Invictus XI's Final 2 Round Mock Draft

Decided to do a couple of rounds, with trades. We'll see what happens. I think this is going to be my final mock unless there's a mock draft contest or something of the sort. Enjoy.

Round 1

1) Colts - Andrew Luck, QB

- No explanation needed. Franchise QB.

2) Redskins - Robert Griffin III, QB

- No explanation needed. Franchise QB.

3) Vikings - Matt Kalil, OT

- Vikings are open to any trade discussions, but I don't think they are going to get enough value to trade out of this spot, so they take the premier pass protector in the draft to protect Christian Ponder.

4) Browns - Justin Blackmon, WR

- Browns, rumor has it, really love Justin Blackmon, and who can blame them? He'd add a much needed offensive boost to the passing attack, and with his wide catching radius and superior route running abilities, he is a QB's best friend. While I don't think he's in the same tier as A.J. Green or Julio Jones, I DO see him as having the same sort of upside as his former teammate, Dez Bryant.

5) Buccaneers - Morris Claiborne, CB

- They are enamored with Trent Richardson. I think he's a better prospect than Claiborne. I think they think that too. What supersedes that in this mock is positional value. LeGarrette Blount, despite a down year, is still a powerful north-south runner. I think they can find a good value complement a bit later. Claiborne is the highest rated CB in the draft, and some have gone on to say that his pure coverage abilities dwarf that of even Patrick Peterson.

6) Rams - Trent Richardson, RB

- I don't think there's much choice here. They too are enamored with the tank that poses as a running back. Richardson has a unique blend of speed and strength, he's going to be Sam Bradford's best friend. Not that Steven Jackson isn't already Sam's best friend, but I think the Rams are concerned about finding a successor and Jackson could be a cap casualty later down the line. Only Richardson provides the immediate upside to provide only a marginal dropoff in production between the two.

7) Jaguars - Michael Floyd, WR

- I certainly could've gone with a passrusher here, but more and more reports are coming out about Quinton Coples' work ethic and motor. I don't think he fits the profile of a Gene Smith pick. Melvin Ingram certainly could be the pick here, but his odd frame and short arms makes me feel like he isn't a fit for a 4-3 defense. Therefore, I went with Michael Floyd. Obviously the Jaguars would need to make sure that Floyd's red flags check out and that he'd be sober, but he's a great option that profiles as a solid #1 WR capable of running the entire route tree. Another young QB gets a great weapon to work with and can only help open things up for MJD.

8) Dolphins - Riley Reiff, OT

- A lot of people are mocking Ryan Tannehill here. I don't buy it because I'm not that high on Tannehill. The QB has immense upside, but is very raw. He's skittish in the pocket, and often locks in to his primary read and doesn't go down his progressions. Inconsistent decision maker. All the physical tools, though. He needs to sit for at least a year. Dolphins don't want to wait that long, and I think they will look for someone more polished. They need upgrades up and down their offensive front, and Reiff, short arms and all, would give them a nasty and athletic complement at RT to Jake Long.

9) Panthers TRADE to Eagles for 2012 1st, 2nd, 6th round pick. Eagles pick Ryan Tannehill, QB

- Some may be a bit iffy on this trade, but I think it works. I don't think the Panthers got fair value for this deal, but I'm not sure they'd find any more suitors. Philadelphia has two 2nd rounders to play around with, and uses it to grab their QB of the future (or one to trade for a high draft pick later). Tannehill is a perfect schematic fit for Philadelphia's high-octane offense that is geared towards athletic QBs with strong arms. Meanwhile, the Panthers are only a few good draft picks away from being a competitor for the forseable future, so I think they can still get their guy at 15, and pick up another possible starter with an extra 2nd round pick.

10) Bills TRADE to Jets for 2012 1st, 3rd and a conditional 2013 3rd (maybe 2nd). Jets pick Melvin Ingram, OLB

- Another massive rumor is the Jets' infatuation with Melvin Ingram. There's a huge chance that he gets taken by Seattle, and almost certainly doesn't get past Dallas. The Jets overpay a little, but they definitely get their guy and add a vicious passrusher who can play both DE and OLB. His negatives, mainly short arms, will get washed away by standing upright, as he has terrific closing speed and a high motor. This was probably the biggest move they could make to bolster their defense.

11) Chiefs - David DeCastro, OG

- A guard this high? Maybe. Scott Pioli has shown, with his prior picks (Tyson Jackson, Eric Berry), that positional value can go screw itself if the player is good enough. DeCastro plays with the meanest of streaks, he's strong, smart, athletic, and has great technique. I'm not sure if I could find a major weakness to his game, and I don't really remember watching him giving up too much pressure. With the additional move of acquiring Eric Winston, the Chiefs can set themselves up to have one of the best OLs in the game.

12) Seahawks - Quinton Coples, DE

- Yes, we can point out his free-falling stock, the fact that Mike Mayock doesn't even have him on his draft board, and that he wasn't as productive as he should've been, but still. He's worth the risk. Guys as big as him don't move the way he does. He was oftentimes double teamed in his last collegiate year, but still managed to collapse the pocket and apply pressure. He has outstanding 2010 tape, and dominated the Senior Bowl from an athletic standpoint. He needs to go to a team that can motivate him. Pete Carroll is one of the best motivators out there. They also like big guys on their front, aka seeing Red Bryant as a DE was definitely a sight to behold.

13) Cardinals - Luke Kuechly, ILB

- The Cardinals are in a tough spot. Their top two targets, Riley Reiff and Jonathon Martin, are both off the board. They try to trade down, but I can't see them getting any takers at this juncture, so they sit tight and take the best player available at this point. It came down to Kuechly and Cox, but the Cardinals already have Darnell Docket, Calais Campbell, and Dan Williams on their line. Kuechly would fit nicely alongside Daryl Washington. Both are prototype WILBs, but Kuechly has the bulk, strength, and frame to make a smooth transition.

14) Cowboys - Fletcher Cox, DE

- No way he should have fell this far, but things happen. The Cowboys have their pick of top of the line DE/NTs with Cox, Brockers, and Poe falling. They go for the best penetrator of the group, that will add a much needed passrush from the DL. A line of Lissemore-Ratliff-Cox would give offensive lines fits, and the Dallas Cowboy defense can take some of the pressure off Demarcus Ware. It gets one step closer to where the offense is currently.

15) Panthers - Michael Brockers, DT

- I'm sure Panthers fans as well as the GM must be fuming. I'm sorry! Fletcher Cox came real close to falling to Carolina, but they get very good compensation anyway. At 15, I don't think Brockers is a reach by any stretch. While he's a bit raw, he's got the build of a gorilla, with long arms and good bulk. In Peter King's mock draft, he states that he talked to a coach that said "On potential alone, Brockers is a top 10 pick."

16) Bills - Stephon Gilmore, CB

- I think one of the trademarks of this new age Buffalo Bills team is their premier secondary. They are known to be ballhawks, and I'm sure the Bills fans this year are slightly disappointed by the play of the defensive backs this past season. Gilmore has been on a steady rise since the combine, and he was even touted to be a top 10 pick by some gurus. Getting him at 16 is a good bargain.

17) Bengals - Dre Kirkpatrick, CB/FS

- I figured, at the beginning of the season, that Kirkpatrick was going to end up a top 7 pick. While that may not be true anymore, he's still got tremendous upside, the most of any CB in the draft. He's also got versatility, being able to play at free safety position. Bengals could use a player at both spots, and he's also BPA, so it fits just as well.

18) Chargers - Mark Barron, SS

- The consensus top safety in the draft has been noted by analysts such as Mel Kiper Jr., Gil Brandt, and Mike Mayock as a top 20 pick. He's got all the intangibles, leadership, and has an eye for the ball. They signed Atari Bigby, but I don't think that precludes them from drafting Barron. Adding him next to Weddle will probably form the best safety duo in the NFL. We saw what Eric Berry did with the KC defense in his rookie year alone. Similarly, we saw Earl Thomas transform that back end of the Seattle defense.

19) Bears - Dontari Poe, DT

- I know they "need" offensive linemen, and I've heard that they absolutely love Kendall Wright. If Poe didn't fall as far as he did, I think Wright would've been the pick. Poe has all the tools to be a monster, but his gametape was underwhelming, and that's why he fell. The Bears could use a DT, absolutely, and with the leadership on that team already, with Briggs and Urlacher, and with the monster already on that DL in Julius Peppers, Poe should have an easier time going getting accustomed to the NFL.

20) Titans - Peter Konz, OC

- Word on the street is that the Tits want to go with an interior OL, specifically at center. I think this is right around the value for Konz, and I'm not going to be bothered by his low bench press score. He was trucking plenty of people, and would help bring back a dominant run game to Tennessee.

21) Bengals - Cordy Glenn, OG/OT

- This is a pretty typical pick, but thats because its a perfect fit. Glenn is a behemoth of a man, with solid footwork and great strength. He gets a bit upright and waist bends, but with some time with an OL coach, he'll learn to gain leverage and use his massive strength and bulk more efficiently. I think his upside is that of Carl Nicks, same type of strength with the same type of athleticism. Just needs to get comfortable. Beautiful blend of need and BPA for the Bengals.

22) Browns TRADE with Ravens for 1st, 3rd, 5th round pick. Ravens select Dont'a Hightower, ILB

- I know an intra-divisional trade isn't likely, but this makes a ton of sense. The Browns need as many picks as they can get. The Ravens don't have very many needs, and have a couple higher compensatory picks. They can afford to simultaneously crush the Steelers' top option, while picking up the best possible future Ray Lewis replacement there is. I'm not a fan of Hightower in a 43 defense, but I think he's an absolute monster in a 34. He's an instinctual enforcer. I think this is a win-win for both sides.

23) Lions - Jonathon Martin, OT

- This isn't a pick that's been mocked very often, but I think it makes a good bit of sense. Martin's stock is falling, when it shouldn't be. He's always had good tape, but offseason workouts didn't look too great. In any case, I still think he's a top 20 player, so the Lions are getting a steal. He's got some strength questions, but an offseason or two in an NFL strength and conditioning program should help. He provides immediate insurance for Jeff Backus, as well as a quality near future replacement for him.

24) Steelers - Kevin Zeitler, OG

- Poor Steelers. In quick succession they saw their top targets Poe, Glenn, and Hightower fall in the last five picks. However, Peter King likened Zeitler to Logan Mankins. If they can get even 75% of Logan Mankins out of Zeitler, the Steelers got themselves one hell of a pick. Fills a massive need for them as well. Zeitler just looks like he belongs in Black and Yellow.

25) Broncos - Whitney Mercilus, DE

- The Broncos have a number of directions they can go in: Fleener, Worthy, Still, or another passrusher, but I think Mercilus is the best fit. He plays fast, and if he adds on a little bit of weight, he's going to be a very fast LDE. He'd play opposite of Elvis Dumervil and form a nice rotation with Robert Ayers. Along with Von Miller, the Broncos would have a devastatingly speedy pass rush to complement the skills of Peyton Manning and company quite nicely.

26) Texans - Stephen Hill, WR

- Part of this is to make the Texan fans on MtD happy (hai guyz), and part of this is because it makes perfect sense. Hill is an athletic specimen that has a good catching radius, strong (if inconsistent) hands, good height, and blazing speed. He's the perfect fit to stretch defenses opposite Andre Johnson and force safeties to sit back, so that Arian Foster and Ben Tate can torch them by running the ball.

27) Patriots - Courtney Upshaw, OLB

- Upshaw falls because of lack of explosiveness. However, that's the fault of other teams to not look past that and see his strengths, which are his polish with his moves (especially his dip and rip move), his strength, the great angles he takes, and his run defense. He's good as a DE or OLB, so the versatility helps as the Darth Hoodie transitions his defense to a more traditional 3-4 look.

28) Packers - Devon Still, DE

- Very difficult for me to pick between Still and Branch, but I think Still would provide just a bit more impact. I've seen him singlehandedly dominate games in college. Problem is, he's inconsistent. If he can get that consistency, he'd be a powerful addition to the Packers, who sometimes suffered from a hot and cold pass rush. Clay Matthews needs a bit of help, and I think offenses will have their hands full with Still.

29) Browns - Janoris Jenkins, CB

- Another player who's stock has dropped precipitously, I don't think its very fair. Jenkins has his fair share of red flags, but he's probably the best cover corner in this draft. Reminds me of Asante Samuel, and it ain't just because of his hair. The Browns could've gotten Morris Claiborne earlier in the round, but they get only a marginal drop off in talent here with Jenkins. If he stays in line.

30) 49ers - Alshon Jeffery, WR

- I think this is a pick for the future. I think that Jeffery's upside makes him a very attractive option in the 1st round. Massive catching radius, great hands, good size, and awesome vertical. He's got decent short area quickness as well. I know the 49ers are flush with WRs, but there's always a chance that Randy Moss flames out, and is nothing more than a bandaid. Crabtree's developing, but I don't know if he can take the next step or not. Manningham is solid, but unspectacular. The 49ers see a chance to get the best remaining WR on the board and want to develop him to eventually become a dominant #1 WR.

31) Patriots TRADE to Dolphins for a swap of 2nd rounders, 2013 1st. Dolphins select Brandon Weeden, QB.

- Here is Miami's QB of the future. Weeden would've been easily a top 5 pick had he been 22. Unfortunately for him, he's not. But that's okay. We've seen QBs be successful until they are 37-38. Weeden comes with a ton less tread on his tires than the normal 28 year old QB. He's got good poise in the pocket, and under pressure. He's got a strong arm and good mechanics. He's a gunslinger, no doubt, and would fit well in Miami. Meanwhile, New England does what New England one of their late 1st rounders for a 1st rounder next year. Good for them. Jerks.

32) Giants - Nick Perry, DE

- Makes a lot of sense. He doesn't have character concerns. Comes from a big conference (ACC). Is a preferential position (Passrusher to the Giants? Yeah.). Is the BPA at this point. All makes sense, especially if we lose Osi soon. It would give us a potentially dominant speed rusher on the right side to complement Mathias Kiwanuka, Justin Tuck, and Jason Pierre-Paul. He's an athletic specimen, so that always helps when looking at Giants picks.

Round 2

33) Rams - Kendall Wright, WR

- With Trent Richardson and Kendall Wright, St. Louis vastly upgrades their offensive firepower. Wright has great tape, and even greater production. He's more than deep threat, he's a sharp route runner that's got very elusive speed. Nice fit for St. Louis because he's a very QB friendly WR.

34) Colts - Coby Fleener

- It was between a couple guys here; also considered Randle, Sanu, Worthy, and Branch. I feel like the priority for the Colts is to equip Luck with weapons. They already brought along Reggie Wayne, but they need a young field stretcher that's got big play ability to develop alongside Luck. Fleener's got great measurables, solid hands, and good body control. Plus, who can deny the Luck-Fleener connection, as well as replacing the great Dallas Clark.

35) Vikings - Jerel Worthy, DT

- The Vikings continue to beef up along the trenches, first by adding Matt Kalil, and now by adding Jerel Worthy. I think Worthy is "worthy" of a first round selection, so the Vikings are getting a steal here. I considered Zach Brown, but he wasn't similar value for me, and this was the better positional value.

36) Buccaneers - Doug Martin, RB

- The Buccaneers opted not to take Trent Richardson in the first, but hell, they seemed to come out of it okay. I like Lamar Miller's playstyle a little bit more than Martin, but Martin is a much better pass catcher as well as pass protector, so he's the pick here. He's been compared to Ray Rice, and if Tampa Bay gets anything close to that, they made an absolutely great pick. Like the Vikings, I also considered Zach Brown here.

37) Browns - Andre Branch, DE

- Branch has perhaps the fastest first step of any pass rusher in the draft. He's raw, but he's a pure speed rusher with a great dip that gets leverage more often than not. He had some inconsistencies, which caused him to drop, but considering that he could've gone to the Packers all the way up at 26, and nobody would've batted an eye, I think its a pretty solid pick. He joins a rotation of young passrushers that can only grow and develop. Quietly, the Browns have greatly upgraded their defense with Janoris Jenkins and Andre Branch, along with getting their gamebreaker in Justin Blackmon.

38) Jaguars - Shea McClellin, DE

- It's no secret that Jacksonville wants to bolster its pass rush. Shea McClellin is another prospect enjoying a meteoric rise due to his unstoppable motor and good athleticism. He's a bit on the light side, but he's got a mean streak on him and was able to dominate Cordy Glenn when they played each other. Seems like a prospect Gene Smith would like, high character, high motor, and ferocious. Reminds me of a heavier Brooks Reed.

39) Rams - Zach Brown, OLB

- Brown falls this far because while he's got great athleticism, he's got questionable instincts and terrible tackling technique. I'd go so far to say that he's got Vontaze technique. Also takes poor angles. Still, the upside here is undeniable, so he's the pick.

40) Panthers - Rueban Randle, WR

- It was between Mohamed Sanu and Randle for me here, but I went with Randle simply because he's got a good, wide catching radius to go along with vertical big play ability. He'd be a great complement to Steve Smith. Sanu's got the better route running and hands, but I feel like Randle will help stretch the safeties for the Panthers three-headed rushing attack and Steve Smith in much the same way that Stephen Hill would for Andre Johnson and Arian Foster.

41) Bills - Mohamed Sanu, WR

- The Bills get a strong possession receiver that can run great routes, has a wide catching radius, and has arguably the best hands in the draft. He'd be a nice complement to Stevie Johnson, who is the team's bonafide #1 WR. Sanu would work in the slot and be Fitzpatrick's safety value.

42) Patriots (from Dolphins) - Kendall Reyes, DE

- The Pats once again beef up the defense and add a pure 3-4 DE that's an all around strong player. Reyes has a good motor, and is a disruptive type at the end. He'd be another solid addition that would not only help Wilfork, but the combined pass rushing ability of Reyes and Upshaw would allow for a complete overhaul of the pressure as a whole.

43) Seahawks - Lavonte David, OLB

- David's instincts and aggressiveness are on par with Luke Kuechly's, if not greater. He's a fast, heatseeking missile that doesn't show any hesitation when taking on the ball carrier or blocker. He'd be a nice addition to make up for the loss of David Hawthorne as a WILL type LB. Todd McShay thinks he's a first rounder, so he'd be a steal at this point.

44) Chiefs - Josh Robinson, CB

- One of Mike Mayock's favorites, Robinson is aggressive and a very strong cover corner. He's got good measurables, with the only negative being that he's a bit short. With the success that KC has had with the Brandon twins, I don't think they mind very much.

45) Cowboys - Harrison Smith, SS

- Smith probably should not have lasted this long, but here he is. He's basically everything the Cowboys would be looking for in a safety: Rangy, athletic, prototypical size, and can track the ball in the air. He's got good measurables and good production coming out of college. I think this would be close to a dream draft for the Cowboys thus far.

46) Panthers (from Eagles) - Chandler Jones, DE

- Jones has his stock rising significantly lately, to the point where many have said he'd be a mid-first round. I don't necessarily see that. He's got a nice first step, but its inconsistent. He doesn't have much of a lean and is a power rusher only that's got a good bullrush. He's very strong and takes up a lot space while collapsing the pocket. Also has freakishly long arms and tested out very well. Also strong against the run. I think he can be placed in the rotation behind Charles Johnson and add to that Panther pass rush almost immediately.

47) Jets - Mike Adams, OT

- Some people were projecting Adams to be picked by the Jets at pick 16 just a few weeks ago. He's a decent player, just inconsistent. His stock has been slipping due to a poor combine as well as his character concerns, but there's no doubt that he's got the upside to be a good starting RT with maybe the upside to be a LT as well. Fortunately for the Jets, they're set at LT anyway, so it's all gravy.

48) Patriots - Amini Silatolu, OG

- Many are touting this small school prospect because of his strong all-star performances as well as his mean streak. Logan Mankins is getting up there, and I think its probably a good time to spend a higher pick on the OL to reload for another run.

49) Chargers - Vinny Curry, OLB

- Curry is an interesting prospect. I'm not a huge fan of his, but he's certainly got his fair share of admirers. He's got a great motor and though he's undersized, he's got good hand placement and adequate speed to bend around the edge. I think he'd be a nice fit on San Diego, which spends another pick upgrading the defense. Nice blend of need and BPA.

50) Bears - Marvin Jones, WR

- Sleeper of the draft thus far. I think he's quite the powerful WR that's tall, fast, and has a catching radius similar to Alshon Jeffery. Can get good separation, and while some people have said he could be a mid-round pick, I doubt it. Apparently, some GMs think he's an early day 2 pick, and I think they are right on. Huge upside.

51) Eagles - Brandon Thompson, DT

- The Eagles have a very strong DL, but they could still use a strong player to use next to Cullen Jenkins and help spell Mike Patterson and Derek Landri. Brandon Thompson is a very good fit. He's a disruptive type that can take on multiple blockers and open things up for the excellent defensive ends on each side.

52) Titans - Mychal Kendricks, ILB/OLB

-Kendricks can play both MIKE and WILL in a 43 defense. The Titans already have a blossoming LB at SAM in Akeem Ayers and have Colin McCarthy established as the MIKE. Having Kendricks in at WILL makes perfect sense. Kendricks is fast. Really fast. And hits hard. He's a good cover guy as well, and is quite versatile. This pick just makes a ton of sense from a need as well as BPA sense.

53) Bengals - Lamar Miller, RB

- Obviously, they are looking for a RB. I don't think that grabbing BJGE precludes them from spending a high pick. I like Miller as the 2nd best RB (barely) in this class when it actually comes to running style, which is downhill, one-cut, great balanced, great acceleration, and underrated power. He'd fit the Cincy offense perfectly and adds another homerun threat to that offense.

54) Lions - Josh Norman, CB

- Another small school prospect that I love. He's got great size, and looked absolutely invincible in the East-West Shrine game. He's a favorite of Mike Mayock's because he's got fluid hips and good technique, along with decent measurables. I won't pretend I saw a ton of his tape, but from what I have seen, he looks damn good. This seems to be good value as well, and hits a position of need for the Detroit Lions.

55) Falcons - Kelechi Osemele, OG

- Freakishly long arms with great strength and a nasty streak, I'm not exactly sure why Osemele falls this far, but hey, it works for Atlanta. They've got a few holes in the offensive line, at G and at LT with Sam Baker. I don't see much value in any left tackles here, but Osemele would be insane value at LG here, so he's the pick.

56) Steelers - Ronnell Lewis, OLB

- Hardest hitter in the draft. Angry and aggressive, I think he'd be the perfect replacement for an aging James Harrison. He'd certainly be in the mix for immediate snaps in a rotation, but he's fast and decisive. The Steelers love to add more talent to their linebacking corps, so hopefully this lessens the sting just a bit from losing out on Dont'a Hightower.

57) Broncos - Bobby Massie, OT

- I think Denver will add to their OL to help further protect Peyton Manning. Massie is a great fit here and a steal. Clady locking down LT, and Orlando Franklin taking over at G. Massie fits that power scheme and you can plug him right in at RT and watch him go. Good footwork, athletic. Decent pass protector and above average run blocker. I think it works!

58) Texans - Alameda Ta'amu, NT

- I think he's the best natural nose tackle in the draft. Massive tackle that can take out multiple blockers and free things up for the rest of that powerful defense. He provides much needed depth along that defensive front, and it'd be a smart move to bolster it. I think this will help maintain Houston's number 1 ranking on defense.

59) Packers - David Wilson, RB

- The Packers need another running back to help complement the passing attack. David Wilson is an incredible fit. James Starks seems to me like a downhill runner. Wilson provides an explosive, shifty change of pace runner that would add another huge dimension to that offense. Rich get richer. Great value as well.

60) Ravens - Brian Quick, WR

- Large WR from a small school that has good measurables to go along with, again, great body control. Had strong production and would fit extremely well in the Baltimore offense. He provides another pair of reliable hands as well as a nice big target that has the ability to stretch the defense. Great complement to Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin.

61) 49ers - Brandon Brooks, OG

- A mammoth of a man at 346 lbs, Brooks has great feet and is quite athletic. Pair him with Mike Iupati, and you have one of the nastiest guard tandems in the league. The 49ers don't have very many needs, so they sit here and bolster their offensive line into a massive one.

62) Dolphins (From Patriots) - Dwayne Allen, TE

- I really like Allen as a complete TE. He reminds me of Brandon Pettigrew. Has experience as an inline blocker, as well as a pass catching option. Better body control in my opinion than Coby Fleener, and he'll provide Brandon Weeden with a nice, big sized target that can run an extensive route tree.

63) Giants - Markelle Martin, FS

- The Giants love taking BPA, and Martin would be that in this scenario. Being a Giants fan, I was hoping for Dwayne Allen to fall, but since he didn't, the Giants went ahead a selected a player that's technically sound, a big hitter, and can track the ball well. He's done quite well at OSU and was one of the few standouts on that defense. I think he'd fit right away in the case that Antrel Rolle might be a cap casualty in the near future.

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