The Most Accurate 3 Round Mock Draft with trades in the Wooorrrllldd!!!!!!

Back with the next installment of my eventual 4 round mock draft. Your comments and discussion helped me out a lot so I took heed to those suggestions (mostly) and updated your selections. Would love to hear your constructive criticism again so that the next one is even better. Also I extended the trades to the 2nd round but left the third round untouched. Okay have at it.

1. Indianapolis Colts- QB Andrew Luck: Standard

2. Washington Redskins- QB Robert Griffin: Standard

3. Minnesota Vikings- OT Matt Kalil: Standard

4. Cleveland Browns- CB Morris Clairborne: Mike Holmgren knows that defenses win championships. Since 1992 when he was head coach of the Packers, his teams have drafted defensive players 13 times with their 1st pick. More outstanding, 6 of those defensive players have been DB. Clairborne is a generational player and pairing him with Joe Haden is the move Cleveland will make.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- RB Trent Richardson: In the last 2 drafts TB has invested heavily in DE's, DT's, and WR's. They found what appeared to be a gem in Blount as he had one great year but then the next, not so much. It's not a huge need but with no trade down partners Trent is the best player available and that is the selection.

6. St. Louis- WR Justin Blackmon: St. Louis has a variety of needs and could go many different directions. Blackmon is rated the top receiver on most draft boards and it is a huge hole that needs to be filled.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars- DE Quinton Coples: Pass rush is Jacksonville's number one priority. They might look for a trade down here but I don't see anybody so outstanding someone feels the need to move up to this position.

8. Miami Dolphins- DE Whitney Mercilus: They can survive with Matt Moore/David Garrard and there is some good WR depth later in the draft, but Mercilus has been shooting up draft boards and for good reason. Despite his "one year wonder" tag, he is physically gifted and will translate well to the NFL.

9. Carolina Panthers- DT Fletcher Cox: The top DT in this draft and an absolute monster pass rusher. He fills a need and is the BPA.

10. Buffalo Bills- ILB Luke Kuechly: Buffalo's run defense was horrid and the line has been fixed. The LB's still need help at both the ILB and OLB position. Kuechly could play any position they need, so his stock is high.

11. Kansas City Chiefs- G David DeCastro: They have a couple needs on the defensive side but G is a problem too. DeCastro is the top guard prospect since Hutchinson and you just don't pass on that type of player when you could bring a serious upgrade in.

12. Seattle Seahawks-(trade to Chicago Bears)- T Riley Reiff: I've said numerous times I think Chicago has done an excellent job of positioning themselves for a real run in the next few years, but that offensive line has to get better. Waiting until the second to address the position would be a mistake so they jump Arizona and grab Riley the best T on the board. (cost is 1st- 19, 2nd- 50 Chicago receives 4th- 106 as well)

13. Arizona Cardinals- T Mike Adams: Of course they were eyeing Reiff but his selection does not take away their number one priority. Your QB needs time to throw and Levi Brown isn't going to give it to him. Martin has started to decline but Adams is regaining his foothold on 3rd best T.

14. Dallas Cowboys- NT Dontari Poe: Dallas grabs the athlete here and for good reason. They have some nice pieces in place but Ratliff is starting to decline. They need someone to tie up those inside guys and the hope is with his massive size, Poe can be that man.

15. Philadelphia Eagles-(traded to Cincinnati) - WR Michael Floyd: Cincy would love to add another weapon opposite Green and sees their chance to acquire what could be the top WR in this draft. Philadelphia is always a willing trade partner and the very real chance that he won't make it by the Jets influence them to move. (cost is 1st- 17, 4th- 116, 5th- 156)

16. New York Jets- OLB Melvin Ingram: Jets need a pass rusher. Ingram is very athletic and for this specific role seems to be the better candidate then Upshaw.

17. Cincinnati Bengals-(traded to Philadelphia Eagles) - QB Ryan Tannehill: I think the Eagles will try to dangle this position for someone who wants Tannehill but ultimately find no buyers. I am not a fan of this pick but it is a pick I could see them making. Tannehill fits the mold of quarterback this offense likes to have. Vick has a couple years left so that'll give Tannehill time to grow but only time will tell if he develops.

18. San Diego Chargers- OLB Courtney Upshaw: Upshaw brings a great pass rush and a great run stopping ability to the table. These are both key areas San Diego needs to improve upon so he is the perfect fit here.

19. Chicago Bears-(traded to Seattle) - DE/OLB Andre Branch: Perfect for their elephant role, Branch is adept at rushing the passer from both the standing position and with his hand in the dirt. He has some coverage ability and is a great addition.

20. Tennessee Titans- SS Mark Barron: Titans need several defensive pieces. Mark Barron is by far the best SS in this draft and it's not even close. There are serviceable CB and DL later so they make this move.

21. Cincinnati Bengals- CB Stephen Gilmore: Cincinnati needs someone who can grow opposite Hall when he returns, but play well immediately as well. Gilmore is a strong zone guy and will give them a nice CB tandem to continue adding to their strong defense.

22. Cleveland Browns- OG/T Cordy Glenn: Remember how Holmgren loves to build through defense? He also likes his O-linemen. He has drafted 5 offensive linemen in his history as head coach/GM and Cleveland needs an interior guy bad. Glenn could also slide outside if that is the direction they go, so he's an excellent pick up here.

23. Detroit Lions- CB Dre Kirkpatrick: Kirkpatrick can come in and improve this defense instantly. Detroit has made a lot of strides in the last few years but still need a stronger defense to compete in such a tough division. Their biggest hole is at the CB spot, so this pick is most likely.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers- T Jonathan Martin: Amazed that he fell this far they gobble him up. Martin's draft stock has taken an unnecessary hit and he can come right in and improve the always dangerous Steelers.

25. Denver Broncos- DT Michael Brockers: They need a DT badly and this guy is probably their top target. He is already a good run stopper and with the right development can become one of the bests of this draft class.

26. Houston Texans - ILB Dont'a Hightower: The Texans have been enamored with building a strong defensive unit and I don't see a reason for that to change. They traded Ryans this offseason so bringing in someone more adapted to the 3-4 will pay huge dividends.

27. New England Patriots- C Peter Konz: He's the best center in this draft class and won't make it past Baltimore. They have a few positions they could fill but grabbing Konz can help to bring the fight back to the trenches.

28. Green Bay Packers- DE Devon Still: Not seeing any OLB worth the selection they grab their next biggest deficit. Green Bay needs to return their defense to dominance to make another Superbowl run and Still should be able to come in and add some good pressure from the end spot as well as free up whoever they have pass rushing.

29. Baltimore Ravens - OG Kevin Zeitler: His draft stock is rising and although he may seem like a reach, at this point in the draft you may have to. They need to replace Grubbs to continue the success they had last year. Zeitler is the best G on the board.

30. San Francisco 49ers- TE Coby Fleener: I just don't see him dropping out of the first round. He will instantly add another offensive weapon to that suddenly dangerous Niner team, perhaps helping that offense catch up with the defense.

31. New England Patriots-(traded to Cleveland) WR Kendall Wright: Cleveland needs receiving help and knows Wright won't make it back to their position with both Indianapolis and Minnesota potential suitors. Wright is explosive and should work well with Greg Little on the other side. New England loves to trade back but can't quite muster that future 1st they were hoping to get. (cost is 2nd- 37, 4th- 100, 5th 160 Cleveland receives 4th 126 as well)

32. New York Giants- DE Nick Perry: This is a toss-up to them. There are 2 great athletes on the board in Stephen Hill and Nick Perry. Perry has proven success at the college level though and that is the difference. Giants love to build their defensive line so this is their pick.

2nd round

33. St. Louis Rams- OLB Zach Brown: A borderline 1st rounder, Brown can come right in and help to toughen up that weak St. Louis run defense. He needs some fine tuning on his tackling ability but has the best athleticism at LB in this draft. Brown will also help to improve the pass defense with his excellent coverage skills.

34. Indianapolis Colts- WR Stephen Hill: The ceiling is high on Hill. He doesn't have a lot of college production but has great physicals skills. Coming in with the ability to learn from Reggie Wayne about the finer parts of receiving plus with the ability to grow with a rookie QB, this selection could give Indy a dominant QB-WR combo for years to come.

35. Minnesota Vikings-(traded to San Diego)- S Harrison Smith: If the rumors are true A.J. Smith is enamored with Harrison and is willing to trade up to get him. Smith is a borderline 1st round talent and San Diego knows Minnesota could use him as well, however Minnesota sees value later and could use the extra picks for the long haul. ( cost is 2nd- 49, 4th-110, and a 2013 3rd rounder)

36. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- OLB Bobby Wagner- LB is a big need in Tampa. Mason Foster has a good amount of promise but other than him they are weak across the board. Wagner can fill the SAM role but could even play WILL.

37. Cleveland Browns-(traded to New England) - OLB Shea McCellin: NE wants to improve their pass rush and this guy is a top player. He is quick and strong and should excel at getting to the QB at this level.

38. Jacksonville Jaguars- WR Mohammed Sanu: A great value pick here. Gabbert needs some receiving weapons if he is to be successful. MJD needs someone else for the defense to worry about so he can stop facing 9 man fronts and be even more dangerous. Sanu can help out in both those regards.

39. St Louis Rams- DT Jerel Worthy: It's a toss-up here between Worthy and Reyes but Worthy is your better traditional DT. St. Louis needs someone that can help to free up Long and Quinn plus he will exponentially increase their ability to stop the run.

40. Carolina Panthers- WR Alshon Jeffery: A great talent has fallen in their laps. They could address CB here but keeping Newton with receiving threats should be a priority as well. Rivera is a motivational kind of coach so getting Jeffery to stay a tip top player won't be a problem.

41. Buffalo Bills- CB Janoris Jenkins: A steal here. Jenkins has all the talent in the world but some question marks about his past. Most reports say he had good interviews with the team and with McGee nearing the end; he is a great asset to the future of this defense.

42. Miami Dolphins - DT Kendall Reyes: With the switch to the 4-3, Miami needs an inside guy to get after the QB. This is Reye's specialty and he can be a key cog in the continued rejuvenation of the Dolphins.

43. Seattle Seahawks- ILB/OLB Mychal Kendricks: Is the perfect fit for their defense. Can slide inside to play ILB when they go with their 3-4 set, but has the athleticism to play outside when they are in 4-3.

44. Kansa City Chiefs- DE Jared Crick: Crick will bring in that controlling edge needed to free up Hali and Houston as they pass rush. He also has some ability to help drive the T back and get to apply his own pressure. Nice pick up here.

45. Dallas Cowboys- T Bobby Massie: Free was substandard last year and bringing in another option could only serve to improve this O-line. I hate to admit it, but Dallas is a team with few holes (although a CB upgrade could still be had fans who overrate Jenkins) that seem to miss out barely every year. Maybe some healthy competition at key positions will serve them good.

46. Philadelphia Eagles- OLB Lavonte David: The Eagles LB corps was a mixed bag of crappiness last year. They made a great move acquiring DeMeco Ryans this offseason but still need help at the SAM position and should really look at the WILL too. David fits their mold of linebacker as he is quick and can get sideline to sideline. He is a superb tackler and has good pass cover skills too.

47. New York Jets- RB Lamar Miller: Miller will be an asset paired with Shonn Greene. He has great quickness to get to the outside and offers a nice complement to Greene's pounding style. If the Jets want to get back to pounding the ball, Miller is the best back to help them in that regard.

48. New England Patriots-(from Oakland Raiders) - FS Markelle Martin: A good player selected here. Martin will help to instantly upgrade the pass defense which was a major liability last year. He's stout in the run game too so he won't be a liability there.

49. San Diego Chargers-(traded to Minnesota) - CB Alfonzo Dennard: They need some secondary help and Dennard is a gem at this position. He has the ability to be every bit as good as Antoine Winfield and should make an instant upgrade to the secondary.

50. Chicago Bears-(traded to Seattle) - DE Vinny Curry: Curry is another player Seattle can throw in that defensive line rotation. He might also be able to spell Clemons in the LEO role, plus eventually be the full time replacement.

51. Philadelphia Eagles-(traded to Indianapolis Colts) - NT Alameda Ta'amu: Indy sees Pittsburgh on the horizon and knows they are in the market for a NT. They look for a trading partner to make sure they get what will be the anchor of their new team. Philadelphia is always a willing trade partner, so it all works out. (cost is 3rd 64 and a 2013 2nd, Indianapolis receive 3rd- 88 as well)

52. Tennessee Titans- DE Cam Johnson: He's a strong, stout end who muscles his way to the QB. His nasty streak is exactly what they need to make their defense fierce again.

53. Cincinnati Bengals- OG Kelechi Osemele: Addressing the interior of their offensive line is critical for Cincy to continue to build upon the success of last year. He will instantly upgrade their rushing game and with a little coaching, has all the tools to be a great pass blocker as well.

54. Detroit Lions- T Brandon Mosley: Detroit is a team on the rise but still needs some help with their offensive line. He may be a little raw but his ceiling is high and his learning curve is short.

55. Atlanta Falcons- T Zebrie Sanders: Welcome to the draft Atlanta. Atlanta as a team has a lot of good pieces in place, but that offensive line was atrocious and ultimately their downfall last year. Adding someone who can be a bookend tackle is a must if they don't want to go backwards.

56. Pittsburgh Steelers- OLB- Ronnell Lewis: They need a pass rusher in Pittsburgh and with no NT on the board; they grab the best one available.

57. Denver Broncos- RB Doug Martin: Adding someone to help alleviate everything being put on McGahee will be the key to Denver's continued success. Martin is a tough as nails runner and has good hands out of the backfield. Manning loves to check down to his RB so he fits well with the system and QB.

58. Houston Texans- OG James Brown: Perfect for their zone blocking scheme, Brown can slide right in day 1 and contribute immediately.

59. Green Bay Packers- OLB Chandler Jones: getting a pass rusher is a strong priority in Green Bay, because teams are just game planning for Matthews. Adding Jones to the other side will give teams headaches as they try to slow down a renewed pass rushing nightmare.

60. Baltimore Ravens- WR Marvin Jones- They need another speedy WR on the outside and Jones 4.46 fits that billing. He has decent size at 6 feet 2 inches and 200 lbs., but his best attribute is his massive 10 and ¼ inch hands. This pick will open that offense up.

61. San Francisco 49ers- WR Juron Criner: Big WR that can go up and get the ball. His ability to outmuscle his opponents combined with his great leaping ability will take SF offense to a new level. It also makes Michael Crabtree expendable if they so choose.

62. New England Patriots-(traded to Philadelphia Eagles) - TE Dwayne Allen: With a player this talented falling Philly calls their old trading partners and acquires their pick. Allen is a fantastic receiving threat and can give Philly that dangerous 2 TE set that is becoming so popular in today's NFL. (cost is 3rd- 64 and 6th- 172)

63. New York Giants- RB David Wilson: Wilson could've been the first RB off the board in this round but teams kept addressing other needs and he fell right into the Giants lap.

3rd round

64. Indianapolis-(traded to Philadelphia)-(traded to New England Patriots) - G Amini Silatolu: good things come to those that wait. NE has been replenishing in the first 3 rounds and gets another key piece right here. Strengthening the G spot and with a player of this caliber, is an easy decision for Belichek.

65. St. Louis- CB Jayron Hosley: When you get a defensive minded coach, you get a defensive draft. Hosley is rated as a mid-2nd round pick, but there is going to be a lot of value falling in this draft. He should come in and be able to claim a starting role right away as St. Louis entire defense is up for retooling.

66. Minnesota- DT Brandon Thompson: Thompson is a strong man (34 bench presses) who excels at rushing the passer. He is very explosive off the line and gets good penetration in the run game as well. Tip top physical condition for a DT, he will come in and help to transition the defensive line when Kevin hangs it up.

67. Cleveland- QB Brandon Weeden: If it wasn't for his age, he might go number 4 overall to them so for him to be available in round 3 makes this pick easy. A little QB controversy can only make McCoy work harder and with Weeden probably being the most ready QB to start right away, Cleveland will have a starter that can take them somewhere this year.

68. Tampa Bay- CB Josh Robinson: They may have missed out on some of the top tier players at the position but this kid could be a gem this late. His biggest knocks are lack of height and not turning enough balls into interceptions but he stays with receivers in excellent one on one match ups and he has great make up speed even if a receiver shakes him for a moment.

69. Washington- CB Coryell Judie: Judie is a pick artist. He gets his hands on the ball and comes down with it. This is very important for turnover needy Washington. Great speed to stay with his man and another value pick at this position.

70. Jacksonville- T Mitchell Schwartz: The CB run left Jacksonville with scraps at this high 3rd round pick. After examining the available players, they feel they can get better value in the 4th round and decide to anchor the right side of their line. Schwartz isn't going to wow you with his strength but is a sound fundamental blocker. Jacksonville's offensive line is a strength and securing the one weak link will serve to help MJD and Gabbert.

71. Buffalo- WR Reuben Randle: A great pick at this point. Randle is a high 2nd round WR. Buffalo should add some help for Stevie Johnson and to get this kind of caliber receiver this late is just a pure value pick.

72. Miami- T Tony Bergstrom: Miami needs somebody on that right side so that all of Jake Long's hard work on the left isn't for naught. Bergstrom is an older player at 26, but possess' a maturity level from that. He can be a vocal leader and has an excellent skill set to contribute immediately at the RT spot.

73. Miami- WR Nick Toon: Looking at Miami's receiving core, you see a lot of 9 men in the box in the future. This is going to be a problem since they will rely heavily on their run game for the foreseeable future. Drafting Toon gives them a player with decent size on the outside that can also contribute in the blocking game. He needs some refinement but has the pedigree to be a good WR.

74. Kansas City- ILB Audi Cole: KC needs a strong player to play next to Johnson and they find him here. Cole is an instinctive LB, making him a solid addition to the run game. He is also rangy and very good at pass defense. Needs some help with his pass rushing skill set, but it's an area that can be built.

75. Seattle- RB LaMIchael James: James will be a dangerous counterpart to Lynch's beast mode. Fast and a good pass catcher, James can offer a nice change of pace and even help in the return game. He is a local product with a built in fan base and adds another dimension to Seattle's offense.

76. Houston- WR Brian Quick: Fits the Houston model of WR perfectly. A big, tall, physical receiver who can contribute by blocking in the run game. He catches the ball at its highest point and is a YAC beast. Needs more refinement in route running and needs to be taught to use his great size more effectively when blocking.

77. New York Jets- ILB James-Michael Johnson: Scott is old and it showed last year. The Jets need an infusion of youth to get their defense back up to standard and grabbing someone to toughen up that interior and re-strengthen their run defense is a must if they expect to return to defensive dominance.

78. San Diego- G Brandon Washington: The release of McNeill and the retirement of Dielman really put a strain on San Diego's offensive line. What they have on the rooster now to fill these positions are nothing more than spot duty players. Grabbing Washington brings a strong inside presence and a player versatile enough to move outside in an emergency.

79. Chicago- CB Trumaine Johnson: Exactly what the Bears need at corner. A big guy who gets in their on the tackle, Johnson also has good cover ability. Benefits most from zone so he can watch the play develop. Johnson is excellent at turning balls he touches into picks. He's also flexible enough to play FS.

80. Arizona- OLB Bruce Irvin: Sam Acho did a nice job last year but the other side was a carousel of inconsistency when rushing the passer. Irvin is a strict pass rusher who plays best standing up. Acho has some cover skills but Irvin can be the DeMarcus Ware of Arizona's defense.

81. Dallas- CB Chase Minnifield: Excellent at man and press coverage, Minnifield has the versatility to play the slot before earning the outside role. Will also help a lot in run defense as for a corner he is a top tackler, perhaps being looked at as a safety to some teams.

82. Tennessee- C Ben Jones: Chris Johnson rejoices as his offensive line didn't help him out too much last year. Jones is a good run defender, able to drive back DT and NT, and he also seals off his walls well. Good recognition to call out adjustments he will be an immediate upgrade if so desired.

83. Cincinnati- RB Chris Polk: They added Law Firm but getting another RB should be a key to Cincy's continued rebirth. Polk is a strong in between the tackles runner, that will assist in short yardage and he can be the backer in 3rd downs as he has very good pass catching ability.

84. Atlanta- TE Orson Charles: Gonzalez is getting up there in age and Charles has slipped right into Atlanta's grasp. Some off field concerns but his receiving ability is top notch and adding him to the playbook will help to give Ryan another option.

85. Detroit- FS George Iloka: Again Detroit's biggest weakness last year was their secondary. Iloka is on some boards as a 2nd round prospect so a back half of the third selection is good positional value. He has good overall skills to play both zone and man which will help out when he has to single cover TE's.

86. Pittsburgh- OG Brandon Brooks: Brooks is a big strong mauler who will fit right into Pittsburgh blocking scheme. Good explosive push at the snap; he will drive back his opposition driving them on their asses and then adequately get to the next level. Needs some refinement in pass protection.

87. Denver- OG Jeff Allen: Allen is all about technique as he doesn't have overwhelming strength. He is quick to release his man and get to the next level in the run game and sets himself well to handle bull rushers in pass protection.

88. Philadelphia-(traded to Indianapolis Colts)- CB Dwight Bentley: My mistake, I forgot this was traded to Indy in the above trade but it works out well anyway. Indy could also use a CB, so Bentley's role doesn't change. He still has excellent speed and is very fluid in his motion. Back pedals quickly before turning to stay with the receiver. He is good at locating the ball and swatting it away at its highest point, when he can jump to get there. Kind of weak jumping ability (31.5 inches) but nothing a little calf training can't fix.

89. New Orleans- WR Chris Givens: Givens will help to stretch the field with his great speed. Good route runner and quick change of direction ability, his acquisition will help whoevers in the slot as well as Colston on the other side by providing a need for the safety to peel off on his deep routes.

90. Green Bay- CB Casey Hayward: Hayward is a little raw but possess' the ability to become a top notch ball hawk in this league. Excellent at tracking the ball and making the timely leap to grab it away from receivers. He's an above average tackler that just needs some strong coaching up to use his tremendous skill set.

91. Baltimore- C Phillip Blake: Blake is an excellent pass blocker stemming from his time as a LT. he is a strong run blocker too who can overpower DT's and push around NT's positioning himself for an excellent seal off. He needs some help separating and getting to the next level though.

92. San Francisco- DE Kheeston Randall: Strong at the point of attack, Kheeston requires double teams to move him. He has good one arm strength and lateral movement, helping to push the run to the outside. His ability to require double teams will also help to free up San Fran's pass rushers. He will be an excellent full time replacement for Justin Smith in the future.

93. New England- NT Hebron Fangupo: New England is having an excellent draft and feels free to adjust some depth issues. Grabbing Fangupo provides NE a strong NT who can add a bit of pass rush when they switch to their 4-3. He is excellent at controlling his designated men and allows the ILB to get to the running back fast.

94. New York Giants- WR Tommy Streeter: Streeter is a big kid with some real good speed. If his receiving skills were more refined he could be a top pick. Based on his pure athleticism and with the right system to develop, Streeter could end up being a steal.

95. Oakland- DT Mike Martin: Oakland is behind the 8 ball here and can go in quite a few different directions, so why not go the route of the top bench press performer at the combine? Martin is extremely strong and has good athleticism for his size. He provides an adequate pass rush from inside but really excels at the run game as he tosses guards aside and tracks the ball carrier down in the backfield.

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