Mocking the Draft Live Draft - THird Round Thread - Part Two

Well its finally here. The final mocking the draft live draft will take place. The Colts go on the clock at 7PM EST sharp. You get 5 minutes to pick in the first round, 4 in the second, and 3 the rest of the way. All trades must be announced in the subject line at the bottom of the thread. All picks must be announced by the team's GM or backup GM in the subject line at the bottom of the thread. Other than that, nobody use the subject line.


Above the jump there are the two links you will need. The first one is going to let you know of the draft order and who picked who. The second one is a big board and all the highlighted players have been drafted.

Don't be the guy who makes fifty trades. Don't be the guy who posts in bold and then says its not the subject line.

Below the jump is the table of all the GMs.

I might stop in and out of the draft to see how its going.

Draft Tracker
Big Board

Note: if you need a new thread, post a comment at the bottom of the thread letting the commisioner's know that a new thread is needed and they will make one ASAP.

Team Name GM Backup GM
Pittsburgh Steelers MDS5883
Baltimore Ravens Mr. MaLoR
Cincinnati Bengals Touhue Cha Messjunk
Cleveland Browns Brocolis154033
Houston Texans theSpaceCityKid The Night Owl
Indianapolis Colts TrueBlue87
Tennessee Titans nolesbroncos3456
Jacksonville Jaguars SilentJag
San Diego Chargers StrangeBroP25
Oakland Raiders MDS5883
Kansas City Chiefs RAWKC

Denver Broncos ScottyPayne
New York Jets tinley24 Nobel_Lance
New England Patriots Jte7
Miami Dolphins FinFanFromCA
Buffalo Bills RocJeff
New York Giants miketrout
Washington Redskins HogHunter
Dallas Cowboys CaliCowboysFan92
Philadelphia Eagles Mr.electric10 AntrhoEagle
San Francisco 49ers TLBong
Seattle Seahawks Danviens eequalsmc2
Arizona Cardinals tw3kr
St. Louis Rams Buckeyefan55 dbcouver
Minnesota Vikings MarkSP18
Green Bay Packers Shoe31
Chicago Bears Joe'B'n777
Detroit Lions slick612
Tampa Bay Buccaneers RookTakesYou 4QB
Atlanta Falcons durst
New Orleans Saints GasolineSnuggie
Carolina Panthers pcroadrage Pieterzen

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