Want to do a draft "keeper" league (build a team)??

This could be the ultimate for armchair GMs, build your own team over a five (or whatever) year time period.

That is, draft players in the 2012 draft, and keep adding every April. Finally, see what my team looks like in five years.

The question is how best to do it?

I got this idea while on, where Scott Wright has been listing his "dream draft" each of the last four years.

His went like this: he will select one player per round that went after the 16th pick in that round (there were some other rules here: ) no trades, one player per position, per year.

I would like to modify this somewhat.

First, I believe we should look at this like an expansion team, meaning you don't want to pass on a QB because you are a New England fan and have Tom Brady.

Again, the idea is to build a "team" try to have 22 starters out of the 35 picks (5 yrs x 7 rounds), you don't want have Adrian Peterson, Trent Richardson, and Marcus Lattimore.

When "building" a team over five years, it becomes difficult when what your team did and what I did match up so poorly.

Take my team the Falcons: I have been representing the Falcons the last three years for the community mock drafts we have been doing here at MTD. Unhappy with LT Sam Baker, two years ago I drafted OT Trent Williams, but the Falcons instead drafted Sean Weatherspoon. Then last yr, I drafted OT Derrek Sherrod, but Atlanta traded for Julio Jones.

This brings up two points. In real life Trent Williams was not available when the Falcons were on the clock.

The second is, the Falcons still have a need at LT, while I "fixed" (debatable, esp. with Sherrod) that twice...

My feeling is that this would be hard to make "team-specific", and my team should be "team Durst".

I would like to come up with a way to do trades that are realistic, and suppose as long as we are following point system trade charts, and not trading players, that should be easy enough??

I understand why Scott made a self-imposed rule of always being a middle of the round pick, but a team will never be picking #17 every year, and it would make it difficult when it comes to finding a QB. It does however level the playing field. Everyone has access to the same players ( Prince Amakumura may be drafted by 10 different teams), but he eliminated half the players ( you can only draft players who were actually picked in that round, and not before #16)

Other options: you could be taking the 32nd position in 2012 and then #1 spot in 2013 and so on.

Or, perhaps picking a card between 1-32 out of a hat?

Maybe a snake-draft, for those non-fantasy footballers, that where the person who would draft in the 32 spot would also draft 33, and the person who drafts #1 would have to wait till 64 to draft again.

Any ideas?

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