Dontari Poe 2012 NFL Draft scouting report

Dontari Poe
6'5, 346 pounds | Defensive tackle | Memphis

Pass rush
: Poe played mostly at the nose for Memphis, so his pass rush skills are unrefined. Isn't simply a power lineman who bull rushes to collapse the pocket. Likes to use a power and swift swim move when he's going after the passer. Needs to get better at getting his hands up to disrupt the passing window.

For his size, Poe has very good explosiveness and when his motor is running high, he fires off the snap well. However, Poe's effort is inconsistent and he won't play aggressively on every play. Needs to learn how to use his quickness better to split gaps. Closes in a hurry.

Run defend: Can rely solely on his power to play the run, but doesn't. Struggles to get off blocks at times. Has slightly short arms, which will hurt him in run defense. With his quickness and closing ability, Poe should be an adept run stopper in the NFL. Occupies multiple blockers well.

Strength/tackling: Poe is incredibly powerful coming out of college and won't need to add power to make it in the NFL. He closes on the ball carrier faster than you'd expect for a player his size. Can be a violent tackler when he's playing hard.

Technique: Raw in most technical areas. Doesn't protect his feet very well and is susceptible to chop blocks. Isn't always direct and will take false steps toward the ball carrier. Needs to recognize and diagnose faster. Gets stood up on contact.

Final word: The 6-foot-4, 346-pound Poe was a consistent force for Memphis the past three seasons, starting 30 of 35 games played and totaling 101 tackles and 21.5 tackles for loss. He did that predominantly playing over the nose in the Tigers' 3-4 formations, but he's also lined up at three- and five-technique. Due to injury, Poe has even lined up at outside the tackle after being urged to by coaches.

The issues for Poe are his consistency and technique. If an NFL team can light a fire underneath him and improve his shoddy technique, Poe could become the next Haloti Ngata.

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