The Mock. (Mocka Flocka)

now no, im not a fan of the rapper. but it sounded pretty cool.

so here is probably the most plausible mock you ever seen ever:

*****Warning: the following is based on actual events that you will see in about a month****

1.Indianapolis Colts-Matt Kalil

now you must be asking, why the hell would the colts take kalil? well its retty obvious isnt it? everyones saying luck is a colt, so naturally the colts thought they already had him, so what do you get after a franchise QB? a franchise LT. which is exactly what the colts Do.

2. Washington Redskins (from St. Louis Rams)-Mohamed Sanu:

Same sort of situation for the redskins. dan snyder is thinking about getting weapons for RG3, instead of actually getting RG3. and he forgets to draft him taking the best WR in the class.

3. Minnesota Vikings-Andrew luck:

Lets face, and i cant be the only one who thinks this, but who the hell is christian ponder? and why is he suddenly a franchise QB?

4. Cleveland Browns- So happy to see RG3 here, they get soo excitied and start celebrating that they forget to pick, time runs out. and they forfiet their pick to Tampa Bay

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-RG3:

I really like josh freeman, and think he's a top 10 QB, or atleast could be. But hey, its RG3

5. Clevland Browns- Justin Blackmon:

Well lets face it, Colt McCoy Doesnt have much time. but the browns arent jerks, so they get their first offensive player since jim brown (or does he count as raven history?), either way the browns are only 10 players away from a full offense.

6. Rams (from Redskins)- Trent Richardson:

"Heyyyyy what about steven (or is it stephen, maybe staphon) Jackson" well i say, whats better than 1 HB? thats right, 3 just ask the cowboys. but the rams only have 2 now. still pretty good tho.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars- Morris Claiborne:

Absolute value pick. the jags value players that play good, and claiborne attempts to do that. unfortunatley the jaguars now have a defense, which means they have expactations to not be the jaguars. this unfortunatley can not be accomplished.

8. Miami Dolphins- Riley Rieff:

The dolphins play football? thats right, and they just drafted an OT "What what what??? the dolphins have the best tackle in the game, why would they even consider this? they dont even have a QB, whats the point?" Well you know what i believe Jared Lorenz was thinking about getting back into football shape (this consists of 50 buckets of KFC) So how bout you give him a call

9.Carolina Panthers- Quinton Coples:

Hey Cam Newton is a very good football player, the secret to his succsess is attention, and he wouldnt have it all if i gave him a WR to throw to, so the panthers get a DE congratualtions, you win.. uhm... a DE.

10. Buffalo Bills- Jonathan Martin:

Damn, just missed out on couples, sucks2suck. but really, the bills have a great interior oline the problem is you cant play with 3 olineman, so they draft the best T their and are only 1 more tackle away from a complete oline.

11. Kansas City Chiefs- Michael Floyd:

QB? who needs em? Wide Reciever is where its at. unfortunatley, its not. the Chiefs vitually waist a pick considering if the ball isnt thrown past the line of scrimmage then it really cant get to the WR (screens and deflections excluded)

12. Seattle Seahawks- David DeCastro:


13. Arizona Cardinals- Alshon Jeffery:

He's really good, Kolb really isnt and fitz aint enough since kolbs tosses could end up on either side of the field, you need 2 WRs to cover such ground

14. Dallas Cowboys- Ryan Tannehill:

This is purely a need pick. the cowboys need the ability to rely on their QB.

15. Philadelphia Eagles- Vontaze Burfict:


16. New York Jets- (Trade!!!! (NYJ trade back to the 32nd pick. the giants give the jets the 32nd pick)

NYG!!!-Dre Kirkpatrick:

Rex Ryan now can say he has the 32nd pick in the draft. he's so happy he finally did it. the giants take BPA but IDK, looks like we'll play thomas at saftey with Kirkpatrick coming in.

17. Cincinnati Bengals (from Oakland Raiders)- Janoris Jenkins:

why not? in need of a DB and well arent half the bengals named jenkins anyway? he'll fit right in/

18. San Diego Chargers- Kendall Wright:

looks like the chargers are heading for another very extremly expected year (by me atleast). every1 seems to put them at the top of the AFC every year and every year,... well to put it in lamen terms they're bad

19. Daaaaaaaaaaaaa Bears-Peter Konz:

Konz is sucha cool football name, aint it? Da bears, well until they start doing what i know they are capable of i will start to call them Daaa bears again, and not Daa koala bears

20. Tennessee Titans- Stephen Hill:

Haa! to the texans fans. this is what you get! Dont ever call Hill better than sanu again, dont you ever!!! as for the titans, this doesnt make much sense, but i'll make sense of it. yes they have kenny britt who when healthy is an elite WR. but they need to make amends with their QBs locker and hassleback. maybe we will see the "Wrath of the titans" QBs if they do this. or maybe we'll see hassleback and locker. who knows?

21.Bengals- Mark Barron:

Shaping up to be a good young Defense in cincy. but their still cincy. i like dalton tho, called him having a great year. and green was on my fantasy team, so Nice!

22. Browns (from Atlanta Falcons). TRADE!!!!!!!!!! (TB sends josh freeman to the browns because they feel bad that their the browns.) (oh and the 22nd pick)

Tampa Bay- Stephon Gilmore:

Their looking pretty bad at the CB position so they reach on the first available CB. suorisingly passing on Kuechly. actually no, lets change that

Tampa Bay- Luke Kuechly:

Yes, i can do that

23. Detroit Lions- Dontari Poe:

No F**king way, the detroit lions draft another DT. well yes, yes they do. and dont ever question a pick of mine again, this is 100% accurate. and this also goes with the lines plan of having 8 down lineman.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers-Dont'a Hightower:

your welcome, this is for that thread on burfict. and telling you the true flaws of your QB Big Ben, who is the 6th best QB in the league behind eli. not in front. i repeat NOT IN FRONT.

25. Denver Broncos- Devon Still:

I like Denever, i mean i have nothing against them at all. they got their ass wooped by us about 26 years ago, but besides that. their pretty cool, not to mention that a brother of Eli is a brother of mine. So here you go denever, go lose the SB to the giants. Good Luck

26. Houston Texans- Courtney Upshaw:

You're not getting ingram, i dont care. dont talk about sanu and maybe this wouldnt happen, huh??? haha, anyway LB 4 you because thats now a weak oint, no one but the boss on the roids

27. New England Patriots (from New Orleans Saints)- Melvin Ingram:

I was gonna save ingram for us, but you know. we've beat them twice in the superbowl, and its really a pitty pick. maybe if they can get past denver and baltimore next year, they can make that 3 times.

28. Green Bay Packers- (They dont get a pick)

no, i refuse to give GB a pick.

29. Baltimore Ravens-Coby Fleener:

the best part is, they could probably play him at WR to. they have no recieving targets, other than the 3 guys they have that are pretty good (one of them being ray ray) but otherwise, Fleener is cool. not better than allen imo. actually Coby makes pretty crappy TVs.

30. San Francisco 49ers-Rueben Randle:

Alex smith now has no excuse to not repeat again now, they gave him weapons, now its all a matter of wether San Fran or GB will lose to the giants In the NFC conf. Championship game

31. Patriots- Michael Brockers:

Yay, im giving the pats a lot of Dline help. it still wont matter, the hooded man wont know what to do with them. im still shocked that someone who coached the greatest Defense ever in 86 manages to have the worst in the NFL. interesting,

32. New York Jets- (Forfit pick). Rex ryan is so happy that he Did it after all the talk, him and Ole woody crack open a bottle of champagne and tost away, woody even lets ryan massage his feet (but we wont go in to the details)

Trade!!!! (The saint louis rams trade the pick that was forfieted to them back to the giants for antrell rolle who will not be needed anymore do to previous pick)

Superbowl Champion NYG!-Lamar Miller:

well jacobs joined mario and the rest of the unwanted giants In San Fran. (im just kidding, i always liked you two, and i know you're probably reading this so i wont say Jacobs was my favorite to avoid the jealousy Mario is gonna feel). but anyway, bradshaw and miller will make a great 1-2 punch.

Other Trades: The Dallas Cowboys trade tony romo to the Miami dolphins for a washing machine

The Eagles trade Asante samuel to KFC for a bucket of chicken and some popcorn chicken (Yea, as you guessed andy rieds idea)

The Jets trade Santonio Holmes to any team that will take him, no charge

yea, im done. pretty solid id say. might aswell just stop the mocking until next year, no one can possibly get a more accurate/plausible draft

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