Witty's "I Have No Idea What This Year's Draft Is Gonna Look Like" mockery (final thoughts)

Okay, so the draft night (Thursday) is less than a week away now. I'm pretty sure we've all got a good idea how the draft is gonna roll out, especially with teams like the Jets, Giants, Cowboys, Redskins, and Broncos all in dire need of punters.

...what? I keep telling you, as long as Tampa Bay drafts what I hope they'll draft, the rest of youse can draft punters for all I care...

Now, after the jump, there's my final thoughts:

1.Past the top five of Luck, Griffin, Kalil, Richardson and Claiborne, I have honestly no idea who the next best value players are. Which is one reason why this draft to me feels more like a pot-luck, flip-a-coin, whos-slipping-to-us grabfest than ever before. Usually there was a pretty good sense of what teams needed, and which players were worth the trade-ups or waits, at least into the midway point where the winning teams didn't have many gaps to fill and could then draft according to their whims.

In short: I honestly don't know (other than Miami praying for QB Tannehill to slip to them at the 8th spot) who's getting drafted from the Rams (at 6th) on down.

2. I still think that my Second and Third rules of draft mockery - 2) When in doubt, draft offensive line, 3) When in doubt of O-line needs, draft defensive line - will apply to this draft much the same way the 2008 draft did (when nearly every pick was O-line or D-line and no WRs were taken in the First, remember?). The question is, who among the defensive ends, defensive tackles, and offensive tackles go where? Outside of Kalil, there's no one else I see burning up the OT charts. And the defensive end argument this year has some confusion because a lot of pass-rush outside linebackers are in the mix as hybrid conversions to DE.

3. Will S Mark Barron even get drafted in the First Round? The lack of draft-worthy safeties at the Second Round level may weigh down Barron's value to where a team will gamble on his slipping out of First altogether, and focus on a need elsewhere.

4. I'm not even sure if a TE will go in the First Round. What teams out there have tight end as their highest need? I just don't see it.

5. If the Bucs draft a running back in the First Round, I'm gonna scream worse than when I screamed about them taking QB Freeman back in 2009 (granted, Freeman's sophomore season proved me wrong, but at the time I knew the Bucs had higher needs elsewhere, and I knew also the bad history the Bucs had of wasting drafts on "franchise" QBs).

So what do you think, sirs?

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