Jonathan Martin 2012 NFL Draft scouting report

Jonathan Martin
6'5, 312 pounds | Offensive tackle | Stanford

Martin is a good athlete for an offensive tackle. From an agility standpoint, he's fleet of foot enough to stay on the left side. He's light when shuffling his feet and is athletic enough to work on the second level.

Pass blocking: Knows how to use his speed and athleticism to get to the corner before the pass rush. Relies on leverage to stop bull rushers but will need to get stronger to hold up better in the NFL. Doesn't use an especially good punch. Works back to the box well to stop inside rushes.

Quickness: This is arguably Martin's best area. He's often the fastest lineman off the line of scrimmage and shows good snap anticipation.

Run blocking: Because Martin gets off the line so quickly, he sets in the run properly. Will need to get stronger. Martin isasn't always able to move defenders around as well as he should. Was used infrequently on pulls and did well. Got shifted over to the strong side, giving Stanford a tackle next to a tackle on certain run plays. If nothing else, it showed Martin's ability to play to his right side.

Strength: Martin has a big, wide-shouldered frame, but he doesn't play with a lot of strength. If Martin can add power to his natural athleticism, he could become a very good left tackle in the NFL. Bench press reps are an overblown product of the offseason process, but Martin only pushed 225 pounds 20 times at his pro day.

Technique: Displays good footwork when he works to the edge. Doesn't make a wasted motion. Properly keeps his base through contact. Plays with his hands up, but will sometimes overextend. Won't have an issue picking up a playbook at the next level.

Final word: Martin displays good agility, has the strength to take on power rushers and he moves outside nicely in pass protection. Coming out of Stanford's pro-style scheme, Martin has good football intelligence. Good at making adjustments throughout the game. Solid athlete. Three-year starter at tackle.

While Martin is very good in a lot of areas, he’s not elite anywhere. Needs to keep his feet moving, especially through contact. Will sometimes give up the inside gap while trying to maintain the edge. Hasn’t been used much on the move.

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