Kelcie McCray, SS out of Arkansas State

I don't know if many of you know Kelcie McCray or not. When I looked at him before the combine, no one that I know knew about him. If you do, I shouldn't be surprised though. For a 6th round pick, he looks more like a 3rd or a 4th round pick. I normally find many prospects at the bottom of the rounds that look to be higher than they are at now.

For a weak safety class in the draft this year, its important to get the most bang for your buck when drafting a safety. That would normally be around the first two rounds where you can get a decent safety. McCray, as I said, is a 6th round (former 7th round-UDFA by the way) SS/FS prospect who looks to have a lot of promise. Lets not wait any further.

Kelcie McCray College Highlight (via seanm77722)

Here are some stats from 2010 and 2011.

2010: Started every game, and has not been injured. Recorded 47 solo/79 tackles (YIKES!!!), 2 INTs, 1 tackles for loss, 2 passes broken up. Okay so... he got a lot of tackles, but not a lot of tackles for loss. Judging from the video, he looks pretty good for a 6th rounder no? Lets look at his 2011 season.

2011: 4 INTs, 34 solo/70 total tackles, 1.5 tackles for loss, 4 passes broken up.

Well I suppose he looks consistent to me. He can tackle for sure, but he also looks like a ball hawk. He looks more like a 3rd rounder, or 4th rounder to me. Hell maybe even a 2nd rounder if he increased his stock. For a 6th rounder? Don't tell me that he doesn't look like an intriguing safety prospect to me. He looks like he is good against the run, and pretty decent against the pass. He has great size, and has good potential to be a starter in the NFL.

Here is his scouting report from


McCray is a big, physical safety from Arkansas State who could develop into a future starter in the NFL if put in the right scheme. A former high school quarterback, it is evident that McCray is able to key in on plays as a safety and make the pre-snap reads to put himself in a good position. He has the size to cover tight ends and the physicality to be a presence on the back end.


McCray will bring a physical presence to any defensive backfield in the NFL. Somewhat reminiscent of Ravens safety Bernard Pollard, Kelcie can provide run support or play real effectively in the intermediate range when defending the pass. He excels in run support and is a physical, bruising tackler. He has great speed for the position to run plays down, and he has been durable and reliable throughout his career. He is a competitive hitter and looks natural in transition and in his backpedal. He has the ability to break on a ball and play the man competitively both at the point of attack and in the air.


McCray has pre-snap issues that affect his play and could hinder his development early on in the league. He has a tendency to stay in his back pedal for extended periods of time and will break late on plays; it's almost as if his feet are not coming with his eyes when he's diagnosing a play. He has the speed and athletic ability to catch up in the conference he's been playing in, but unless he can get his pre-snap reads down quicker and develop an ability to diagnose run or pass early, he could have an extended development phase.

link to this, and his combine numbers:

I'm pretty sure he is probably a 5th rounder now. Idk, sometimes draft sites don't update the player's stocks till later. But for a weak safety class this year, I figure McCray would be had at great value in the lower rounds for anyone (like the pats) who need a safety or safety depth.

Any thoughts?

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