Bucs Recap of the Final MtD Live Mock Draft

Our draft went a bit differently than I'd anticipated, but in the end I think that the Bucs achieved most of our goals. Two LBs? Check. Two safeties? Check. #1 CB? Check. Third down/complementary running back? Check. I brokered two trades: our second round pick, sixth round pick, and seventh round pick for Baltimore's first round pick, and our third round pick and fifth round pick for Arizona's third round pick, fourth round pick, and fifth round pick. More on my choices below.

5. Matt Kalil, OT, USC

I was hoping to trade down from this spot, but some confusion over my late entry as team GM meant that by the time I'd established who I was to the mods, the clock had been stopped too long for me to broker a trade. Claiborne was taken by the Browns at #4, so I went with BVA and acquired a franchise left tackle for the Bucs. My thinking is that Kali could start at RT in 2012 (so long Trueblood), and Penn would shift to RT in 2013 and beyond.

29. Janoris Jenkins, CB, North Alabama

Probably my most controversial pick. I traded our second, sixth, and seventh round picks to Baltimore to move up seven spots to grab Jenkins. I traded up due to my belief that San Francisco, New England, Indianapolis, or St. Louis might take him before the #36 pick. I know that there's a lot of risk associated with Jenkins and that back in reality the front office is very unlikely to take a gamble on a guy with so many character red flags. But a true #1 cornerback is a dire need for the Bucs, and Jenkins has more potential than any other CB in the draft aside from Claiborne.

80. LaMichael James, RB, Oregon

I was initially hesitant to trade back from #68 with James still on the board, but 4QB (my backup GM) convinced me that the extra picks were worth the risk. As luck would have it, LMJ feel into our laps anyway. I thought this was too good a value to pass up- LMJ is the perfect choice to complement Blount's running style.

112. Brandon Taylor, S, LSU

Speaking of great bargains: I couldn't believe that Taylor was sitting on the board halfway through the fourth round. This was a no brainer- we need a safety badly, and Ron Cooper would be delighted to get one of his guys back on the pro level.

151. Emmanuel Acho, OLB, Texas

I couldn't believe that I waited this long to address linebacker either, but that was just the way the board developed. We missed Demario Davis by a few selections, so Acho became the pick.

UDFA: Moe Petrus, G/C, UConn
UDFA: Brad Smelley, FB, Alabama
UDFA: Tahir Whitehead, OLB, Temple
UDFA: Philip Thomas, S, Syracuse

I was very quick on the draw and managed to get my selections in first after the mods. Unfortunately, I hadn't realized that one of my choices (DC Jefferson, TE from Rutgers) was returning for his senior season. But we got our other four picks: a second linebacker and safety and quality backups for Zuttah and Lorig.

Over at Bucs Nation, the median grade I got was B-/C+. What do you think of this Bucs draft?

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