Flying Up the Boards, Exclusive Interview w/ Josh Robinson, UCF

A few days ago, the NFL scouting combine came to a finish, and there were many great stories that came out of the Combine. Everyone was wondering who was going to be the fastest, many put their money on Chris Rainey from Florida, but a surpriser came on the last day, when group 11 came out and began running the forty. Everyone was expecting to see Dre Kirkpatrick, the cornerback from Alabama or Coty Sensabaugh of Clemson tear up the event. But a surprise junior stole the show. He didn’t just steal the show; he took the 40 over and had the fastest forty time of any 2012 NFL Draft pick at the combine. He beat out guys like Tommy Streeter (UM), Stephen Hill (G-Tech), and Travis Benjamin (UM) of the Wide Receivers, and Morris Claiborne (LSU) and Janoris Jenkins (UNA) of the Cornerbacks. I know it was just a forty yard dash, and I know many people didn’t know who this kid was, but for the past three years as a starter for UCF, Josh Robinson has been one of the best shutdown corners in the NCAA, as well as one of the best punt returners.

I had the time to talk with Josh before the combine, in my article Smart or Not: A Junior’s decision, but now I would like to ask him, how he feels after his performance at the combine.

When did you find out what you ran the forty in?

I found out, like a couple minutes after. Once I sat down, and checked my phone out, a few people had texted me the information, including you. I was happy and even happier when I found out the official time to see that I had the fastest time.

Did you feel that you were going to show the world that you were a burner?

Yeah I felt that I was going to show them that I had the speed. I knew I was going to put on a great performance, but I am glad I got to show the world my speed.

Do you feel like you moved up draft boards?

I would say I have, talking to my agent and different people they all think I have. People had me running a 4.5 and I really showed them that I am not a 4.5 guy. So yeah I would say that I moved up the boards.

How many NFL teams came up to you after your 4.33 forty?

I would say about 4 or 5 teams came up to me after words, and began asking me when was my pro day and if I was going to be there. They all told me that they would be there to see me again, so I am very happy that they will be there for me and my teammates.

Where have you been training for the combine, and who was your trainer?

I was training in California at Athletes Performance and my trainer was Travelle Gaines and Roy Holmes. Travelle is the same trainer who trained Reggie Bush of the Miami Dolphins. They are great trainers and I am very thankful I was able to work with them.

Many people, including the NFL Draft Advisory Board said you would not get drafted by the 3rd round, was that motivation for you, going into the combine?

Oh yeah definitely, that is what made me work so hard. People don’t know my capabilities, and I am ready to prove everyone wrong. This was just a beginning; I am not done showing the doubters wrong.

What was your goal when you came into the combine for the forty?

My actual goal was a 4.27; in my mind I kept repeating it. I have ran it before. On hand clocks I was steady running 4.1’s and 4.2’s, but it was my first time running it electronically.

Where you happy with the 4.33?

I’ll Take It, (began laughing)

I know all the people in Central Florida are really proud of you, when I put on twitter that you ran a 4.29 unofficial time, about 30 people retweeted the post, what are the fans like at UCF?

They are the greatest fans. They are really excited about UCF and all sports at UCF. I really appreciate all the fans that have supported me along the way. They are the best fans, and I am thankful of them.

Everyone said that you picked UCF over Michigan, and that it was a strange choice, what do you have to say to them now?

I really don’t have anything to say to Michigan, I chose UCF because that is where I ultimately wanted to be. I just loved the atmosphere at UCF, there is nothing against Michigan, I just loved UCF too much.

In April, you will hear your name called, what round are you projecting the pick?

Like every other college athlete, I would like to be called in the 1st round, I don’t know the likelihood of that happening, but hearing my name called in any round would be good. I would be appreciative and very humbled.

Josh thanks for the interview and I would personally like to wish you the best in the upcoming weeks. On March 28th, 2012 the University of Central Florida will be performing their pro day, and we wish Josh the best at his event.

Follow me on twitter @drocksthaparty

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