Highest Ceilings/Most Overated

the players in the draft that have the highest ceilings and the ones that are the most overated IMO

who are yours?

Highest Ceilings

Michael Floyd/Alshon Jeffery-These guys could be 1 and 1a when we look back on the draft 5 years from now as the best receivers. The only thing that it depends on if they feel like reaching their potential. Micheal Floyd is as of this point the laziest route runner ive seen in college football and in the NFL he wont get open with his horrible attempt at effort. If he decides to run every route with something that must be foreign to him called BREAKS and stay out of the bars every other night he could be a top 20 receiver in the NFL. As far as Alshon goes he just needs to stay out of mcdonalds. If he can maintain his weight around 220-225 he could be a VERY good receiver. The problem with these guys is the question of desire. Floyd sat out the last drive of notre dames bowl game because of a “punched gut” not showing to much heart there IMO. Alshon did his best impression of the Pillsbury doe boy this year eating more than kobiashi and joey chesnut combined. If they try hard they will be great Wide receivers but I have a gut feeling that they could be contract players that teams fear will let go once they get a paycheck.

Andrew Luck-everybody’s talking about RG3 and his ceiling but nothing has ever led me to believe that athleticism allows for a better QB. Also everybody thinks Andrew luck is as good as he’ll get but if he gets some receivers that can actually get open and catch on a regular basis his production could shoot up. I see him as having the potential of being a top 5 QB three years from now. That’s a HIGH CEILING.

Matt Kalil-top 5 tackle in 2 years. Book it

Donta Hightower-Could be a phenomenal LB for years to come due to his pass rushing ability. If he can learn some moves off the end he could be a 10+ sack guy from the OLB position. He just tosses guys to the ground when he rushes showing great in game strength. A good enough athlete he could be the steal of the draft and ultimately if put in the right situation he could end up being the best LB out of the draft even though kuelchy is a stud.

Most overated

Michael Brockers-Big, Slow, Weak. Yet a top 15 talent? Watch 5 minutes of youtube highlights of brockers and you’ll forget you are watching football. He uses his hands and is HUGE but other than that theres nothing that’s overly impressive. He could, for the lack of a well thought out analogy, be the next Tyson Jackson. Just another guy with the potential of being above average but I don’t see where he can come in and be a beast like some have said.

Why hes overated-everything about watching him play, should be a second round pick is a major project at best

Courtney Upshaw-he is not an explosive athlete. He is a rip and shed type player with very little moves as far as pass rushing goes. I think Upshaw is a solid player but the billing that some have given him of being the best pass rusher in the draft is just false in my opinion. He lacks the burst to be anything but average when it comes to rushing the QB. Id be shocked if he ever broke double digits in the sack column.

Why hes overated-nothing elite in terms of athletic ability or play style when it comes to rushing the passer

Melvin Ingram-in a 3-4 system he would not be on this list. In a 4-3 defense on the other hand, presumably at RE he has the potential to be a bust. He is without a doubt the most fluid athlete at the DE position this year. His ability to change direction in pursuit and move in the limited coverages he was placed in is spectacular for someone his size. Where his problem lies is getting off blocks and maintaining consistant holding at the point of attack. When an offensive lineman can get a hand on him he seems to have quite a bit of trouble disengaging them particularly in the run game.

Why hes overated-good weakside rusher in a 3-4 defense, probably wont be able to engage blockers regularly in a 4-3

Dre kirkpatick-Good cover corner who could be a stud in a tampa two defense. His one flaw is he doesn’t pick the ball off. He might not have been thrown at but neither did morris Claiborne and he dwarfed Kirkpatricks picks by making plays that shouldn’t have been there for him. Kirkpatrick had 0 picks that’s concerning to me for a guy that could go as high as #9

Why hes overated-doesn’t pick the ball off, you need that out of a “great” corner if you are going to take them in the top 15

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