Looking at WRs from the 3rd round-7th round.

This was a post I made at Pats Pulpit regarding Wrs from the 3rd-7th round. In a way, I wanted to show how deep this year's WR class really is.

WARNING!:Draft stocks may have change since I posted this. I made this post BEFORE the Combine, so if anyone's draft stock has changed (I won't be surprised because I KNOW some draft stocks have changed) feel free to just mention the WR with his current draft stock if you feel like it. This is only a post about a abundance of WRs who are in this draft, where everyone here can take a look and view them.

Without further ado, Enjoy! :)

I was going to make a post about each WR in the draft, but I fear that it would be much more interesting if I look at WRs past the 3rd round that everyone here should look at (I'll include tall WRs. Don't worry deep threat fanatics). I will say something very brief, and provide video, stats, and a profile if I can find one. WRs are deep this draft, so let's not waste anytime and get started:

3rd Round WRs

Brian Quick, WR out of Appalachian State. 3rd Rounder.

Quick is 6'4" 222 lbs. He seems to have great balance, solid hands, and pretty good YAC. I know people would say "but he runs a 4.6 40!" Well..... he doesn't Watching the video, he looks like he runs a 4.5 at the most. He looks like a good pickup: Video, Profile (Although very short. And says he has "tackle like 33 1/2 inch arms"), and Stats.

Tommy Streeter, WR out of Miami. 3rd Rounder.

Tommy is quite an interesting prospect. I have watched video of him, and.... well he gets open. At least according to the video. He has good size at 6'4" 215 lbs, and has pretty good speed with his 40 time ranging in the mid 4's to around 4.5. he looks raw though, but talented. Here is video, Profile, stats.

Joe Adams, WR out of Arkansas. Late 3rd Rounder.

Joe looks very talented. Although he is 5'11" 174 lbs, I like what I see from him. he can return punts, seems to be a great route runner, get open, has good hands. If the pats drafted him I feel that he would light everyone up with us. Here is his video, profile, stats.

Chris Givens, WR out of Wake Forest. Late 3rd rounder.

Chris looks intriguing to me. He is 6', 195 lbs. and.... he has talent. He is good at pretty much everything. Not terribly AMAZING, but he can potentially be that way. I watched his highlights (that included his highschool games at first. lol), and I think he has potential. Then I read his profile, and this was the first thing I read:

As an NFL Draft prospect, Chris Givens offers a lot of production and agility. Givens relies on quickness and change of direction to achieve separation, and can make the spectacular catch. While most of his production came off short throws with plenty of YAC, Givens is a legit deep threat. Despite injuries in high school, Givens was healthy for the duration of his career at Wake. Givens could fit as a #2 WR or slot in most schemes, and likely is best suited for a West Coast offense.

Here is his video (skip to 1:48 for college video), profile 1 and profile 2 (His highschool profile, although it says that he played RB and some defense in highschool, which is awesome), and Stats.

4th Round WRs

TY Hilton, WR out of Florida International.

Hilton is 5'10" 184 lbs, and runs about a 4.5 40. Sure, he is not tall, but according to CBS Draft, he is a bonafide playmaker and punt returner. The video shows me that he has soft hands, has very good speed, and can great YAC, as well as break tackles. And he can go deep at times. If BB picks him up, I would be ecstatic.

I recommend you read his profile first, then watch his video, and here are his stats.

Marvin Jones, WR out of California.

Marvin is 6'2", 198 lbs. His 2010 highlights suggest that his QB is not a very good thrower, as he always has to adjust his body for the throw, and make the catch. He looks to have great hands and concentration, and has good speed. I can see the pats picking up Marvin because he can beat Press Coverage. At least according to the video, and when I have been searching for his profile, I heard some great thing of Marvin Jones from Matt Waldman.

Here is some video, could not really find a profile..., Stats

Jarius Wright, WR out of Arkansas. Late 4th Rounder.

I like what I saw out of Wright. he has good change of direction ability, good hands, and out of this world speed (Oh yeah). He reminds me of a very fast version of Deion Branch. Everytime he touches the ball he is a threat to score.

Here is some video, small profile, Stats

Marvin McNutt, WR out of Iowa. Late 4th Rounder.

McNutt (yes the name is quite funny) is a tall, 6'3" 216 lbs. receiver who has good speed, and great potential as a #1 WR. Here is his video, profile, stats.

Jeff Fuller, WR out of Texas A&M. Late 4th Rounder.

If there was a less faster version of Randy Moss, Jeff would be it (also doesn't hurt that his father is a former NFL CB). Fuller is 6'4" 217 lbs, has tremendous concentration, jump, and hands. His speed is good. but not great. Here is his video, profile, stats.

5th Round WR Prospects

Ryan Broyles, WR out of Oklahoma.

Ryan seems like a great slot receiver. Which our offense is completely fine with of course. He is 5'10", 188 lbs. here is his profile (which has some very good things to say), video, and stats.

6th Round WR Prospects

TJ Graham, WR out of NC State.

Looks like a great returner for punts and kicks. Can operate in the slot, and outside. Yes, he is only 5'11" 182 lbs, but he is very fast, and can get behind a defense. He has good hip movement, and he can break tackles. Looks to have prett decent hands. here is video, profile, stats.

Devon Wylie, WR out of Fresno State. Late 6th Rounder

Yes. He is 5'9" 186 lbs. But let me tell you what I saw from the vid. A) He is awesome quickness. I want to say even quicker then Wes. Yes I said it. But its a maybe. B) He can break tackles, and make people look like fools. C) he has 4.4 speed. D) He can return punts and kicks. He is a 6th rounder, so I think he would be fine depending on who we got earlier. Although he needs to stay healthy, and he takes gambles when punt returning.... Here is video, small profile, stats.I think we already have our wes clone in edelman, so I doubt we'll get him.

And there are really no other WRs beyond that that caught my eye. Maybe BJ Cunningham (who is a 6th round prospect), but he didn't really impress me. Of course I talked up some of the guys, and there are virtually ALL highlight tapes, but there is a lot more to them. For hands, you have to look at HOW he caught the ball. Was it a clean catch? Was sit effortlessly? Was it a body catch? Did the ball bobble when he caught it? How is his body control? Quickness off the line?

There are some pretty great prospects in the 2nd round, but I'd thought I give a shout out to the other WRs that a lot of people would miss. Some can even be potential all stars. You never know. If you'd like, use this post as a small basis when making a mock draft. Ever thought that there was a player you would rather take in the 1st or 2nd round that wasn't a WR, and feel like looking to see if there is any good value after that? Take a look here, and see if there is anyone that interests you. :)

And that is all there is to it. I'd thought I'd give you, my fellow scouters, a chance to look at some talent in the later rounds. My personal favorite is Marvin Jones, I think he has great potential. But there are several here who have very good potential. What are your thoughts? Oh! And feel free to use this post as a reference, albeit with the actual rising and falling of stocks. :P

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