issues, but the Cowboys are one of them. His skill set is 2nd to only Claiborne and is a solid pick to help a below par CB corp. Dre Kirkpatrick is scratching his head thinking he was a lock for this spot.

23. Lions - Dre Kirkpatrick - CB - Alabama - Every year players rise and fall, Kirpatrick is this years version. He has a good skill set, but is just a good CB on a great D instead of a great CB on a good D. He is a first round CB no question and the Lions are throwing a party if he drops to them here.

24. Steelers - Alfanzo Dennard - CB - Nebraska - Really? 3 CBs in a row? Yup, did you see the Steelers against the Broncos? Their biggest need may be some OL help, but Dennard is the best option on the board. The steelers can address the line later.

25. Broncos - Devon Still - DT - Penn State - The Broncos need to get some help on the pass rush from inside at DT. Still is probably the best choice but could also be Brockers here, but I think Still has a slight edge. There is no mistake that DT is a pressing need for the Broncos.

26. Texans - Mohamed Sanu - WR - Rutgers - I think WR is the most pressing need here. There are some decent options still on the board at WR, but I think Sanu will compliment Andre perfectly. Sanu won't have the pressure of having to be the main guy and I think his skills are better suited for 2nd WR spot in the NFL anyway. Good value pick here.

27. Patriots - Michael Brockers - DT - LSU - Does Wilfork need some help or what? The Patriots need to address their pass rush from the DE spot, but with another pick left in the 1st round, they can't pass on Brockers here.

28. Packers - Mark Barron - S - Alabama - With Nick Collins injury and with really nobody else there the Packers take the best safety in this class. I could also see a RB here (Lamar Miller) but I think safety is a more pressing need to help a bad pass D.

29. Ravens - Peter Konz - C - Wisconsin - Birk is a good C, but is aging and Konz is his perfect replacement. He's powerful and a great run blocker. You have to make sure those lanes stay open for Rice to run through right?

30. 49ers - Nick Toon - WR - Wisconsin - Toon is going to rise. He's a good receiver with excellent run blocking ability. He runs his routes very well also. Son of an ex-NFLer Al Toon his roots are there but he's here because of his skills not his father.

31. Patriots - Vinny Curry - DE - Marshall. Curry is a solid pass rushing DE that will add much needed pressure from the outside. These 2 picks will solidify the Pats D-line and although they have other needs like corner and safety, I think they'll look for those in later rounds or via FA.

32. Giants - Dont'a Hightower - MLB - Alabama - Blackburn is not the answer in the middle, Hightower if he is still here, would be a great pick. He's a great run defender and could also give the Giants some blitz options from the middle... not that need more in that area.

Well folks there you have it. As I mentioned throughout, WR is a deep position and there are some other positions that are farily weak (safety, G, C). I also think CB is a deeper draft position as well. Normally you don't see WRs go this often in the first round, but this year will be exception based on some weaker first round talent in other areas. I listed the trades below and I do think most of the trades in the first round will occur early and taper off. It will pick up again in the 2nd round, throughout the round.

Rams trading 2nd pick to Browns - There are going to be a lot teams calling the Rams: Redskins, Chiefs, Cardinals and possibly even Seahawks and Dolphins, but with the 4th overall pick I think the Browns have the best chance. Even with that 4th overall pick, I still think the Browns will have to overpay for that pick and Griffin. The Browns will give their 2 first round picks, and their 2nd round pick. Very expensive to move up 2 spots, but the Redskins will push hard to move up too and I think it will take at least 2 first round picks and a 2nd to get it done... wouldn't surprise me if another pick in 2013 is thrown in (4th round or so), but I think the 2 first round and the 2nd will get it done.

Dolphins trading 8th pick to Jets - Really? Trading with a division rival? It might be a bit out of the norm and maybe the Jags instead of the Dolphins make the trade, but in either case the Jets move up. It will cost them pick 16, a 2013 1st round pick and a 3rd in 2012 to do it. With the Dolphins needs (DE - Coples gone, WR - Blackmon gone, and RT - could use it here, but as you can see still get a good one at 16), I think adding the additional picks makes sense here.

Seahawks trading 12th pick to Chargers - The Chargers need LB help and in order to get one of the 2 top ones in this class, they'll have to move up. I think they get this trade done with their 18th pick, a 3rd round and a 4th round pick.

Cowboys trading 14th pick to Rams - This deal makes sense to both - The Cowboys need CB help and there are still 3 first round CBs still on the board. Trading down is very logical. The Rams moving up goes on what Jeff Fisher stated and trading back to trade back up. I think the Cowboys would take pick 22, a 3rd round pick in this draft and the Rams 5th round pick.

Let me know what you think.

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