Advice & Discussion with my fellow MTD-ers ( Everyone Please read)

I'll try to keep this as short as possible and to the point - if you agree please REC


I absolutely love this site.

I love how well Brad, Dan, Brian, and Matt run the forums/blogs

It is a great place for people to share ideas, pass on information, communicate, and share love for the great game of football


As I read through some of these mock drafts - things are getting a bit chippy and personal. Comments like "You are crazy", "You are an idiot to think this, or that," Personal attacks, and general comments that are off putting and rude. It is absolutely unnecessary to respond in this fashion.

We can all be mature here. This is a site to posts our ideas, and learn more about the NFL draft.

Please have respect for each other and be cautious about the words you use. Read your posts before you post them. Think before you post. If you have criticism - please be constructive.


With the 1st pick in the 2012 NFL Draft the Colts select Matt Kalil

WRONG - you are the biggest moron in the world - they would never do that

RIGHT - I have to dis-agree with this selection. This is why.

If you need more examples - please see how Brian Galliford responds to comments and his manner of constructive criticism

I hope this makes sense - and does not offend anyone.


I am a 25 yr old med school student from Rochester NY, attending school in Long Island. I am a die-hard Buffalo Bills fan. My favorite athlete and idol is Peyton Manning. My other favorite sports figure is Coach K of Duke, and I am a big fan of Matt Barkley of USC.

I have experience playing QB in high school - amazing experience

92% of my time is spent studying. But my favorite hobby, and extra-curricular interest is football. I love everything about football. I think is the greatest game in the world. My favorite part is the art of QB-ing; and how fair the NFL is set up. Every year is a different and new year for something fun and exciting to happen. I read a lot - and base any of my opinion - on gaining as much knowledge as possible about the game itself. There is no limit to how much we can learn.


In regards to my mock drafts. I do a lot of research every time i make a mock draft. I look at: Big Board, GM draft history, Team Needs, Scheme, What other respectable sources are saying, Player visits, Team interest, and my gut.

The previous few years I have been accurate in my projections - so I am confident in making guesses about what team will take what.

BUT THE BOTTOM LINE - at the end of the day - we have absolutely not idea what is really going to happen on the day of the draft. ANYTHING can happen. For all we know the Colts could take RGIII. We don't know. Regardless of what "professional" analysts say, and especially what we say - it's always a surprising and exciting event. So keep that in mind when commenting on others drafts and making your own.

Hopefully this was not too long - looking forward to reading and writing more articles in the near future

Moose (my real name)

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