Hard Work Pays Off, Sam Giguere, WR, Canadian's Finest Warrior

Sam Giguere has been in the NFL for a few years, but he is trying to latch on to a 53 man roster. Well Sam is showing in his newest workout videos why he deserves to be on a teams roster. A True Canadian Workout Warrior, Check out the Videos, inside.

If you are from Canada, you know who Sam Giguere is, because in his native country, he is a legend. Giguere has made a name for himself over his amazing workouts and hard work on and off the field.In 2005, Giguere chose to play college football at the University of Sherbrooke, in Quebec. Giguere had a couple very productive seasons at the college level and was named offensive player of the week in the Quebec University Football League. That year, Giguere was named to the QUFL all-star team. He was also runner-up for the University of Sherbrooke rookie of the year award in 2005-2006. In 2007, Samuel Giguere caught 45 passes for 871 yards, 7 touchdowns, was a first-team all-conference selection and a first-team All Canadian. He finished the year ranked second in yards and third in yards per game (108.9), and had all career kick-off return totals as a senior.

Giguere has been on and off of practice squads since his time in the NFL, he has been waiting for his chance to make it on a roster and shine. He has played for both the Indianapolis Colts and New York Giants, and has been involved in workouts with both Peyton and Eli. He is what they call a workout warrior, literally, if you have never saw Sam Giguere, let me show you a few videos of Sam working out, He has many on his site, but this is a true workout warrior, who has had to fight to earn a spot on a practice squad. Giguere has been pretty impressive in his career and has been trying to make it on an active roster, but do you think he could be on a camp roster this season?

I have heard numerous people talk about workout warriors since hearing about the Combine, and thought it wouldn't be right if I didn't show one of the baddest men I have ever witnessed in the workout room. I have posted three videos, which are exclusive videos to show what a real workout looks like. Just watch this kid's upper body strength. What do you think, does he deserve a spot? Answer the poll and comment at the bottom of the page.

Sam Giguère Training (via samwr11)

What was your most memorable moment coming out of High School?

Well honestly, I really didn’t have any major memorable moment’s coming out of high school, because our school wasn’t really a football town.

How many teams were recruiting you out of high school?

Not many really, I had a girlfriend at the time that was older than me, and I already kind of had a plan to go to school where she was. I didn’t really focus on getting to any bigger United States schools, because I had already made up my mind that I wanted to be with my girlfriend.

Is it different to get a scholarship from a US school? Harder?

It probably is not as hard as many think, it is really about you putting in the work to get the visits. If you send out emails and sell yourself to them, I am sure you could get into a D-1 school. The biggest thing for me is I really didn’t focus on that because of my girlfriend at the time. I knew where she was going to school and already had my mind set that is where I was going to go.

How did you get noticed by the NFL?

I went to an all-star game in college called the East/West Game, it is kind of like the East/West Shrine Game, in the US, but it is held in Canada. Tons of CFL scouts go to this game and they put you through a ton of workouts. Well it helped that I ran the fastest forty time out of anyone there, and then I went on to win Offensive MVP for my team. Well the entire week there was an Indianapolis Colts scout name Cal Murphy, who is a legend in the CFL. He watched me and was in contact with me. My agent called me and told me on draft day be ready just in case you get a call.

What was draft day like?

I sat there and watched the entire draft, just like everyone else in America but I didn’t hear my name. I wasn’t really thinking I was going to get picked anyway but right as it ended, I received a phone call. It was from the Indianapolis Colts offering me a contract to play for them. I was so excited, and really could not believe it. It goes to show that hard work pays off.

Who was the toughest player you ever played up against?

I would have to say Cornerback/Safety Marlin Jackson of the Colts. I remember on a kickoff return, I was coming up the field and Marlin just picked me up and wrestled me down like it was nothing. I always had a problem with him, he had long arms, and a great break, so it was hard for me to beat him. I liked the competition, but when he hit me on that first play it was my "Welcome to the NFL".

Sam Giguère Training part 2 (via samwr11)

What was the most traumatic thing that has ever happened in your life? How did you overcome it?

I would have to say my broken leg when I was at Indy in 2009. The trainers and doctors said it would only be like 2 months and I would be back doing what I love, but it didn’t work that well. It took 5 months for me to get back to full strength. It was a very tough time, to sit there and watch your teammates at practice every day, like Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison and your team going 14-0 and you are sitting on the bench. The best part is that I didn’t give up. I worked very hard and listened to the trainer’s every day. I was able to come back by November and the Colts gave me a spot on the Practice Squad. In December I was active for my first game in the NFL and I returned a couple of returns. I was very excited that it paid off.

How long were you on the Indianapolis Roster?

I was off and on the Practice Squad for 3 years. When I was released I was immediately signed by the New York Giants, It was a great feeling, but again I had another injury where I injured my groin. I have been able to work with both Peyton and Eli two Hall of Fame Quarterbacks and I hope I can get just one more chance to play with someone else.

What was your favorite NFL team growing up?

I really didn’t have a favorite NFL team, my favorite CFL team was the Montreal Alouettes, I loved them growing up, that was my team.

If it was your last meal on earth, what would it be?

Burger and Fries, I don’t eat them a lot

When you talk with NFL teams, what do you tell them you will bring to their team?

I would bring speed, heart and determination. I have really taken the time to understand the game, especially special teams, I can come on your team and return kicks, as well as play gunner. On offense, I can spread the field and I have knowledge to understand routes before they develop. When I was in Indianapolis I watched guys like Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison do it all the time. I feel that I could do the same thing. I really feel that I can get open and make plays if given the chance.

Fill in the blank, next year, I will be ________________________?

Playing Football

Sam Giguère Training part 3 (via samwr11)

I would like to thank Sam, for taking the time out of his busy schedule to give me an interview, but you really need to keep an eye on him. Follow him on twitter @SamGiguere and show him some support.

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