Dual Threat, Dominique Davis, QB, East Carolina

Quarterback Dominique Davis #4 of the East Carolina Pirates has been highly recruited since high school. Davis had a long journey, but he is very close to completing this dreams of one day being an NFL player. What do you think of Dominique Davis?

Dominique Davis grew up in Lakeland, Florida and has always loved the game of football. He is the younger brother of Desmond Clark, the Tight End of the Chicago Bears. Growing up Dominique was able to sit in the locker room with his brother’s teammates and really get a good understanding of what the NFL had to offer. Davis looked at it as a dream and couldn’t wait for his chance to shine and one day, sit in front of a locker that had his name on it. Davis as a junior for Kathleen High School began to leave his mark as he took the team to the third round of the playoffs which hadn’t occurred in a really long time. After a very good senior season, Davis couldn’t wait for signing day and although he had tons of offers, he signed his letter of intent to play for Boston College. After one season with BC he was suspended from the team for academic reasons and was out of school looking for a new one. He called numerous Universities to include East Carolina and left messages on their phones saying he wanted another chance. Not one team returned his calls, so he went on to played college at a community college in Kansas called Fort Scott. In his first year at Fort Scott, Davis led his team to an undefeated season and lost in the Championship game to Blinn (Texas) College featuring Cam Newton. Davis actually surprised many teams with his performance and was contacted by East Carolina who had saw enough, and wanted him. They offered Dominique a full scholarship to play for the Pirates. In his first year with the ECU team he was phenomenal and helped lead the Pirates to a second round finish in the Conference USA. Davis finished the season on the Maxwell Award Watch List as well as the Davey O’Brien Watch List. He was amazing and won the Conference USA newcomer of the year award. Davis didn’t have as great of a year this year, but was still able to put up 3225 yards, and 19 touchdowns. Davis is an athletic QB, who has good size and arm strength. The 6’3, 210 pound Davis is ready to make an impact in the NFL and has been really impressed scouts at the Battle of Florida in Boca Raton, Florida earlier this year. Dominique lit it up this year at the Super Regional Combine in Detroit as well. Now I will take the time to get to know Dominique a little better.

Growing up in Lakeland, FL you grew up with tons of NFL talent, who is your favorite NFL player from Lakeland?

Ray Lewis, we went to the same high school. When you thought about the NFL you thought about Ray. He has been doing his thing since he left Lakeland.

What was your most memorable moment playing for Kathleen High School?

My junior year, we made it to the third or fourth round in the playoffs. That was the first in a really long time, it was a great accomplishment for me and my teammates.

What teams where recruiting you when you were coming out of high school?

Boston College, Bowling Green, FAU, Ole Miss, Buffalo, UNLV and UCF

Why did you leave Boston College?

I was suspended for a year for academic reasons, and had to make a change in plans.

What was it like playing for Fort Scott Community College in Kansas?

It was great, we went undefeated went all the way to the National Championship and lost to Cam Newton, I had a really good time.

How did you pick East Carolina?

After I left Boston College, I left messages with many different schools, I hit up East Carolina and left messages they never called back. When I got to Fort Scott they began to follow me. After having a great year at Fort Scott, East Carolina offered me a scholarship.

What is your biggest weakness, on the football field?

I would have to say my foot work. I have been working to correct it and have been getting better.

What is the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to you in your life, and how did you overcome it?

The worst thing was overcoming the problem at BC, it was very difficult, but I knew I wanted to play football.

What was it like having a brother who plays in the NFL?

It was great, I would go to the games, I met the players, I hung out in the locker room and talked with his teammates. I knew I wanted to do it someday.

If you could meet one person dead or alive who would it be and why?

Martin Luther King Jr., we all learned about him as children and if it wasn’t for him, I couldn’t be doing the things I am doing now. He made it better for all of us.

Do you have any pre game rituals?

Not really, all I ever do is listen to music before the game.

Any specific artist?

J-Cole and Kanye West

With your first NFL Paycheck what will you buy?

I would buy a car because I still don’t have one.

What would be more rewarding, getting to a championship game with a team who has had a recent history of success or reaching the playoffs with a team who hasn’t been there in a really long time?

Reaching the playoffs with a team that has never been there. You can make a team that much better and that is a bigger accomplishment.

Who was your favorite team growing up?

Didn’t have a favorite team, I was a fan of whoever my brother was on. It was the Broncos, Bears and Dolphins.

Who was your favorite player growing up?

Deion Sanders was my favorite, PRIMETIME.

What do you enjoy most about playing football?

Winning, when it comes down to it, winning is all that matters. You build a great relationship with the guys in the locker room and it is a great life experience.

I just want to thank Dominique for the interview, and I hope both you and your fans enjoy it. Make sure to follow me on twitter @drocksthaparty for more interviews of your favorite players.

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