Cordy Glenn 2012 NFL Draft scouting report

ATHENS GA - NOVEMBER 27: Cordy Glenn #71 and Ben Jones #61 of the Georgia Bulldogs celebrate with Orson Charles #7 after Charles touchdown against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at Sanford Stadium on November 27 2010 in Athens Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Cordy Glenn

6'5'', 348| Offensive Tackle | Georgia

Games Watched: South Carolina, Boise State, LSU

Agility: Cordy Glenn is a relatively fluid athlete. He moves very well laterally and displayed quick feet in pass protection this season. However, when in space against pass rushers, Glenn struggles. He also doesn't have a tremendous amount of range.

Movement: Balance is a big issue with Glenn. He bends at the waist far too much which causes him to lose leverage. He doesn't have a very natural stance as a tackle. In the running game, Glenn tends to be a bit upright as well instead of taking advantage of his strength.

Pass Blocking: Pass blocking is one of Cordy Glenn's biggest weaknesses, which makes him a better fit at guard in the NFL. He struggles to get off the ball quickly and doesn't have the awareness teams are looking for from a blindside protector. Once engaged in a block, Glenn has the strength and skills to keep the pocket clean, but as mentioned early, he struggles in space.

Quickness: Glenn reacts slow off the ball and often struggled with range during his final season at Georgia. Was able to display quick hands throughout his career.

Run Blocking: As one might expect given his height, Glenn tends to get upright in his run blocking. However, he has a tremendous amount of strength in his lower body, which he relies on to drive defenders off the line of scrimmage. I would love to see him drive through his opponents and finish his blocks.

Strength: Cordy Glenn's strength is a big reason why he is considered a first round prospect. He is powerful at the point of attack and is especially strong in his lower body. He is a powerful blocker in tight areas.

Technique: As previously mentioned, Glenn is not a natural knee bender and gets too upright when run blocking. He relies a lot on his physical attributes, which while solid, are not enough to consistently hold off NFL pass rushers. Glenn has strong hands in pass protection as well.

Final Word: Cordy Glenn is best fit for guard in the NFL, unless he gets a tremendous amount of coaching early in his career. He lacks the technique and natural instincts to be effective in pass protection. Worth a pick late in the first round as a guard due to his raw physical tools.

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