My First Try At a First-Round Mock

Rather than critique what other people have my Pats do...

#1: Andrew Luck, Stanford, to the Colts.

What more is there to say? I read one report indicating that the Polians were open to taking RGIII over Luck. Look what happened to them,

#2 : Robert Griffin III, Baylor, to the Redskins.

I am beginning to like him more than Luck. In fact, while I think Luck will be very solid, I think RGIII might have a higher ceiling. In Shanahan's offense he looks tailor-made to fit in and take command.

#3: Morris Claiborne, LSU, to the Vikings.

How do you pass up on a guy like Matt Kalil? Because you have major issues in your CB-corps which might be a problem in a division that includes Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Greg Jennings, and Jordie Nelson. Cornerbacks like Claiborne only come around once in awhile..

#4: Matt Kalil, USC, to the Rams.

How do the Browns pass up on what may be the best Tackle prospect in years? By getting the St. Louis Rams to trade up for him. The Browns could use an upgrade to their Tackle-corps, but they aren't hurting like they are for the Rams. Months ago, many thought the Rams would go for Kalil at 2nd overall. Instead they got 3 first rounders and a 2nd rounder, and now they just need to move up a couple of spots to get Matt Kalil. It's good for St. Louis, who are stinkin' rich in the draft and can afford it.

#5: Trent Richardson, Alabama, to the Bucs.

No Claiborne or Kalil. Blackmon could add as a powerful 2nd-weapon to compliment Vincent Jackson, or they could finally upgrade their RB-position. Why not? They did just land mauler-of-a-Guard Carl Nicks.

#6: Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma, to the Browns.

They may need a QB but they still have plenty of draft-picks. More importantly, they have a chance to make up for passing on Julio Jones last year.

#7: Michael Floyd, Notre Dame, to the Jaguars.
Does the 'Stache pass on a chance for the next Julius Peppers? Yes, because it's only a chance and his team needs a game-changing WR. Floyd gives Blaine Gabbert a chance and makes the offense more dynamic.

#8: Melvin Ingram, South Carolina, to the Dolphins.

Why reach for a QB with little tape? The Phins should not make the mistake the Jets made with Sanchez, and instead add some pass-rush to give Wake some help from the opposite DE/OLB position. Edge pressure is far and away more effective when it's coming from both sides. Their main divisional rivals this season are likely Brady and Fitzpatrick working out of pass-heavy offenses. Ingram also excels against the run which will be perfect for when Sanchez and Tebow are scrambling in the battle for the AFC East. They pass on Coples because it sure looked like he tried his best to play without getting injured for a whole year.

#9: Quinton Coples, North Carolina, to the Panthers.

They've taken a look at him already. It's him, Brockers, or Cox. They need to upgrade their defensive line on the perimeter and generate some pressure on opposing QBs in a division which includes Matt Ryan and Drew Brees . Say what you will on Coples, but don't expect him to drop from the top-10. Even if Ingram surpassed him as the first DE taken off the board.

#10: Jonathan Martin, Stanford, to the Bills.

They have a glaring hole at Tackle this off-season. He may be a little bit of a reach but he is a solid player who fills their biggest need at the best value. Remember, Michael Floyd isn't available and they more than fixed their pass-rush problem.

#11: David DeCastro, Stanford, to the Chiefs.

It's a post-Shields/Waters world in Kansas City. Add in that big FA-upgrade to Right Tackle in the form of Mr. Winston and the Chiefs offensive line will be ready to give chase to Peyton Manning's line in Denver.

#12: Courtney Upshaw, Alabama, to the Seahawks.

The Seahawks have kept their best beefy-guys on the interior D-Line, and added another big one in Jason Jones. Now they bring in some edge pressure in the form of a DE/OLB.

#13: Riley Reiff, Iowa, to the Cardinals.

The Cardinals just saw their divisional rival get the best pass-rusher available. With Jonathan Martin gone as well, they wish the could trade out- and then they settle for Riley Reiff, who's arms are arguable short to play LT. That's good, since the Cards need a RT.

#14: Dre Kirkpatrick, Alabama, to the Cowboys.

The Cowboys could use an upgrade at the Cornerback position to allow Rob Ryan to stay creative with the defensive schemes. DeCastro is off the board so they go with a CB that could help smother the passing-games of Eli Manning, Michael Vick, and RGIII. Janoris Jenkins would make great sense if it weren't for such huge character concerns.

#15: Michael Brockers, LSU, to the Eagles.

The Eagles managed to upgrade the ILB in FA and made DeSean Jackson very happy. Now Andy Reid looks for a big tall disruptive kind of guy who came get his hands up in the air on a QB's strong-side. Eagles need depth behind Jenkins/Patterson and Andy Reid likes having guys to fight in the trenches.

#16: Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M, to the Browns.

The Jets lost their chance at Rieff and Martin. Upshaw and Ingram are gone. So is Floyd. They still need a #2 WR behind Santonio Holmes(and maybe a replacement for him), a Right Tackle to protect lefty Tim Tebow's blindside(I'll stop), and a pass-rusher so the Jets can generate pressure without blitzing. Do they reach for a need or not? Go for BPA, consequences be damned? Well, the Browns might decide not to wait to see if the Dolphins try to jump back into the 1st round before the 22nd overall. The Jets might be thinking the same thing and might see a shot at turning lemons into lemonade. The Browns got the picks to seal Tannehill's destination and Justin Blackmon.

#17: Janoris Jenkins, North Alabama, to the Bengals.

They have needs in the CB-corps and someone is going to overlook the character concerns sooner or later. It's too soon for to guess at the second-best RB or G. Besides, that other Ohio-team just got Justin Blackmon.

#18: Whitney Mercilus, Illinois, to the Chargers.

The Chargers have taken some hits to what was a great offensive line but Peyton Manning just joined their division. They have been due for a boost at pass-rush for awhile.

#19: Cordy Glenn, Georgia, to the Bears.

With Johnny Knox injured, the Bears could really use a second play-maker behind Brandon Marshall. But this draft is deep at the receiving position. The Bears need a boost to their offensive-line more than anything else, and Glenn is a good fit.

#20: Fletcher Cox, Mississippi, to the Titans.

They lost DT Jason Jones to free-agency and need some talent upfront. Cox is versatile and disruptive. It's him or Peter Konz to shore up the interior of the offensive line, and the Titans decide here to go for the player Warren Sapp said reminded him most of himself in this year's draft.

#21: Peter Konz, Wisconsin, to the Bengals.

They don't really need a Center right now, but they could use a Guard real bad and Cordy Glenn is gone. Konz could be the Center for the future while offering a major upgrade at the Guard position in the short-term. While this may seem unconventional, Konz looks almost like he could be a better G than C given his size. RBs will be around in round 2.

#22: Mike Adams, Ohio State, to the Jets.

He may be a bit of a project but that's still an improvement on their #2 Tackle, Wayne Hunter. The Jets traded back and here the value is okay while meeting their biggest need. They could use that other pick they got out of the Browns later to shore up another need.

#23: Stephen Gilmore, South Carolina, to the Lions.

The Lions D really needs to do two things; put Suh and Fairley out there together side by side at the DT positions and get some talent in their secondary. Stephen Gilmore is a safer prospect than Jenkins and Kirkpatrick and just about as good.

#24: Luke Kuechly, Boston College, to the Steelers.

The Steelers pass on the workout-warrior in Dontari Poe to go for the future at ILB next to Lawrence Timmons. He's the best player available and fulfills a need.

#25: Devon Still, Penn State, to the Broncos.

They lost Bunkley but Devon Still is still available in this year's draft. Peter Konz is gone so this addresses their other big need. The better the interior of the D-line, the easier time for VonDoom to work the edges.

#26: Stephen Hill, Georgia, to the Texans.

I hate this pick. Stephen Hill has great measureables but like Demaryus Thomas(from the same system) Hill hasn't proved he can really outside of an option offense. Kendall Wright is availale, but I think they'd fall in love with Hill's run-blocking and size.

#27: Andre Branch, Clemson, to the Patriots.

They need another pass-rusher, but also someone who can work base-D from the 3-4 OLB position. Their front-7, like the Packers, is in desperate need of an upgrade at the DE/OLB position.

#28: Nick Perry, USC, to the Packers.

He fits a big need of their's, adding a play-maker to work off the opposite edge of Clay Matthews. One can chase the ball-carrier into the other. It's either Nick Perry or a DT/DE, and the Packers can probably snag a DT/DE in the 2nd round.

#29: Dontari Poe, Memphis, to the Ravens. They weren't really desperate for the work-out warrior, but since the Steelers passed on him they'll take him to give Ngata some young help upfront.

#30: Kendall Wright, Baylor, to the 49ers.

Take it from a Pats fan, it's always a good idea to have a Plan B incase Randy Moss doesn't work out.

#31: Mark Barron, Alabama, to the Cowboys.

Jerry Jones jumps at the chance to save Barron's 1st round prospects, and the chance to bring both Kirkpatrick and Barron from Alabama to the Cowboy's backfield together. Belichick is all too willing to strengthen a divisional rival of the New York Giants and an old-assistant in Cowboys DC Rob Ryan. Besides, he'd like his chances on Tony Romo having a bad year in a division which includes Eli Manning, Michael Vick, and Robert Griffin III. That''s probably the only chance for the Pats to have a top-20 pick in next year's draft.

#32: Alshon Jeffery, South Carolina, to the Giants.

Why not? They lost Manningham. They still have Nicks and Cruz but no depth incase of injury or starter-talent that'd allow Cruz to do what he does best; work inside the numbers.

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