Determination, Cordarro Law, DE/OLB, Southern Miss, Exclusive Interview

Since Cordarro Law arrived at Southern Mississippi he has been a dominate force for the Golden Eagles defense. He has accrued 192 tackles, 74 tackles for loss, 27.5 sacks and has caused 14 forced fumbles. He has not had less than a 5 sacks season in his entire career even as a freshman. There is no doubt, he can beat a tackle on the edge, but he is constantly in the backfield causing problems for the opponents Offense.

This year he helped the Golden Eagles win the Conference USA Championship with a huge win over undefeated Houston beating the Cougars, 49-28 in dominating fashion. Law was an animal in the game and had a huge sack in the fourth quarter on QB Case Keenum to finish off the Houston high powered offense. Law has went from little town to big city, and has really been a major impact player for the team this year. It is a huge accomplishment for the Golden Eagles, especially when their starting linebacker Korey Williams went out with an injury. Law was able to become a leader of the team and help Southern Mississippi finish in the top 20 in the polls, which had not happened since 1999.

Cordarro had an amazing forty yard dash for a big guy as he ran a 4.74 forty, a 4.32 in the short shuffle, and posted 23 reps of 225 pounds on the bench. He measured in on the smaller side at 6’1 ½ and weighed in at 257 pounds. He will definitely get late round grades from NFL teams. What round do you see Cordarro getting drafted?

What position did you play in High School?

I played both running back and linebacker. It was a mix between Darren McFadden and Reggie Bush back in the day. I even wore number 5 like them.

What was the transition from High School to Southern Mississippi like?

It was really rough at first, coming from a small school and a little town in Alabama, then going to a huge school it was different. I just worked extremely hard and it worked out the best for me.

What colleges were looking at you when you were coming out of school?

University of Central Florida, Troy, Alabama, Southern Mississippi and Virginia

Since your freshman year you have averaged 5 sacks a season. What is your favorite move?

I would have to say, the spin move. I have gotten tons of sacks off of it. I get sacks using it and I feel I know when to implement it to my advantage.

What was your most memorable moment at Southern Mississippi?

Beating Houston this year in the Championship that was a huge moment for us, and the way we did it was even better.

Do you have a pre-game ritual?

I sit at my locker put on my headphones, listen to music and send out text messages to my friends and family members.

Do you have any hobbies?

I love playing video games, especially Madden and NCAA Football, any sports games are fun. I also love bowling, even though I am not good, but it is fun.

What is your highest score in bowling?

(No comment, Just giggles)

If you could meet one person dead or alive, who would it be and why?

I would love to meet Jay-Z. He makes great music and it really calms me down and I sit there and think about what he is saying.

What NFL teams have spoken with you so far?

Bills, Dolphins, Patriots and Cowboys

Everyone asks this question but I’m curious to know what will you buy first with your first NFL pay check?

I would buy my mother a car. She means the world to me.

Would you be hesitant about going to a cold weather NFL team?

No, I would not be hesitant, I love the cold weather. I have never worn sleeves under my pads for any game. I remember our coach in high school saying "Don’t worry about the weather" and taking his shirt off when it was freezing outside. You can’t let something you can’t control, control you. Great question though.

Where have you been told to be projected in the draft?

I have been told anywhere between the 3rd round to Free Agent, I feel I’m blessed wherever I go.

Here is a two part question, First, What’s your favorite NFL team growing up? Second,"Name a player on that team that has inspired you in your game."

My favorite team growing up was the Dallas Cowboys. I remember sitting on the couch with my grandmother and watching Emmitt Smith put on a great performance in the Super Bowl.

If I was a GM, What game would I go look at that shows your best football game? What can I expect to see?

All you have to do is watch the Championship game against Houston. You will see how I was all over the field, chasing down wide receivers from behind, causing havoc in the backfield and dominated the game. #49 was everywhere, I knew it was on national television and I showed the world that night that I could do it at a high level.

What separates you from other players at your position who are also entering the Draft?

I am a lot faster and have a great awareness for the ball.

I would just like to thank Cordarro for taking time out of his busy schedule to do an interview with me. Thanks again, big man and good luck from the Mocking the Draft family. Make sure to follow me on twitter @drocksthaparty

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