Julian Miller..... a DE?

Its been a rough couple weeks for me, but I finally found the time to write another post on a low round prospect. Although I have class in a half hour, I will speed write this, and give some quick impressions.

The prospect I am going to tell you is Julian Miller. he was listed as a DT in college, but he can play 3-4 DE, and I'm sure 4-3 End judging by his size. Oh yeah.... his size..... I forgot to mention that he is 6'3" 256 lbs.... yeah.... that is small for an End, but apparently he did well in his position.

In 2010, he recorded 54 total tackles (28 solo), 14 tackles for loss (yikes!), 9 sacks, 3 passes broken up, 2 QB hurries, and a FF. I mean I can give you the combine numbers, but I figure the film I would post up soon would give you an idea about his speed and whatnot. In any case, we know that he can get tackles for loss. That can mean many things. Either he can A) Move very well on the line, B) because he is small, he is able to go around OTs (need I say that the Pats had Arrington for heaven's sake at DE in 2010, and he did very well rushing the passer.... albeit against the colts 2010 OL which was good at the time though as far as I know), or C) He can move laterally really fast to prevent RBs from getting past the LOS. Either way, the film would tell us about him a bit more.

In 2011, he recorded 57 total tackles (31 solo), 11 tackles for loss, 6 sacks, 2 passes broken up, and 2 FF (1 that he went in for a TD).

So the stats themselves seem to indicate that he was somewhat consistent. So how does the film look?

It's Miller Time (Julian Miller Sophomore and Junior Highlights) (via imabeast78)

First of all, could the uploader come up with a better title then "It's Miller Time?" Well at least he did say that there were soph and junior highlights....

In any case, highlights can be deceiving. They show the great plays, but not the bad ones, so you will have to judge whether or not his speed or change of direction can be a liability IF his awareness is not that great. Awareness comes with different things, such as reaction time, movement on the field judging from the play developing, and going in the RIGHT direction. Will he over-pursue on running plays that he'll get blocked out?

Let me say though that he would most likely get blocked out of a play in the NFL. Although he has good strength (at least I assume so judging from the vid), his size would be a problem. I can very well see him at OLB though. I mean.... he wouldn't have to gain any weight, he has speed and some form of change of direction ability (I havent seen the vid in a while admittingly... too much things to do on my end). I think he could very well be a great edge rusher on passing downs.

Anyways, I leave a scouting reports here:


Miller is a dependable, lunch-pail type defender West Virginia has recruited from all over the country over the past 20 years. His strength, athleticism, and versatility has allowed him to play outside early in his career in the Mountaineers' 3-3-5 and moving inside to play a three or four-technique spots as a senior.

The two-way All-Ohio pick as a senior redshirted in 2007, then earned two starts in the 13 games he played in his freshman year (21 tackles, 3.5 sacks, three pass break-ups). Miller was the full-time starter in both the 2009 and 2010 seasons, while being credited with 14 tackles for loss, nine sacks and three pass break-ups as both a sophomore and junior.

Though Miller is not elite in any one category on a scout's report, his ability to provide some pass rush while holding the point as a run defender gives him a chance to have a long career as a swing end at the next level.


Strengths: Dependable veteran defender who knows his role and does not get fooled by misdirection. Sacks and pressures come from hustle, brings good effort on every play. Holds the point with length and strong upper body. Faces doubles often, does fairly well maintaining the line of scrimmage. Stays alive against the run and mobile quarterbacks, shedding to either side to chase. Adequate change of direction and straight-line speed to contain against the bootleg. Chases plays downfield and to the sideline.

Weaknesses: Not explosive as a pass rusher or run defender. Does not own elite speed and flexibility to turn the corner, can be late off the snap. Hands not strong or active enough to disengage consistently. Gets some push, but will not bull rush NFL tackles into the quarterback. Would need to add weight to play five-technique in the pros. Plays tall, lacks athleticism to break down and capture elusive ballcarriers.

Wish I had time to really view his video more, but I'll leave that to you guys for now, and watch it later. Give me some thoughts/opinions. I have class in about 10 minutes. Imo, I think he can be a good project. And he is about a 7th rounder. The fact that he has film should indicate that he made plays in his college. Again... I don't necessarily watch college football, so I don't know his competition either. Unless he plans to gain weight and add muscle, I can only see him as a 3-4 OLB, with some versatility and strength to play 3-4 and 4-3 End. That's assuming he translates well into the NFL. He has potential though, and that's all you could really ask for in a 7th round prospect.

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