A LB prospect for you all. ;)

I'll be honest here. I have been silent mainly due to the free agency business. Many things are going on, and I had my face glued to this computer here reading everything that has been going on (or almost everything). So I felt kind of horrible for neglecting you guys my posts on draft prospects in the lower rounds who look good.

So I am here to tell you about an ILB prospect. He is listed as an UDFA (O_O) he goes by the name of Marcus Dowtin. Heard of him? I'm sure you haven't Let me show you some video first (more specifically an 11 minute video). - Marcus Dowtin Highlight Film (via joedefranco)

Dowtin is 6'2 226 lbs. I guess his 40 time was as low as 4.63, but I think he got a 4.7 40 at the combine (.10 seconds off..... big woop. lol). So I watched about a minute of this (It's 11 pm here... thought I get a quick analysis on what I saw) video and here are some things I noticed:

1) he has very good burst

2) He looks to have quickness

3) He diagnoses plays quickly

4) Sheds blocks really well

But I don't know about his pass defense (though like I said, only watch the first minute or so. I gots no patience. lol). Here are some stats for ya:

2010: 1 INT (okey doke..), 32 solo/57 total tackles, 4.5 tackles for loss (not bad I suppose), 1.5 sacks (yeesh). 1 pass breakup, and 1 QB hurry.

I wondered what happened to 2011 (his 2009 stats are better)... he doesn't have an injury as far as I'm concerned. In any case, I think I so far like Miles Burris more, but Burris is an OLB prospect. Not an 4-3 ILB prospect like Dowtin. People would not like the stats much I suppose, but for an UDFA I like what I see. Here is what Pro Football Weekly's Nolan Nawrocki has to say about him:

"A wait-and-see prospect who landed at Divison II transfer haven North Alabama after his dismissal from Georgia, Dowtin is an athletic, aggressive, inconsistent fireplug who flashes striking ability — uncoils on contact and generates some whiplash-inducing hits.

Is small-framed and can be covered up by larger linemen, but is quick-footed and agile to slip blocks, displaying balance and body control flow laterally and range to secure tackles.

Likes contact, flashes some nasty and should dominate as a senior.

Could fit as a 3-4 weak inside linebacker, though character needs to be investigated."

Couldn't find much on him in terms of profile, but Damond talbot mentioned Dowtin for one of the small school transfers making an impact in April's draft..

My computer is about to die. So anyways Dowtin looks like an intriguing prospect for an UDFA. He looks like a 6th or 7th rounder to me. Maybe a 5th to stretch it. I think he will be a solid rotational guy that can eventually start at 3-4 ILB. For some reason he reminds me of Lawrence Timmons.... I don't know why. But for an UDFA, the guy should be worth the risk. Not many UDFA's have 11 minutes of film on them either.

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