Second Mocking the Draft Live Draft Update #1

Something I forgot to add is that the draft will start at 6:30 on Friday and 11:30 on Saturday morning. Those are eastern standard times. Also, Noles shoot me an email when you see this

Hey yall. The signup thread is going live. You all know the deal. Send me a 7 round BPA with at least 7 people per round. Keep them realistic. The draft will be on Friday March 23rd and Saturday March 24th and maybe Sunday March 25th. Rounds 1 and 2 will definitely be Friday and maybe round 3. Don't signup for the draft if you won't be there during the draft. Also, the Redskins Rams trade, the Miami/Bears trade, and any other trade that happens in the next 10 days will be accounted for. If you are already signed up for this draft and won't be here during the draft, let me know in the comments and I will remove your name. YOUR EMAIL MUST BE SENT TO STEELERSRULE125(AT)GMAIL.COM AND MUST HAVE THE SUBJECT: TEAM NAME, SBNATION USERNAME, BPA LIST. IF IT DOES NOT HAVE THAT, I WILL DELETE IT.

Now that we have that out of the way, after the jump see what teams are open. Also, Steelers fans, we will be having a War Room on BTSC or on gmail.

The names in bold on the table have sent in a BPA

Note: The Following Teams Still Need GM's

  • Oakland Raiders
  • Arizona Cardinals

Note #2: 2013 picks will be allowed to be traded as they won in the poll on the signup thread

Note #3: I have not received BPA Lists from the following people - Please send me your BPA lists ASAP

  • Baltimore (Mr. MaLoR)
  • San Francisco (Manraj)
  • New Orleans (Alex Swift)

Please go to the unsigned teams and let them know about this. Also, get your BPA lists in. Thanks. Use this thread to continue to discuss things.

Team Name GM Backup GM
Pittsburgh Steelers seton hall and steelers John Stephens
Baltimore Ravens Mr. MaLoR
Cincinnati Bengals Touhue Cha Messjunk
Cleveland Browns Brocolis154033
Houston Texans theSpaceCityKid The Night Owl
Indianapolis Colts Jamkel
Tennessee Titans nolesbroncos3456
Jacksonville Jaguars Thunder64 SilentJag
San Diego Chargers samfootball21
Oakland Raiders
Kansas City Chiefs Smitty713

Denver Broncos Nick Cast
New York Jets tinley24
New England Patriots Kick Ass
Miami Dolphins FinFanFromCA
Buffalo Bills BillsofErie
New York Giants BigBlueIntervention
Washington Redskins ENsdad27
Dallas Cowboys CaliCowboysFan92
Philadelphia Eagles Mr.electric10 AntrhoEagle
San Francisco 49ers Manraj7
Seattle Seahawks eequalmc2
Arizona Cardinals
St. Louis Rams Buckeyefan55 dbcouver
Minnesota Vikings MarkSP18
Green Bay Packers Shoes31
Chicago Bears Joeb'n777
Detroit Lions Slick612
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Viking_#28
Atlanta Falcons durst
New Orleans Saints Alex Swift
Carolina Panthers pcroadrage Pieterzen
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