Grading the MTD Live Draft: NFC Picks Part 1

Like Last time I decided to waste my days away grading the mocking the draft live draft because even though grading mock drafts (or real drafts) for that matter is completely useless it's one of my favorite things to do (sadly). And I enjoyed it so much I thought I should do it again. I went into detail about every single pick and it turns out that when you do that you use up a massive amount of words so I broke up the grading into four parts to be released one at a time today and the next three days The first part is the NFC picks from the Rams-through the Cowboys (this post alone was nearly 3,000 words). I'll put the grades here, but if you want the full explanations swing over and check out the post

I'll respond to comments here or there as well.

If you're a fan of another team and can't wait for the next installment than you can ask me for your grade in the comments at either place and I'll let you know.

Here's a little bit about my grading system too. If you had a lower grade than you expected--it doesn't mean you did a poor job it just means your big board and my big board don't really line up.

I’m not bias to any teams (well I am bias to teams, but I didn't use my bias in the grading). I took a look at our big board to create values for each pick if it was pretty close to my own board no issues with the pick.

Here’s the general rule for grading an overall draft

I think overall everyone did a good job and the most important part is it is fun!

An A+ draft to me gets really good value with nearly every pick, and fills needs. (and probably secured a first round pick for next year)

An A/A- draft good value and fills needs, or terrific value but doesn't fill needs

B or B+ draft is solid value and fills needs, or good value and doesn't fill needs.

Anything in the C range doesn't represent many picks with good value. All the picks are right within a few spots on my big board .

I didn't really give anything lower than a C. We're not professionals nor do we have all the information or a team of scouts where each scout only has to research a region and can get an over-abundance of information to inform us on how to make a pick (and neither do I), so I’m not going to berate too many picks.

I'm just giving the grade for the overall draft, each individual pick is graded at that link. Actually scratch that, I give an explanation for each pick, but I didn't grade each individual pick until the second installment when I decided I liked that better.

Rams: B+

(I didn't give nearly as much credit to the Rams rep for getting so many future picks-because that's already accomplished..I mean all in all the Rams real draft grade will get a high A grade unless they do some real screwy stuff)

Vikings: B

Redskins Solid B

Panthers: C-/B+

Seahawks: A+

Arizona Cardinals C

Dallas Cowboys B

To be fair to the Cowboys draft though if I graded based on where those players are projected to go, he would have an A/A- draft, those just are not some of my personal favorite players.

You can always follow me on twitter @NFLmocks if you ever want to chat draft.

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