Pitchers Today Vs. Pitchers in 2006 ...

Did You Know ...

Did you know that in 2006 only 2 starting pitchers in Major League Baseball had an ERA under 3.00? In 2007 only 1 starting pitcher in MLB had an ERA under 3.00 ...

2009: 11 starting pitchers under 3.00

2010: 15 '' '' '' 3.00

2011: 17 '' '' '' 3.00

Why is this, do you think? Are there that many pitchers who are that much better seemingly overnight? Are there that many hitters comparatively who seemingly overnight do not have the skill set to hit what is being thrown to them from today's pitchers?

Does today's strike zone contribute? How much impact do the umpires have to do w/this new ''era of the pitcher?'' The pitchers mound has not been raised and, largely, pitchers are disallowed from pitching inside? There are plenty of hitter friendly parks. The hitter's bats today are essentially the same. So, why have the pitchers become so dominant?

Are today's ballplayers, on average, better fielders, thus contributing to lower ERAs? How much impact has the implementation of strong, solid rules regarding the use of performance enhancing drugs contributed? Could it be that more youngsters are aspiring to be pitchers, thus being more prepared when they find themselves in the majors? More & more pitchers are throwing split fingers & cutters today. Is this at least part of the answer?

Truly, I cannot know for certain the absolute answer. My thought process action tells me it is a combination of some or all of the above. What do you think? ...

Until next time, so long everybody ...

Lee [ Cowboy ]

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