Miami--Recap Final Live MTD Draft

Does anyone want the #8 Pick? I guess I screwed up wanting to trade down in the 1st. I had 5-6 targeted players that I could have picked at #8. All of them would have been somewhat of a reach at #8. Remember I was the guy that picked Fleener at #8 last time. Fleener wont get past SF in the real Draft. IMO. So knowing that 1 of my 6 targeted players was going to be there at #15. I placed a higher value on getting 2 more picks in rounds 3-6 and not what the point chart said. You see I traded #72 and #145 to Houston for #58 before the Mock started. I did that to get a WR that fell or that would not have been there in the 3rd. Marvin Jones would have been my pick if Criner had not fallen. Rounds 3-6 hold a lot of depth players in this Draft.

I apprieate people stepping in thinking I got taken to the Cleaners. LOL. Before this Mock started I read all the comments about trades and keeping points square. I saw at least 3-4 different numbers for trade value limits. I also saw Electric's comments about trading with Miami in the March draft and he was right. I don't comment on this blog much. But I've been a member of this blog Longer than most everyone. So I read a lot of the stuff on here. I just don't get involved in the debate. I believe in the point value chart. I also believe Electric was doing me a favor by trading up. You see No One else would. When he picked F. Cox at #8 that was one of 2 players that I would have moved up to pick if I was him. The Eagles have the Best DL coach in the League Bar None. All I wanted was 2 picks in rounds 3-6. That was the value I placed on moving back 7 SPOTS. You put a cap on point difference so people don't get shafted. In no way did I feel like this was a bad trade for me. An I didn't feel like taking a guys Whole MOCK DRAFT by taking all of his picks in the 6th for moving up when No One else would. Plus for me the Mid-Late-6th and 7th round picks are fallers and Low Risk/ High Reward guys that generally don't make teams. So I trade back his 6th round picks for his 5th. THIS MOCK DRAFT IS FOR FUN PEOPLE. Did I lose on the point value. YES. Did I win with the players I picked? That is open for you to decide. Did anyone else notice that Electric wanted back into the 5th?

Sorry for the Rant

1st--- W. Mercilus DE/OLB #15-- I wanted a top pass rusher with one my first 3 picks. Mercilus, Perry, Branch, and Curry were my targets in rounds 1 and 2. I wanted to get 1 of those 4 in my first 3 picks. I got 2 of them.

2nd--- A. Branch, DE/OLB, Clemson--#42 -- When Tannehill and Fleener came off the board I went BPA. Never have enough Pass Rush. Refer to New York Giants. I have Branch as a Mid-Late 1st.

2nd--- J. Criner, WR, AZ ST--#58-- I was looking for a WR that had fallen or I was going to take M. Jones from Cal. Criner is a guy Pat Kirwan did a Article on a week or 2 ago. Kirwan is someone I respect and so that made the pick more clear. If you want the story. I'll post it in the comments. Just Ask or google it.----Pick was from HOUSTON TRADE

3rd--- B. Weeden, QB, OK ST--#73-- This was an easy pick. IMO. Weeden in my eyes is a 1st round QB. His age is killing him. Miami hasn't had a QB sense Marino retired. So why are people complaining that Weeden wont be a 15 year Franchise QB. SMH. Guess what? We haven't had one of those sense 1999. Weeden beat Luck, Griffin, and Tannehill in head to head games. He's a winner. I think all of the top 4 QBs could be winners this year.

4th--- AJ Jenkins, WR, ILL--#103-- This pick was down to Jenkins, McNutt, and Streeter. McNutt I picked last time. I really like Jenkins though. Streeter would have been more for the Univ of Miami fans on phinsider. Streeter reminds me of P. Turner. Jenkins poses all of the qualities for a WR in Joe Philbin's offense. With this pick Jenkins becomes our #3 or #4 WR. That would give us Criner, Bess, Hartline, and Jenkins. We will carry from 5-6 WRs on the active roster.

4th--- P. Blake, OC/OG, Baylor-- #114-- This was a BPA pick. I had M. Egnew typed in. He got picked two ahead of me. I typed in B. Taylor. Guess what he got picked just ahead of me. So I went to my Board and went Interrior O-Line. Blake also fell in as a BPA. Some will say we have a Center. Blake is the Second best center in this draft. IMO. We have M. Pouncey playing Center. Pouncey to me is a Top 8 LG. Miami will look for a Center at some point. Blake could be a day one starter at OC or OG.----Pick was from PHILLY TRADE

5TH--- M. McCants, OT, UAB--#145-- This was another BPA pick. Would have gone with C. Harris. He went a couple picks ahead of me. T. Compton was also an option here. I just had McCants rated higher. McCants has a ton of upside. Great lengtn, Great Foot Work. Just needs time to develop. He could easily be a starter by Mid Season if Long or Murtha gets hurt.----Pick was from PHILLY TRADE

6TH--- J. Howard, DT, FL--#196-- This is a huge BPA pick. This is the second time I have picked him. He must be way under the radar. Yet every Big Board I checked. Roughly 10. No one has him rated higher than #137. Draft Nasty has a 3rd grade on him. If you don't know who Draft Nasty is look it up. Cory and His dad run the site. Cory has filled in for Mayock on NFL Draft Day on NFL Network. Cory to me is Rainman. He knows his stuff. Some of their rating are a little off on some guys. They still do a great job though.

7th--- O. Bolden, CB, AZ ST--#215-- Another BPA pick. He falls down the Draft because of a knee injury. Before that he was considered a 1st/2nd round pick. I wanted a DB in this draft. You can't have enough of them. Most boards have him rated lower than #182. He is a low risk/ high reward guy. Perfect for a 7th round pick in my book. I would have taken O. Vernon with this pick if someone's BPA list hadn't gotten in the Way. LOL


1. J. Hemingway, WR, Mich

2. J. Blatnick, DE, OK ST

3. B. Lithicum, TE, Mich ST

4. B. Marshall, OLB, Nevada

5. R. Cameron, DT, Old Dominion---SLEEPER. A lot of teams have worked this kid out privately. Miami included.


CHRIS Anzevino, OC, KENT ST.---- Packers and Dolphins have worked this kid out.

SEAN RICHARDSON, DB, VANDERBILT---- Have never seen him play. No one talks about him. His numbers are off the charts. 6'2, 216, 4.44, 38.5 vert, 10'8 jump, 22 press, 32 5/8 arms. He goes the Vandy so he must have the smarts. Does anyone know more about this guy?


#72 and #145---#58-----Texans

#8----#15, #114, #172, #194, #200-----Eagles

#172, #194, #200----#153-----Eagles

Thanks again to Seton, Noles, Malor, and Blue for putting up with my crazy 8 picks. LOL.

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